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It's an awesome show tonight with Denise Welch and rocker Sam Douglas...

I hope you don’t miss my latest Love Sport radio show tonight at 10 PM – ‘Wham Bam It’s Dr Pam’!

I’m joined by the fabulous Denise Welch who keeps it totally real about her depression and alcoholism plus she becomes my celebrity agony aunt by helping advise on a couple dilemmas from you.

I also get up close and very personal with the rocker Sam Douglas from Mallory Knox band who opens up about overthinking and anxiety when touring and making new music.

PLUS...So you think it’s the guys who always want more sex? I kick off with one dilemma about a man who can’t keep up with his wife. You will get real, usable advice throughout tonight’s show!

It's repeated 10 PM Sunday and here's the podcast link > 

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Here's the podcast with the ACE Jodie Marsh + ex-NASA scientist talking sex in space...

If you missed my Love Sport Radio show on Saturday and Sunday at 10 PM then I'm super psyched for you to check it out here

Jodie lets us into her life and she's always so wonderfully open and honest about things that affect so many people!

Plus former NASA scientist Dr David Baker talks about relationships and sex in space (and whether or not men can even get an erection in space!). This is important to the future of humans living in space.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, take care, Pam x

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RADIO SHOW TONIGHT + PODCAST...JODIE MARSH on things that matter to you!

Are you ready for the total honesty of the inimitable Jodie Marsh? I got up, close and VERY personal with her when she joined me for my new Love Sport Radio show and podcast Wham Bam It’s Dr Pam! Listen on Love Sport tonight (Saturday) at 10 PM, repeated Sunday at 10 PM. PLUS the podcast link is below.

Jodie is always frank and honest, and she and I chat life, love and lust… from bad ex-boyfriends and bad sex, to being cheated on, to how to romance her plus why she’s celibate again! Jodie also turns celebrity agony aunt and answers two of your dilemmas.

Plus, thinking of lust, have you ever wondered about astronauts and the potential for romances – and even sex – in space? Crammed in confined spaces with their crew, does romance develop? And can men even get erections up there?  I speak to Dr David Baker, an ex NASA scientist, and we talk everything from romance to erections in space!

I’m also covering earth-based willy worries because what man hasn't experienced a lurking fear about the function, shape or size of his manhood?

If you need some advice on premature ejaculation – for you – or your partner is experiencing it – this is a must-listen with lots of advice.

I hope you enjoy it - check out THE PODCAST @audioBoom 

AND Love Sport Radio at 10 PM tonight!

Thanks, Pam xx

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Sex parties are on the increase with brexit stress....

You might be surprsied that sex parties are on the increase but here are my thoughts in today's Sun newspaper - I'm not surprised!

Take care, Pam x


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I can't wait for you to hear my new Love Sport Radio (@lovesportradio) show starting tomorrow night at 10 PM and the first show stars the inimitable Jodie Marsh!

Jodie speaks from the heart about romance, celibacy, bad sex, break ups and more! Plus she goes 'celeb agony aunt' and answers two of your emails - one about kinky sex and another about whether or not you should tell someone their partner's having an affair.

It's a must listen to the awesome Jodie.

I also talk to ex NASA scientist Dr David Baker about relationships and sex in space! You'll get the answer to whether men can get erections in space plus relationship guidelines for the men and women in space.

The podcast will be available at the usual places, hope you enjoy it, lots of love, Pam xx


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Taking your calls on This Morning Tuesday April 9th...

I'm so looking forward to being back on the This Morning sofa to talk to you about dating tips! If you've been around the block, maybe have a divorce behind you, we're aiming to get you back out there again!

Lots of love, Pam x

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Some men have a bit of a rescue complex... could Danny Cipriani?

I've never met rugby star Danny but the Sun asked me to cast my eye over his relationship track record and he is definitely drawn to beautiful women with complicated lives. Here are a few thoughts.
Take care, Pam x


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Yes, we do have more sex in springtime....

My comments in the Sun newspaper - why not take advantage of the extra hour of sunshine...
Enjoy, Pam x


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Check out my brilliant giveaway! One winner will receive four top DVDs/Blu-rays...

You know I love a giveaway having once won a comp myself!

And 1 lucky winner will win receive 4 TOP TV series on DVDs/Blu-rays! The competition ends April 4th so you have time to enter.

To enter simply retweet any of the competition tweets that I've posted and follow me on twitter (see my twitter-feed on my homepage). The winner will receive Poldark (Series 1-4) PLUS Victoria (Series 1-2) PLUS Cold Feet (Series 1-7) PLUS Mum (Series 1-2)!
Good luck! Take care, Pamx

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Tips to slow you down if you're quick off the mark!

I've got some tips that you can put into action today to slow down your premature ejaculation in the Sun!
Don't hesitate, check them out, you can improve things for slow sensual satisfaction.
Take care, Pam x


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