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Have rumours about your partner got you down? My thoughts on Nicole Appleton's situation...

In the Daily Star today I've commented on the feud that's reignited between Nicole Appleton and Lily Allen over allegations that Lily had a flirtation (or maybe more) with Liam Gallagher. This was nine years ago, a year after Liam had married Nicole.

The problem is, as I know through my work, how painful feelings about something like this can be. And how they linger on.

So no surprise things between Nicole and Lily are tense with new rumours that their feud has resurfaced.

The best thing to do is keep your thoughts private, don't rise to the rumours, hold your head high and move on. Check my comments here if you've been through this.

I hope you can find the inner strength to handle the situation well - for your well-being.

Take care, Pam x

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Calling all 'scummy mummies'! Comedy podcast with lots of advice too..

It was total comedy when I was invited to guest on the Scummy Mummies podcast!

Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn (the scummiest of mummies) have a wicked sense of humour. I love their live comedy show so much – it makes you feel better about mistakes you've made as a mother.

Here's that podcast that inclues parenting tips to sexy whips – and all points in between --->

And what's this about sexy firemen from Manchester? Find out!

Check them out at

Here's to mothers keeping it real, Pam x


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Tonight radio (Wednesday) and tomorrow TV (Thursday)....

Join me on Love Sport Radio when I'm a guest of the lovely Andy West tonight at 10:10 PM. We are talking some hot topics!

And tomorrow morning I'm on Good Morning Britain at 8:10 AM for a debate. Unless of course there is an international crisis overnight between Syria, Russia and the USA. In which case the debate would be dumped so we can keep abreast of the international news.

Have a lovely evening and I hope you'll join me, Pam x

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Six steps you must take if a Queen bee swoops into your life...

In today's Sun newspaper online my latest column tackles Queen bees. It's no fun at all when a QB joins your workplace - or your group of friends - only to wreak havoc.

Reading about Leanne Brown's experiences in reality series, The Real Housewives of Cheshire, reminded of how many of us face this.

I've got six steps lined up for you when a Queen bee enters your life.

Look after yourself, Pam x



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Put that spring back in your step! Key sex, love and life tips for you...

In today's Mirror newspaper I've written a feature about why our brain chemistry changes at this time of year and how that makes it a fantastic time to boost your confidence and improve your relationships.

Check it out as it's full of key tips for the main areas of your life. And the small but key steps count to change things when you're asking big questions like this...

Good luck with making some positive changes, Pam x

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Getting back with your ex? Or having ex-sex? Read on...

In my Sun newspaper online column I have got some really hot suggestions for you, enjoy! Including trying a new toy with your ex...

Happy weekend, Pam x


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Looking forward to being on The Wright Stuff today...

I always love going on The Wright Stuff as Matthew Wright is one of the few hosts who actually gives guests the chance to answer questions.

Today I'm in the expert segment at 11 AM. But his show kicks off at 915 on Channel 5.

I'll be discussing something that brings too many couples into serious conflict. It can lead to break ups and heartache.

See you later, Pam x




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Do you have a repeat pattern of dating younger men?

You haven't lived if you haven't dated a younger man – it's fun – but if you're looking for a committed relationship, and keep finding that younger men can't give it to you, it's time to look at this pattern.

Check out my comments on Caroline Flack in the Daily Star.

Have fun but know what you're getting into when you're with a younger person - it goes both ways.

Take care, Pam x



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Nine ways to relight sexual desire...

Join the crowd if you like sexual desire. It's gone on the missing list for far too many people!

Check my new Sun newspaper online column for the things you need to know about lack of sexual desire. And how to relight it...

Look after yourself, Pam x


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Wonder why some people have a fetish for feet, toes, shoes or high heels?

In today's Daily Star I've commented on why so many fetish fans might take an interest in Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid's feet and shoes.

Check it out here.

Happy foot-frolics x


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