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As it's rumoured Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are getting close again...

Here are a key tips for you in today's Sun newspaper about 'conscious re-coupling'.

Many couples are getting back together and I outline the single most important thing to do if you want to make it work the 2nd time around!

Of course it is only rumours about Andrew and Emma but what an awesomely talented pair...

Good luck with getting back together, Pam x


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It's been tough for Sarah Harding in the Celebrity Big Brother house...

In this week's Star Magazine I've commented on the real struggles Sarah has had in that extremely challenging environment.

I wish her the best but it's been so tough on her I wish she had waited a year and might have been stronger in the journey she's been on.

As always it was totally epic to work with Rylan...

Have a good weekend, look after yourself x


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Off to Celebrity Big Brother tomorrow night (16th August)...

I hope you'll tune in to CBB Bit on The Side tomorrow night on CH 5 at 11PM when I join the totally ace Rylan Clark-Neal to chat about the housemates' behaviour.

It's pretty crazy in this series!

Til then, take care, Pam x

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Fierce friendships are crucial to your wellbeing...

There's been so much in the news about friendships with Louise Redknapp spending lots of time with Daisy Lowe in the aftermath of her marriage breakdown.

The Sun asked some of its writers,  including me, about their fierce friendships. I have a handful of lifelong, fierce friendships so it was tricky just highlighting one - they're all incredible women!

It's empowering reading about all these strong women and their friendships. Here's a photo of my lovely friend Marjory and me...

Look after your friends!

Take care, Pam x

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The power struggle in affairs...

In last week's Mirror newspaper I've commented about the power struggles that go on with affairs.

Especially when it comes to so-called revenge affairs as seen in Poldark... Never a good idea.

Only adds more trauma to the initial trauma of the first affair.

Take care, Pam x


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She's found his secret sex toys, he's devastated after divorce and more...

This month's Magnet Magazine column has (as always) such a range of dilemmas.

Check it out if they resonate with you or you're interested in other people's stories.


Take care, Pam x

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Call me tonight (Saturday) at Talk Radio!

Loving talking to you - and getting your messages - in my summer stint at Talk Radio - we're talking everything that matters to your sex-life and relationships.

That all-important number is 0344 499 1000. Call and say hello and we'll chat things over.

My lovely producer can change your name to give you anonymity.

You can also Tweet your question to @talkRADIO or text TALK and your message to 87222. Texts cost 25p plus your standard network rate.

Join in and help make it the best possible show - no dilemma it's too small or too large.

Speak later, Pam x

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Have you had your summer break? Want that loved-up vibe back? Check this...

One survey found couples have so much more fun and sex on holiday (usually after a couple of days spent unwinding and getting the frazzle out of your mind).

Did we need a survey to tell us this? No! We all feel better, more relaxed, sexier, etc., on holiday.

You can rekindle that holiday vibe at home with the tips in my Sun newspaper column online.

Feel like this...

Happy weekend, Pam x

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Has a friendship come between you as it has with Louise and Jamie Redknapp?

In today's Sun newspaper I've written letters to 3 people – a husband and wife and her friend – urging them to find some balance before this marriages destroyed.

Finding a new friend who 'gets you' can be like finding a romance - it's intense and exciting and other relationships go by the wayside.

Check out the advice to the husband and wife and her friend here.

And maybe you can be as friendly as this lot...

Look after your relationships, Pam x


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Have an eye for the older woman like Danny Dyer does?

Older women-younger men couplings are getting far more common. Data from dating websites shows a huge increase in younger men being interested in the over 45s - good news for single women in that age group.

But how do you seduce your cougar? So if you're attracted to older women, you have to check out the tips in my Sun newspaper online column.

Enjoy, Pam x


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