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Signs you might be able to trust that love cheat again…

In today's Sun newspaper my column is about whether you can trust a love cheat again and the signs to look out for that they're changing.

There have been a lot of stories and allegations about cheating recently like Dan Osborne on Jacqueline Jossa and Stormzy on Maya Jama. And sadly I know how often this happens to others from my work.

But if you feel the relationship is worth saving can you trust them ever again? Here are a few signs that maybe you can...


Take care of yourself, Pam x

How to succeed with changing your life for 2020!

I've been writing about micro-resolutions for years and they work.

In today’s Sun newspaper there's a Feature on how to keep your New Year’s resolutions. I’ve given a few tips as well as other experts.

Here’s to breaking things into small chunks and making a success of the change you want!

 Happy 2020, Pam x



Your first Christmas since your divorce or breakup? Worried about your kids?

It's an incredibly tough landmark when parents split up and they must face their first Christmas with all sorts of complicated feelings and issues. What's crucial is putting your children's needs first, sometimes forgotten when you're angry or upset with your ex.
You can make it a happy CHristmas for your childre, good luck, Pam x

I have a gorgeous Christmas giveaway for one lucky winner...

You know I love a giveaway especially around Christmas and have teamed up with the fantastic Sh! Women's pleasure store to give one lucky winner the chance to win a sensuous bag of goodies worth over £50.  

Check out my Twitter homepage for details - you simply need to retweet the tweet I've and pasted below and follow our handles for a chance. One lucky winner will be drawn at random on Wednesday 18th December. Good luck! Pam x

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So many serious things going on so here's some sexy Christmas fun for you...

Want to put the election and breaks it out of your mind for a bit? Try my 12 Lays of Christmas for a little bit of seasonal sizzle. It's all here for you!
You're very welcome, Pam x

Some fab baby products for sensitive skin...

It was lovely to receive a set of Aveeno Baby products for a little one in my extended family. 

I know her mother has found using Aveeno products for her baby's skin very helpful!
And as her baby has sensitive skin it's a fantastic opportunity to try the Aveeno Dermexa range. It smoothes on so easily. Really top notch baby care. And I like the moisturiser too!
Good luck with your little one's skin, Pam x

Do you get Christmas party nerves? I have lots of tips for you....


Here's a Q&A I did about Christmas party nerves and anxiety...

How can people feel more confident at parties?

 Always boost your confidence before you head to a party. Daily, remind yourself of your three best personal qualities. Keep repeating these to yourself – that you are a caring person, you’re a good friend, that you love to have a good laugh. Also focus on something positive that has happened to you recently. Keep these things firmly in mind in the run-up to the party.

Remember that other people also have party-nerves, you’re not alone. Pre-plan two easy topics to have ready to start a conversation with. Ask people you meet at the party if they’re also watching the box set or TV drama you love. Or ask if they’ve seen the film you’ve just seen. Or simply ask how they know the host/hostess, that’s an easy icebreaker.

 What advice do you have for making a good first impression? 

So that you don’t arrive in a bit of a ‘state’, plan and layout your outfit the night before. Because if you have to rush to get ready, it’ll leave you anxious and arriving late in a fluster.

Choose something you feel most confident in. For instance, if you wobble in high heels choose flatter heels. Better to stand confidently then wobble around the whole evening.

Before you walk in, shake out your arms and take a few slow deep breaths. Then remind yourself of what a great person you are. Enter the party looking confident, with a nice smile, and you immediately make a good impression.

 How can you be more charismatic?

Charismatic people are very much “in the moment”. That means they really enjoy where they are. They don’t worry about who they will talk to next. They don’t get anxious over things like if they wore the ‘wrong’ thing. They truly enjoy where they are, at that time, and it comes across in their personal chemistry.

Let go of anxious thinking and just enjoy the taste of the food, savour your drink, listen actively to what others say, lose yourself in the moment.

How can people who have trouble with social events like parties prepare for a party?

If you struggle at social events like parties then you can build up to one by setting yourself little challenges beforehand. Simple things like forcing yourself to chat to a shopkeeper or someone at the bus stop is a good start.

Make a point of speaking up at work is another good way to show yourself that you can “put yourself out there”.

Definitely practice relaxation techniques before you head out to social situations. Lie quietly for 10 minutes, focus on slow deep breaths and on a recent success of yours. It only has to be a small success like speaking to someone new.

How can you quiet anxious thoughts you may have at parties? 

If fretful thoughts about things like you won’t know what to say to people, no one will be interested in you, etc., keep popping into your mind actively challenge them. Tell yourself: I will chat people, people will be interested in me!

Practice makes perfect so keep challenging those nagging thoughts.

 What are some good goals to set for yourself before the party (talk to X people, etc)?

I don’t think you should put yourself under pressure to have goals at the party like speaking to at least five new people. The big goal should be just to relax, enjoy yourself, and have fun. Whether you end up meeting one new person or 10 new people, doesn’t matter. As long as you enjoyed yourself then you can give yourself a big pat on the back.

Enjoy, Pam x

Does your partner really know you? Check this out!

A survey just out found 10% of people think their partner doesn't know the real them. 
This can be due to all sorts of reasons. They might have a fear of intimacy so they keep their inner thoughts and feelings to themselves. They might have a fear of rejection so they go along with everything their partner suggests. Or it could be any point in between these two.
The Mirror newspaper asked me to comment on this survey so here are a few thoughts and tips...
If you want an emotionally healthy, day by day reveal a little more of your true self, Pam x

How to get over that first awkward relationship hump when you're with someone new...

So you were single for a while and then met that special person you clicked with. Yay, everything's going to be brill, my love-fantasy has come true you thought.
And things have been going well and getting more me, that's the time when you'll face your first issue, dilemma, or relationship hurdle. Don't let it throw you!
My Wingman Dating App blog has my top tips to manage these first few problems. And these tips can be used throughout your relationship.
Long may it last, Pam x

I have a gorgeous pre-Christmas giveaway coming for you starting Tuesday 19th November...

You know I love a giveaway if you follow me on Twitter and one lucky winner will bag two gorgeous gifts from organic aromatherapy company Inner Senses​!
Check my Twitter feed for the competition details from tomorrow and one lucky winner will be announced Monday 25th November!
Here are some of their lovely products...
Good luck, Pam x


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