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I've a BRILLIANT giveaway for one lucky winner! Check out the details here...

I've teamed up with DNA PR (where it's all about DVDs and Blu-ray) to give one lucky person the chance to win 4 GREAT DVDs & Blu-rays to snuggle up & watch together to keep that Valentine’s vibe running next week!

Simply check my twitter feed @drpamspurr and RT the competition tweet & follow me for a chance to win these 4 classics - Poldark, Brief Encounter, Circle Of Friends, and The Red Shoes!

Winner announced 15th February, good luck! Pam x


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Wham Bam It's Dr Pam is coming soon....

I'm so mega-psyched for my new shows and linked-podcast on Love Sport Radio - I have up, close and VERY personal interviews with amazing celebrities as well as special guests including an ex-SAS operative, an ex-racdical Jihadist who now works to de-radicalise jihadists and orgasm experts! And so much more...

Lots of love, Pam xxx

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Check out my fabulous Valentine's giveaway with the lovely people at Inner Senses...

If you follow me on Twitter and read my blogs you'll know how much I loved trying out some of the wonderful organic aromatherapy range from Inner Senses.

I was blown away by their organic aromatherapy face and body products.

Now I've teamed up with them to give you a fantastic chance to win two of their gorgeous products before Valentine's.

One lucky winner will receive the limited edition Sensual Bath Oil plus the Sensual Body Oil worth £58!

A random winner will be drawn on 7th of February meaning you'll have them in time for a sensual Valentine's!

All you have to do to enter is follow my handle @drpamspurr and their handle @inner_senses on Twitter. And then retweet the competition Tweet that's on my Twitter page.

Good luck!

Lots of love, Pam x

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Have you just come out of a rollercoaster relationship? Tips for you...

In my latest Sun newspaper column I have top tips if you've come out of a passionate, overly-dramatic relationship. The ups and downs can leave you with very little self-esteem.

Check out my tips here...

Look after yourself, Pam x

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Up for some meditative masturbation (or sex)? Read on!

In today's Sun newspaper-online I've written about the stress-busting properties of meditation and masturbation. Check it out – it's good for your health! And your wellbeing...
Have a great weekend, Pam x


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Have you heard of erotic, orgasmic hypnosis? Look into my eyes...

In today's Sun newspaper I've commented on the phenomenon of orgasm-inducing hypnosis.

This has had some great results however you must be careful with a powerful technique like hypnosis.

Here are two women's experiences and my cautionary words.
Look after yourself, Pam x

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Got the January blues? Wellbeing not up to much?

In today's Sun newspaper I wrote about my top handful of tips to help you prioritise your wellbeing this year. ONly you can do it!

The problem is, when you're in the grip of a wellbeing-slump, too much info is just too much!

So the best way around this was to drop a few top tips to get you started. Hope they help...

Take care of yourself, give them a go, Pam x

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Hot tips to kick-start your sex life in 2019...

The Sun asked me and some other sex bloggers and sexperts for a few tips to get your 2019 off with a bang...check it out - there are some fun tips
Although the tip that's on my own 'to do' list for 2019 was edited out! Too hot, maybe?
Have fun, Pam x


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Is it possible to get through Christmas without getting stressed out?

Yes! And here are some tips of mine in the Sun newspaper.

Christmas doesn't have to be stressmas. Give yourself the gift of Christmas calm...

Happy holidays, Pam x

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THE OUTER PLEASURE OF INNER SENSES! My beauty blog in time for Christmas!

I am a skincare fanatic and it’s all down to my mother. As I was growing up she repeatedly warned me to look after my skin because she hadn’t looked after hers.

We’d go shopping for lotions and potions and creams and it was fun mother-daughter time. It established a lifelong habit of experimenting with new beauty and skin care products.

So I was delighted when the lovely people at Inner Senses Organic Beauty and Wellbeing sent me a range of their organic, award-winning, aromatherapy products to try.

I’ve lavished my face and body with their sumptuous, all-natural oils over the last few weeks.

Feeling your best includes how you feel inside and out!

I’ve mentioned in previous beauty blogs, that as a psychologist and self-help expert, I know how important it is to keep both our inner and outer selves in tiptop shape.

For your outer self these aromatherapy oils are a joy to apply - across the board - from the facial to the body oils. They feel fabulous all over your face and body.

With your outer-self glowing, it can’t help but lift your inner self!

Here are my thoughts on some of their extensive range.

GLOW FACIAL OIL – I absolutely love facial serums and ‘Glow’ must be one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever tried.

For starters, it has a heavenly scent of orange flowers. But what sets it apart is how light and easily absorbable it is, gliding onto your skin easily.

And a huge benefit is you can apply Glow in the morning under makeup for a ‘dewy’ look. Or wear it to bed as I do to maintain a healthy 24-hour glow.

I can honestly say it makes your skin look amazing.

SENSUAL BODY OIL - If you know my work then you’ll know a lot of it is writing about sex and relationships. I saw ‘sensual’ in the name and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this.

What a dreamy oil it is with Jasmine and Rose Otto combined with Sandalwood and Patchouli. Yes, it’s the perfect skin softener for apres-showering, gliding on like a little haven of luxury. But you can also ask your partner smooth it on for you! Indulge each other and have a pleasurable, sensual experience.

INNER SENSES ROSE PRECIOUS FACIAL OIL - This is very special indeed. Created with organic nutrients and Rose Essence that Inner Senses specifies as “highly active”, it gave my facial skin a real boost.

It felt luxuriant and most of all, moisturising. That’s mega important for me because I tend to have dry skin.

My complexion definitely benefited from using this precious oil!


INNER SENSES BEAUTY POTENTIATING FACIAL ELIXIR OIL - When I saw this was particularly good for stressed out skin, I knew this little beauty was for me! Work has been crazy-busy and it definitely shows in my skin. Plus I know in myself, how I’ve been working hard to manage stress levels. That’s my job after all.                    

This has a lovely and exotic mix of Prickly Pear, Strawberry and Moringa seed oils. These ingredients are particularly good for rebalancing skin affected by environmental stress.

I lavished my skin with it for three days and nights running as a ‘test’ and really loved the results!

INNER SENSES 7 WONDERS SKIN PANACEA FACE & BODY OIL - This award-winning face and body oil is perfection if you simply want to indulge yourself with one product. It contains a formidable list of nature’s own ingredients for revitalising your body and face.

The list includes Arctic Blackberry, Camellia seed, Rosemary, Rich green avocado and even Coenzyme Q10.

For the face and neck, you gently massage a small amount into your skin, once or twice a day. For the body you use a more generous helping.

Or – as I started doing – I use it as a weekly skin-treat.


INNER SENSES TRANQUIL BODY OIL - Because I work hard – and play hard – I relished the thought of this tranquillity-inducing body. Containing calming ingredients like Lavender, Mandarin, and Petitgrain oils, it is a lovely oil to smooth on over your body.

Using it at night was a real treat. It’s not heavy and it’s definitely not over-scented, so it’s perfect to use alongside calming, mindful, thoughts. Sleep well using it!

Check out Inner Senses here!

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