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Missed my radio show? Here are the links to watch it...

Here are this week's show links!

My fantastic guests included renowned television doctor, Dr Ranj Singh who talked about his new book for boys' well-being and opened up about his own boyhood.

Then the fabulous actress and singer Vicki Michelle who talked about her career and how to stay positive.

Followed by Dr Mariette Jansen discussing impostor syndrome with me.

I hope you enjoy these links: 



Four Key Tips for Switching Off Shyness!

From my latest Wingman dating App column...

It’s a dating ‘truth’ that people who experience shyness have a harder time finding love. This is heartbreaking because shy people are often kind, sensitive and caring about others. They have a lot to offer they just find it hard to allow themselves to shine.

Survey after survey, though, about attributes that attract others include things like confidence. And surveys also find that attributes that turn people off or if they come across someone who is ‘tricky’ to talk to.

Many people I date coach say they become shy when they come across someone they’re attracted to. Their shyness kicks in just when they most want to chat confidently to someone online.

This is a frustrating situation that you can turn around with these crucial tips.


*First off, when you come across someone online (or in person, later in the year when we’re not under lockdown) you can switch off your own shyness by switching the spotlight to them! Focus on what they’re doing and what they’re saying in your first interactions. Forget about your inward shyness.

*Next, be ready with a few key areas to ask them questions about. Topics like what TV or films they’re watching, the music they’re listening to, if they’re planning any holidays once we can travel, and so on. Being ready with straightforward questions like these, really helps relax you because literally a hundred percent of people will be able to answer these questions.

Plus, it’s a dating fact that research shows if you ask a person questions it shows you’re interested in them. That puts them at their ease!

*Think about – and even practice – what you’d like to say about things like the music you’re listening to. Role-play has been shown to really improve all sorts of issues. Role-playing with yourself is just as good. You’ll soon see that you can chat about your favourite music, television dramas, etc., very easily.

Having practised casual chat on your own, will give you the confidence to do it in real life.

*Always help yourself to put your best foot forward, in online chats, by reminding yourself of why you are a good catch. Just before you go online, think through those best qualities of yours that friends and family praise you for. If you can go into messaging/chatting with that positive vibe - knowing you’re worthy of finding someone special - your interactions will be far better!

Good luck and happy dating, Pam x

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Join my fantastic guests this Thursday 2 PM UK time on my radio show...

I'm super excited for this week's show on The Men's Radio Station and on its sister station – The Women's Radio Station!

I have telly star Dr Ranj coming on to discuss his new book for boys and their well-being!

Followed by the ultra glamorous Vicki Michelle talking about her career and how she stays upbeat.

Then Dr Mariette Jansen returns to discuss impostor syndrome.

Please don't miss it and you can comment live on The Men's Radio Station's social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube – get involved!

Lots of love, Pam x



Three Key Tips for Your New Relationship! That also work with established relationships...

Here is my latest Wing man Dating App column...

Just because it’s not down doesn’t mean you haven’t met someone new on the online dating scene. Exciting times as you’ve decided they are worthy of you.

So how can you keep your fledgling relationship a happy one? After all, plenty of relationship start well but soon go off the rails. And that’s very painful when you had such high hopes at first.

It only takes a few key tips to protect your new relationship. Although these tips seem like common sense (and they are!) many people don’t think about these. That means they give their new relationship less chance of surviving the times we are in.

The strength of your new love not only makes you feel fantastic but also plays an essential part in your general well-being. Preventing relationship-rot is better than cure so keep it on track from the start.

Most of what keeps your new relationship happy is that old miracle worker: your awareness of these key tips. With sexual chemistry whizzing through you, plus your insecurities and their potential insecurities, means common sense can go out the window.

To prevent that happening, let’s take a look at these simple rules for keeping your new love wanting more, since you want more of them!

Key tips for your new relationship

For starters, the foundation of relationship maintenance are these three key relationship boosters - my three ‘Rs’: respect, responsibility and being realistic so here goes:

1/ You show respect for yourself and him/her. When you have self-respect plus respect for them, you’ll be aware of hurtful behaviour from either their direction. Either towards you or when you slip up and aren’t behaving particularly well towards them.

2/ You take responsibility for your part of the relationship. When you take responsibility for your share of a new relationship you behave in an emotionally mature way. You don’t become dependent on them for your happiness or let them get overly dependent on you. You realise what you put into your relationship, you're likely to get back.

3/ You are realistic about what makes an emotionally healthy and happy relationship – and what realistically you can expect from them. You’ve ditched any ridiculously long list of expectations. Instead you’re focused on the crucial attributes that make happy relationship.

Good luck and happy dating, Pam x

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Missed my show? Here are the links...

My radio show this past week had fantastic guests – multi-platinum selling group The Overtones with their personal stories, model actress and mother Samantha Tomlin on homeschooling especially with the child on the spectrum, and entrepreneur Tru Powell On inspiring our youth.

Here are the links: 




I hope you enjoy the emotional rollercoaster – from laughs to loss, Pam xx



I have a massive radio show Thursday 2 PM!

I hope you'll join me Thursday, 2 PM, UK time, for a massive show! I have the platinum selling Overtones joining me along with model, actor and mother Samantha Tomlin and Entrepreneur and inspirational person Tru Powell!

You can comment live on The Men's Radio Station Facebook and Twitter - can't wait to hear your comments! my show is repeated Friday at 4 PM, UK time, on both the men's station and The Women's Radio Station. Don't miss out, it's going to be a good one, Pam x




Think twice before you post a message to your celebrity crush about certain things...

In the Mirror newspaper I commented on how Kylie Minogue's avid fans often post messages to her about how they hope she gets married and things like that.

This puts enormous pressure on a celebrity – the fan is only trying to be bop full and wishing the best for them but lots of messages can stack up to a lot of pressure...



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Good luck, Pam x


Today 2 PM UK time join me live for my radio show...

I have totally fantastic guests this week on the Men's Radio Station and you can comment live on their Facebook page...

Kicking off is my favourite impressionist Luke Kempner followed By the all round creative musician and photographer Rahsaan Jas and last but not least the fabulous Maureen Nolan.

We are going to be talking all sorts of issues that matter to your life - I hope your comment live on the Facebook page! 

Lots of love, Pam x ps If you miss it today it's repeated on both the men's station and the Women's Radio Station Friday for every fifth at 4 PM!



Calling all singles: Increase Your Dating Chances by Decreasing Your Anxiety PART 2!

Here's part two of my Wingman Dating App column...

Last week I pointed out how “anxious singles” don’t do as well at dating as those who have got on top of anything like anxiety. It’s pretty straightforward, if you feel anxious and you’re online trying to meet someone during these times of lockdown, you come across as uncomfortable to be around.

It doesn’t have to be that way! And here are five more tips for you:

*What you put in your mouth affects your anxiety levels so avoid having much caffeine and sugary foods. These intensify anxiety. Eat as healthy and ‘clean’ as possible to keep your mood calmer.

*Watch how much you drink! Don’t use alcohol to ‘take the edge off’ any anxious feelings or to soothe worried feelings. Unfortunately, with alcohol there is a rebound effect and your anxiety bounces straight back. Sometimes at a more intense level.

*Definitely try relaxation techniques to calm frazzled feelings. The more tense your body feels, the more anxious your mind. You don’t have to be a yoga master to do a few basic stretches to help loosen up tight muscles.

Physical relaxation really helps and that can include making sure you get a walk-in every day and other exercise. So keep telling yourself: tight muscles feed into a “tight mind”!

*Challenge any irrational thoughts you have that, for example, you’re not doing well enough or you’re going to fail. Tell yourself you’ll be just fine, that you’re doing your best, that it’ll be okay.

*Out of sight, out of mind – While chipping away at your anxieties avoid dwelling on anything that causes you anxiety. For instance, looking through fashion magazines or visiting their websites, etc., might lead you to angst over how you look compared to how you think others look.

It’s crucial to stop comparing yourself and instead to remind yourself of your best qualities. You have the power to focus on these and to silence those nagging doubts that you don’t match up to others. It takes practice and needs to become a habit. Just as your habit to compare yourself unfavourably to others needs to be broken.

Finally, if your anxiety continues – or gets worse – please call your GP to check with them about potentially getting counselling and/or medication that might help you and your individual situation.

Good luck and happy dating, Pam x

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I hope your mind doesn't feel anxious like this...




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