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Are you guilty of reproductive harassment?? Check yourself...

Having heard so many awful stories of women in the 'motherhood window' (late 20s to early40s) being asked the most intimate questions about whether they're planning to have children, here's my heartfelt piece in the Daily Mail.

Please check it out and check yourself before you ask such intrusive, hurtful questions...that are none of your business #NOYB!

Take care, Pam x



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I forgot to post this extra climax tips article for you...

It was National Orgasm Day last week and I wrote two columns for the Sun newspaper online to celebrate.

I forgot to post this last week, now we can't have that can we?

Enjoy, Pam x


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Everyone's talking about marriage...10 love lessons from me to you!

The last few days everyone's been talking about Fiona Shackleton's suggested questions to ask each other before you get married. And how relationship education for young people should include thinking about such things.

In today's mirror I've written about 10 "lessons" young people should have to prepare them for the realities of marriage or cohabiting.

Check them out here. Even if you're already married it might remind you of things that'll help you keep things on track.

Take care of each other, Pam x


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For National Orgasm Day I've got quick tricks for you...

In my latest Sun newspaper online column I'm celebrating NOD by giving you some quick tricks to help speed things up for you between the sheets.

Nowadays people are time short and would like some quick tricks to help get them in the mood.

Check them out here.

Have fun, Pam x


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Why Kylie Jenner has cult-like status...

In today's Daily Star I explain some of the reasons why Kylie is such a massive star when she has lots of competition from so many other celebrities.

If you're a Kylie fan check it out.

My piece is at the bottom of the article! Happy Monday, Pam x


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It's getting hot hot hot with the Queen of sex toys PLUS 20% DISCOUNT...

The lovely people at Hot Octopuss (find them online and on Twitter @HotOctopuss) have sent me the Queen Bee for female pleasure.

I can't wait to check this out with its five different pulsating/oscillating functions for the clitoral zone.
Also they're giving a 20% discount for ALL their products, until 26th July inclusive if you use the code PAM20 - summer can get even hotter!
I'm always one for experimenting so it's definitely worth a try putting the oscillating pleasure-point to good use on different erogenous zones. Spread the pleasure, spread the love!
And why keep  the Queen Bee for solo pleasure? Get your partner involved to help explore the different, powerful sensations it creates. Plus as it's waterproof you can do explore away in the shower or bath too.

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The hurdles that Caroline Flack and Andrew Brady faced in their relationship...

It's always sad when a couple who are engaged decide to end it. It's horrible and I'm sorry to hear about Caroline and Andrew.

In my latest Sun newspaper online column I've highlighted some of the signs that they faced, that things would be challenging. Check it out because some of these signs might apply to your relationship.

I wish them both good luck in moving forward with their lives.

Take care, Pam x


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Here's a seriously sexy summer giveaway for you to enter!

For a chance to win this gorgeous sensual Pulse SOLO worth £99 from  @HotOctopuss simply check my Twitter page @DrPamSpurr!
The competition winner will be randomly chosen 16th July!
Good luck to all, you know how much I love a giveaway! I once won one myself, Pam x


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Pucker up sweetheart...and avoid the worst kissing techniques possible...

It just happens to be International Kissing Day (following on a couple weeks from National Kissing Day).
There might be some people that need to kiss and make up....or just kiss and have fun.

My Sun newspaper column has top tips to avoid kisses that are the kiss of death. Read and learn!

A great big mwah to you, Pam x

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You know I love my beauty and skin treatments. Here’s a new one to tell you about…

I recently felt my skin had lost its lustre and got in touch with Dr Iryna Stewart. I’d once met Iryna at her clinic at 80 Ebury Street, London SW1 to find out about Hyaluronic Acid. She’d given me a skin treatment with HA and I wanted to find out what else I might try.

Dr Iryna recommended I see Anita Ellis BSc (Hons) I.H.B.C., who specialises in things like facial peels and rejuvenation (her contact information is below).

I’ve never had a peel so I was excited to hear how it freshens the skin!

Anita was absolutely lovely, so friendly and welcoming plus she TOTALLY knows her stuff from skincare to nutrition.

Anita gifted me a wonderful treatment - The Red Carpet Age Peel which is the most luxurious peel, great for a special occasion when a vibrant, glowing and radiant skin is desired.

I felt my skin positively dazzled after the treatment.

More on that but here's Anita’s information about it…

Clients can benefit from the following effects:

  • Collagen remodeling is the primary reason and results in an increase in collagen creating a tighter smoother skin.
  • Chemical peels brightens the skin, improves sun-damage and decreases pigmentation, age spots and pigmentary irregularities.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improves Acne or Melasma.
  • Shrinks pore size.
  • Improves clinical radiance and plumpness of the skin creating a more youthful smoother texture.
  • The skin appears more plump and radiant.    

Anita also used the Halual Hyaluronic Acid “WOW” Mask on me plus L.E.D. Phototherapy Light Treatment…


I really was surprised how luminous and rejuvenated my skin felt after our session. It was like different skin! Long gone was the lacklustre, tired look I felt I'd had in recent months.

It was a two hour session and I felt totally relaxed with Anita’s warm and welcoming personality. She really is the perfect person to give a treatment at the end of your busy day when you want to relax.

Here are her contact details…


TEL: 020 7515 1880

CELL PHONE: 07831 202669

ANITA ELLIS BSc [Hons] I.H.B.C.                                        



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