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Join me tonight! Time for my new podcast and radio show today....

I’m so psyched for the guests tonight on the next episode of my new Love Sport Radio show and podcast Wham Bam It’s Dr Pam! This episode I get up, close and VERY personal with the lovely, adorable TOWIE & TV star Charlie King who goes deep on getting over breakups and how fitness can improve your sex life.

I’m also going to discover what the fabulous X Factor star Chloe- Jasmine Whichello thinks about a couple of YOUR dilemmas about lap dancing and a frisky mother-in-law.

PLUS radical jihadists and romance – what are their relationships like? I talk to Mubin Shaik who went on a radical Jihad path before returning to a life working in counterterrorism. That’s an interview you don’t want to miss!

And I reveal all you need to know about BDSM – bondage, domination, sado-masochism!

Enjoy, Pam x x x

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Are you an anxious new mum? Check my tips for Mental Health Awareness Week...

My latest column for the Sun newspaper tackle some of the most common anxieties new mums tell me about. Please check it out and good luck with your little one!

If you have any concerns talk to your health visitor or GP.

Take care, Pam x



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As Jack Whitehall confesses to being rubbish at sex, TOP tips for you...

I love Jack Whitehall, he's hilarious! But it's not very funny for him confessing to be rubbish in bed.

So I've written a column for the Sun just for Jack...well, I'm not sure he'll see it so it's for any guy who'd like some simple steps to be better at sex! Check it out here.

Enjoy, Pam x


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Join me tonight for my show and podcast!!

Join me for my Love Sport Radio show and podcast tonight (Saturday) at 10 PM – repeated Sunday night at 10PM.

I'm super psyched for this episode of 'Wham Bam It’s Dr Pam' because the man I call Mr Sunshine, Ricky Norwood, opens up about previous anxieties and becomes my celebrity agony uncle tackling a couple of your dilemmas including one about a large-nipple fetish.

Lady Nadia Essex opens up about how she really felt when it all came crashing down with Celebs Go Dating. And things she learnt from that time in her life and handling trolls online.

Plus I talk to former SAS trooper and survival expert Big Phil Campion about relationships when your work is top-secret. It’s the only time a guest of mine has threatened to shoot me (he was joking!).

But it also gets real when I answer a dilemma about a man who is upset over his girlfriend’s stripper-past. What should he do?


Enjoy and take care, Pam x

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Fed up with airy-fairy advice shows? Listen up...

Check out my show on Love Sport Radio tonight at 10 PM (repteated Sunday at 10 PM) because it’s a BS-free zone!

I’m getting up close and VERY personal with the TV presenter Lizzie Cundy – we talk everything from what turns her on and off in bed, to where she gets her positive outlook on life, and so much more!

I’m also talking to one of my favourite stand ups Stephen Bailey about relationships, coming out, and does he feel the pressure to always be the funny one? PLUS he's a great kisser, did you know?

Have you ever wondered what makes a good lover – maybe even what profession makes a good lover? Dr Laurie Betito, from porn hub, and I chat about this.

But I kick off with a dilemma from you about threesomes! Enjoy xx --->


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Tomorrow night I have two smashing guests on my show and podcast...

​Here are the first three episodes for my Love Sport Radio show and podcast...

The most recent with singer and actor Antony Costa - we share so many laughs AND tackled serious issues of life PODCAST: 
As I did in the second episode with the lovely Denise Welch and Sam Mallory PODCAST:
AND it was the same with the first episode with the inimitable Jodie Marsh PODCAST:
​Tomorrow these two smashers join me...
And as an extra treat I'm joined by sex expert Dr Laurie Bettito!
See you then, Pam x​

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What does your sleep position say about your relationship and sex life?

In today's Sun newspaper I've written about how the way you sleep can sometimes reflect what's going on in your relationship and your sex life.

Check out your position here – does it reflect things in your relationship and sex life?
Look after yourself, Pam x

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If you're yo-yo dieting...

It's time to get help your emotional eating. Check out my book on it and see one woman's story in today's Sun newspaper with my comment.

You can get to the point where you control your eating instead of it controlling you.

Good luck, Pam x

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Check out the amazing interview Antony Costa gave me on my podcast and radio show...

For real usable advice and strong views thanks for joining me tonight for Wham Bam It’s Dr Pam on Love Sport radio at 10 PM! Repeated Sunday night at 10 PM. Podcast link below!

In this episode I get up, close and VERY personal with the multitalented actor and singer Antony Costa. Antony becomes heartfelt when talking about anxiety and his bankruptcy - and all the valuable lessons he learned from it - but there’s lots of giggles when he talks about his sex life and more! 

Plus, thinking of sex, have you ever wondered why, if nature wants us to procreate – to have babies - that over 70% of women rarely or never orgasm? Wouldn’t nature want us to have great climaxes so we had more sex meaning more babies? I’m joined by evolutionary biologist Professor Randy Thornhill, to find out why we women might’ve evolved to have such trouble climaxing.

I also talk to Melanie and Scott Mcclure, a couple who’ve got so much sexual chemistry, they claim to be able to orgasm from hugging. You read that right, by hugging!

PLUS I answer Mel’s email about why she can only climax in a very specific way. And give her loads of tips that you can use.


Enjoy, Pam xx

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Check out the brilliant guests on my first two shows and podcasts...

Please check it out if you have depression, alcohol issues or want some sex advice from the lovely Denise Welch who gave a fantastic interview about these and more.

If you're overthinking and want some ideas to maybe handle it, my second guest is Sam Douglas of Mallory Knox band gives an honest and open interview about this.

Going back to episode 1 – here's the PODCAST link -
The wonderful Jodie Marsh talks about relationships, bad sex, the power of being celibate, kinky sex, cheating and more.
Plus ex-NASA scientist Dr David Baker talks about sex and relationships in space!

They're both unmissable episodes!

Thanks so much for listening, Pam x

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