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Here's the story of the Covid-19 hell my family and I have gone through the last 15 days...

All I want to say is keep doing the social distancing and stay safe! We tried our hardest as a family of five in one home and sadly failed. But it's always worth trying to stay home and stay well.
Here are more details in my Sun newspaper interview, we're beyond thankful to have all pulled through after reading so many tragic stories. My heart goes out to all who've lost loved ones through this nasty virus!
Take care, Pam xx

How to cope with Covid stress and anxiety...

I've had such an increase in contacts about anxiety and other mental health issues so here is an article I wrote for Out News Global with lots of mental health and well-being tips that each of us can put into action. I hope you find them helpful!
Take care, stay safe, stay home, Pam x

Have you been thrown together as a couple working from home? Tips to get along...

Many couples are used to being thrown together on holidays – that's for pleasure. But in these times it's very different especially when one or both of you are trying to work from home.
In today's Mirror I have lots of tips for you to get along well...
Take care and look after each other, Pam x

Check out the fantastic giveaway competition I'm running until March 17th!

For your chance to win a fabulous Tamaar Skin care facial oil worth £54 go on my Twitter feed and check out the competition tweet!
One lucky winner will be chosen at random March 17th. Good luck! x

Single and dating phone in TODAY! Get in touch now...

I'm joining the team at BBC Radio Manchester from 10 to 11 AM this morning answering any of your dating and finding love dilemmas like deciphering what their messages mean. The number you need is 0800 218 22 55.
Get in touch with anything that's worrying you about finding love, Pam x

You want them to love you warts and all, right? Here's a cautionary note...

If you're looking for love then quite rightly you want to find someone who'll love you for all your quirks, your faults and your 'little ways'. Just as you would love them for theirs. 
However, in my work as a date coach I hear about the little things people joke about in bed that can be a big turnoff. For sure, some people are too sensitive if you say something a bit earthy or risque. But at the same time, you could turn off someone worth your while, so why not think about giving them a little bit longer to get used to your earthy sense of humour or choice of topics.
Here are a few tips about this in my new Wingman Dating App blog.
Happy dating, Pam x

Some motivational words for Women's Day...

For International Women's Day I wrote these motivational words for every woman on the request of the phenomenal Anna Kennedy OBE (on twitter @AnnaKennedy1) .
Please believe every word...
Sending lots of love to women everywhere, Pam xx

Could you be a sex addict? Read on...

In today's Sun newspaper I've written about some key signs that you might be struggling with sex addiction - and if so, how to start sorting it out.
Check the tips out here:
Look after yourself, Pam x

Is it lust or love you feel for that new person?

In those first few weeks of dating sexual chemistry can make you feel a little bit insane! And people often mistake that sexual chemistry – the lust – for love. It's not!

Check out my latest Wingman dating app blog for some key points about how to distinguish between lust and love.

Enjoy, Pam x

Are you single and dating but carrying a lot of emotional baggage? Read on...

My latest blog for Wingman dating app points out a few key home truths about whether you're really ready to date. If you're carrying too much emotional baggage from previous experiences it can jeopardise something good in the future.
Happy hunting, Pam x


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