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Are games like Candy Crush coming between you and real life? Read on...

In today's Sun newspaper I comment on how people get so addicted to games like Candy Crush and the signs that tell you you have a problem.

Check it out and look after yourself!
Happy weekend, Pam x

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The 'dead ting' sex position...

If you watch Love Island they've been talking about the 'dead ting' (boring/old) and when it comes to the sex position it can be anything but boring!
Check out my advice in the Sun newspaper online – lazy sex can be lustful!
Enjoy, Pam x

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My comment in today's Mirror about Boris Johnson...

There's relationship research into what we call 'stressors' - those circumstances or situations in life that cause us stress.
The more stressors you have at any given time, the more stress it places on you and your significant relationships. So Boris has a few of these in his life right now...he happens to be running for the most important office in the land, he's doing this in a time when the nation is divided, he's separated from his second wife, and in a new relationship with his girlfriend, she happens to be 25 years younger, he has the welfare of his five known children to consider and rumours are rife about a love child. Simply taking this last point into consideration – how much subterfuge and juggling with the truth does it take to keep a suspected lovechild secret??

Here are a few more thoughts.

Take care, Pam x

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Single? Check out my tips on being a happy and confident single...

In my Wingman dating at blog I've got some thoughts for you if you're single and want to make the most of it. Even if you're not looking for love, there can be lots of pressure on you from people saying: "when are you going to find someone?" People are so tactless!
And if you're looking for love it's crucial to feel at your most confident! Go out looking for love when feeling insecure and you'll probably attract someone who'll gaslight you. Go out happy and confident - and with a yes, yes, yes attitude to making the most of life (or make that yas, yas, yas!) and you'll attract someone worthy into your life!
As an incurable romantic I'm wishing you luck, Pam x

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One more day to enter my fabulous GIVEAWAY of LUXURY aromatherapy oils...

Check my Twitter page to see how easy it is to enter the giveaway with the lovely people at organic, vegan aromatherapy range, Inner Senses!

Simply retweet one of the competition tweets I've posted and follow both our Twitter handles (@drpamspurr and @Inner_Senses) to be in tomorrow's draw!

One lucky winner will receive a bottle of Vitality Oil PLUS their fantastic Glow Facial Oil!

Good luck, Pam x

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What’s going on with men and ‘D’ pix?!

Am I surprised Lawrence Dallaglio, a married ‘family man’, has allegedly sent pictures of his manhood to pretty much a stranger? Nope, because many celebrities have a sense of entitlement and a belief they’ll get away with whatever they want to.

What’s more interesting is why any man would send a ‘d’ pic to someone he’s just met, either online or in person.

Although there’s not a lot of research into this highly-sexualised behaviour but I'm sure with the rate men are doing this there will be some soon.

I have a few educated guesses in my Sun newspaper column.

Don’t send any pictures unless it you know what they’re wanted, Pam x


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Missed my series of radio shows & podcasts with celebrities & all sorts of guests?

What started as a series of six shows and linked-podcasts for Love Sport Radio ended up as seven shows as I had too many GREAT guests to fit into six.

To make things easy for you here are the links to all seven with a brief rundown of the guests in each. Starting with the most recent show going back to the first one in mid April.

The guests discussed topics from going celibate to sex-and-love in space to women who fall for a radical jihadist – and all points in between those two extraordinary topics!

Show number 7 – stand up Milton Jones, author Sheila Eisenberg on women who fall for serial killers and Tracy kiss on sexual and body confidence. Plus my tips on porn addiction FULL PODCAST HERE:

Show number 6 - TOWIE & TV star Charlie King, X Factor star Chloe-Jasmine Whichello, and Mubin Shaik who went on a radical Jihad path before returning to a life working in counterterrorism.


Show number 5 -  actor nad presenter RickyJNorwood, former SAS Big Phil Campion & date coach Lady Nadia Essex FULL PODCAST HERE:

Show number 4 - Lizzie Cundy, standup Stephen Bailey and Dr Laurie Betito from porn hub FULL PODCAST HERE:

Show number 3 - actor and singer Antony Costa. Antony, evolutionary biologist Professor Randy Thornhill, and Melanie and Scott Mcclure, a couple who’ve got so much chemistry, they claim to be able to orgasm from hugging PODCAST HERE: 2/

Show number 2 - actor and presenter Denise Welch and Sam Douglas of Mallory Knox band PODCAST HERE:

Show number 1 - one woman phenomenon Jodie Marsh and an ex-NASA scientist PODCAST HERE

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Join me for a brilliant show tonight on Wham Bam It’s Dr Pam!

In this show and podcast-episode I’m getting up close VERY personal with a comedian that I absolutely LOVE. I've seen his shows about 25 times! He's the stand up who tickles your brain with his clever use of words, it's Milton Jones. You can’t miss his interview about how humour can be used in relationships and everyday life.


I also talk to journalist and author Sheila Isenberg about the women who fall for serial killers.

Plus I'm talking sexual confidence with ex glamour model and personal trainer Tracey Kiss.

To kick off I talk about porn addiction – do you or partner have a problem? Then listen up!

Enjoy, Pam x

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Check out my fabulous summer time giveaway with the lovely people at Inner Senses...

If you follow me on Twitter and read my blogs you'll know how much fun I had discovering the organic aromatherapy range from Inner Senses.

I was blown away by their face and body products.

Now I've teamed up with them to give you a fantastic chance to win two of their gorgeous products for summer time.

One lucky winner will receive a bottle of Vitality Oil plus their fantastic Glow Facial Oil!

A random winner will be drawn and announced on 31st May.

All you have to do to enter is follow my handle @drpamspurr and their handle @inner_senses on Twitter. And then retweet the competition Tweet that's on my Twitter page.

Good luck!

Lots of love, Pam x

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Could sleeping separately boost your sex life? Read on...

There are lots of ways to put some heat back between the sheets! Could sleeping separately make you crave some cuddles, and more? For some couples putting a boundary between them like this makes them want to rekindle things

Check the feature in today's Sun newspaper which includes some of my tips.

Have fun, Pam x


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