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Sizzling seasonal sex positions for you!

I always aim to please and bring you some fun when there's so much doom and gloom around.
So check out my new the Sun newspaper column to give you frisky festive cheer!
Enjoy, Pam x

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It's feeling Christmas-y with my gorgeous giveaway!!

I've teamed up with the lovely people at Hot Octopuss (find them online and on Twitter @HotOctopuss) to giveaway one luxurious, sensuous Queen Bee pleasure toy worth £99!!

It has five different pulsating/oscillating functions for loads of pleasure.
See my twitter feed on my homepage for your chance to enter the competition!
I'm always one for experimenting so it's definitely worth a try putting the oscillating pleasure-point to good use on different erogenous zones. Spread the pleasure, spread the love!
And the Queen Bee is excellent for solo pleasure and getting your partner involved to help explore the different, powerful sensations it creates.
Plus as it's waterproof you can do explore away in the shower or bath too.

Have fun sex-perimenting, Pam x

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Do you have OCD? Read on...

Do you repeatedly check you've locked your door or turned your iron off? Or do you experience other compulsive behaviours? Where you feel you MUST go check something?
Do you have obsessive thoughts about things ranging from your hair being 'prefectly' in place to personal safety, or falling over in public, or off the edge of a train platform by accident? or other such thoughts? You're far from alone!
Rita Simons, the EastEnders' star who's in the celebrity jungle right now has been honest about her experience of OCD.
As so many people experience some symptoms of it - or even full blown oCD - here are some tips to get started with in my Sun newspaper column...
I hope they help you and you can start controlling your OCD rather than it controlling you!
Take care, Pam x

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Are you getting 'cuffed' for Christmas? Take my quiz and check out the tips!

If you're single or dating you'll probably know what 'cuffing' is - it's when you get together with someone who deep down you know probably isn't 'the one'. But you reckon they'll keep you warm over the winter. Plus you'll have someone to share Christmas and New Year with.
It can work out just fine but there are downsides so check out my quiz and advice!
And if you're cuffing-up with someone to use them for a onth or two, best remain single...
Take care, Pam x


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A few things you need to know about orgasm and self pleasure!

In my new column for the Sun newspaper online I've got the low down for you on the stages of orgasm with tips to make them hotter!
PLUS the positives of masturbation...and the pitfall that you must avoid.
Have fun, Pam x

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Got married and now you feel miserable? Read on...

After Love Island's Olivia Buckland opened up about her post-marital misery, the Sun asked me to write about why this happens and for my five top tips to deal with it.

Check out my column here.

Take care of yourselves, Pam x
x x

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How cheating affects your health and well-being – a must read if you've been cheated on...

In my latest Sun newspaper column and talking about how cheating affects you – it's not good news!

Please read it if you've been cheated on – and even if you're the love cheat.
Here's hoping you heal your heart soon...

Take care, Pam x

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Here’s a DHC Beauty-fest!

I’m very particular about what I put on my skin, especially as it can be sensitive to harsh ingredients. So I’m a big fan of DHC, a renowned Japanese skincare company, available directly to you online.

All my girlfriends know how much I love beauty, make-up and skin care products - I’m totally the easiest person to buy a gift for. But I appreciate quality and I love how the DHC skincare ranges only use the finest ingredients. Plus their products don’t contain parabens and other additives.

This is crucial to me and I’m sure it is to you too.

I was thrilled when the lovely people at DHC sent me some more of their fabulous ranges to dip into. It’s been a beauty-fest at mine and here’s the low-down on a variety of products.

Feeling your best includes your skin being at its best -

As a psychologist and self-help expert I know it’s important to take a holistic affect to feeling your best. Most important of all is how your inner-self feels – hopefully confident and ready to face the world.

But your outer-self impacts on that, and when your skin is glowing it all helps!

So let’s get down to some of the products I’ve tried, beginning with one of my all-time favourite beauty products the CoQ10 Eye Cream! It’s rich in hydration, the skin around my eyes looks smoother and relaxed due to the extensive combination of luxury ingredients. Just what’s needed!

I have a lot of late nights – a proper night owl – and the Eye Bright De-puffing Gel is a must-have. It’s an instant eye-puffiness fix but not ‘drying’ like some such treatments. It manages to combine hydration plus a brightening effect.

The Beauty Lift Eye Care Essence Roll On is a bit pricier than the Eye Bright and it’s worth experimenting to see which you prefer. I love the feel applying it, it glides on and gives a lovely lift.

Let’s head south from the eyes

Like so many, I worry about all the sun damage to my neck-zone. I love the delicious texture of the CoQ10 Neck Cream which is chock-full of nourishing, moisturising, active botanical ingredients.

Another product, fantastic for both face and neck, is the AHA Renewing Cream. It’s a powerful concentration sweeping away the lifeless cells, leaving skin feeling refreshed. For use once or twice a week the bottle will last a long time.

I always need hydration and both the Platinum + Silver Nanocolloid Cream and its sister product, the Platinum + Silver Nanocolloid Milky Essence are perfection. I really want a product that does what it says but without feeling ‘thick’ to apply. These both manage it and I spoiled myself and applied the cream on top of the essence!

Staying with this moisturising theme – offering real moisture but not having a heavy feel – is the Extra Night-time Moisture cream. This is vitamin-rich and left my skin feeling fully moisturised without the pillowcase being fully moisturised too. It’s not ‘gloopy’!

If you want the perfect all-in-one solution to moisturise and firm then definitely try the Astaxanthin Collagen All-in-one Gel. Despite how it contains a powerful antioxidant and other important ingredients, I was so pleased it wasn’t a problem for my supersensitive skin.

'Once in a while' treats

I work hard and play hard so I love a quality facemask. Each DHC mask I’ve tried fits the bill for either a moisturising experience or a pick-me-up treatment.

Lie back, listen to a soothing playlist and try these:

The Co-enzyme Q10 Mask is a proper ‘SOS’ for tired skin.

The Bio Cellulose Mask is refreshing and brightening, a godsend before a night out.

The A-Arbutin White Mask is another brightening treatment that is so reasonably priced!

I hope this is giving you some ideas to try but please check out their site as there is such an incredible range on offer.

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Do you get anxious about sex? Read on...

I've tackled sexual anxiety for you in my latest Sun newspaper online column.

Who hasn't experienced at least a little of this? We all have at some point or in some situation.

Here goes with the 'whys' and what you can do about it so it doesn't spoil what should be pleasaurable.

You can overcome bedroom anxiety...

Take care, Pam x



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A 'dirty dozen' things you should know – or probably want to know - about sex...

In my brand spanking new column for the Sun newspaper online – and in honour of Sexual Health Week – here are some things that might interest you about sex.

You can check it out here.

Old school sex facts...

Have a lovely week, Pam x


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