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Today's radio show was eventful!

Here the links to today's show that was full of tech problems but we got there! 

My top guests were international DJ Rick Live and mega talented actor Gary Hollywood -

Here are two of the links - we cover everything from confidence, to grieving, to the mishaps of life! I hope you enjoy, for some reasoon Facebook wasn't working so I don't have that link, Pam x 




New painting: “Swimming Against the Tide”

It's acrylics on 300gsm Bockingford paper in a lightweight black wood frame (framing options available). Based on one client describing a dream of swimming against the tide surrounded by fish! They were going through a personal issue and it felt a little tough at the time so no surprise about the theme of their dream! It’s 67 x 87 cm (overall including the frame).

Some close shots of details...

To purchase please email (£475 plus P&P or for international sales $650 plus P&P) including present frame. 

£475 plus P&P or for international sales $650 plus P&P including present frame

Are You Ready For An Age Gap Relationship?

My latest column for Wingman Dating App... 

Recent data reveals that age gap relationships are on the increase. People are definitely more open-minded about dating someone out of their general age range. Of course, groundbreaking people like Madonna and Kylie have led the way! Madonna has been known to have partners 30 years younger and Kylie up to about 15 years younger. And the late Barbara Windsor also broke ground marrying and happily living with Scott Mitchell. Plus Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones Douglas have been going strong for years.

What can we learn from celebrities who aren't "minding the gap"? Here are top tips to make an age-gap romance work:

Do be tactful to each other! You might think it's funny to tease your older partner about the grey hair or crow’s feet but it's not. Likewise you might think it's a laugh to joke that you younger partner hasn't got a clue - but they won't see the funny side.

Don't assume you’ll both fulfil certain roles! You might assume that the older partner will have more wisdom and a younger partner will listen to what they say. Scratch that thought because if this relationship’s going to work you’re going to have to treat each other as equals.

Do be strong when it comes to others’ opinions! You too might love each other and have a great relationship but friends and family might see it differently. Both of you need to unite about this sort of pressure. Support each other because you might well feel loads of pressure to give up the relationship. Convince those around you that it's a good relationship by keeping calm under pressure and not flying off the handle when they question the age gap.

Do think through big life issues! If you’re 25 and definitely want children but you've hooked up with a 50-year-old who already has them, you need to talk about it. Don't live in a fantasy world where you think you're going to get your way. When it comes to these big issues you two may be at very different life stages - and have to recognise this honestly.

Do be aware of difficult emotions towards each other! The older partner might get jealous of the younger one going out clubbing with friends. They feel they would look stupid clubbing and they don't want to go. Likewise the younger one might feel left out when the older one discusses things (with friends of the same age) from decades before they were born. They feel a bit foolish and like they can’t contribute to such conversations. Try to include each other where you can and acknowledge where you can’t.

Do be open-minded about what you can learn from each other! The younger partner can probably help the older one get clued up about things like , whereas the older one might be able to get their younger one get clued up about things like mortgages. Always be willing to learn from the other.

Do pay attention to physical differences between you! Particularly if there’s a big age-gap between you there might be a number of physical differences. And these include sexual differences! The older partner may have a lower sex drive and might well have less energy overall to do various things. Always be tactful and loving about such differences rather than judgmental.

Finally, do be prepared for all sorts of challenges! All relationships face challenges that face thing the fact that your age gap one will face even more will only strengthen your chances. Being aware should enhance the way you communicate with each other, as well as the honesty and respect you have for each other - in other words the things that will help melt away your age-gap.

Good luck and happy dating, Pam x Check out Dr Pam’s art gallery and shop for gift ideas, fantastic for a loved one:

Please join my fantastic guests for my radio show on Thursday, September 16, 2 PM UK time...

I'm so excited for this show as I have two awesome guests. First I have the hugely talented singer and performer Big Ben Ofoedu! He and I will be talking about how you can use a performer's mindset to boost your confidence. We'll also tackle trending topics with our takes and opinions.
Next up is the multitalented actor and presenter Gary Hollywood! He is going to share with me his journey through grief after losing his older brother Gerard. We don't talk about grief enough in this country and we shouldn't be afraid of doing so. He's also going to tell me about his business selling specialty gins and other products.
You can join in live on The Men's Radio Stations social media platforms on these links:
Here's the Facebook link. Here's the YouTube link. Please do comment and share your stories during the show.
The show is repeated Friday at 4 PM on both the Men's station and The Women's Radio Station. Look forward to you joining us, Pam x

How to walk away from an unhappy relationship...

In my latest Wingman Dating App column I've tackled leaving a difficult relationship with dignity.

If you've tried your hardest to make things work and they haven't, you can leave with out making things worse. I hope you find the tips helpful!

Good luck and happy dating, Pam x

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Top habits that every couple should use in their relationship…

Included in this Sun newspaper article are my top habits for a successful relationship. First off, there’s the story of a woman who found love again after a loss – twice! Followed by some of my top tips for your relationship.

Love, Pam x

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Make or break issues that couples face...

I was happy to contribute to this piece on make or break issues that couples face and often don't realise how destructive they are to relationships. You can check it out here and I hope it helps if you're having issues with your partner. Take care, Pam x

You don't want your love torn apart if you can avoid it...

55 Best Broken Heart Pictures And Images

My new painting "Always Autumn" is available now to purchase...

New painting: “Always Autumn” (with close-up/detail photos below) is acrylic paints on 200 gsm Fabriano paper. Overall size is 94 x 74 cm (37 x 29 in).

Based on one client saying how their mood was always stuck in “autumn” - a sense of change, underlying emotions breaking through, tranquil yet moody.

Some people love autumn, some people experience seasonal affective disorder. This client felt a mix of these.I tried to capture the subtleties of their feelings using watered down acrylics.

To purchase please go to the 'paintings' section of my Art Gallery and Shop on the homepage. Love, Pam x


Join me Thursday 2nd September at 2 PM, UK time, for my radio show...

I'm very excited to have two fantastic guests this Thursday, 2 PM, on the Men's Radio Station - then repeated Friday at 4 PM, UK time on both the Men's Radio Station and the Women's Radio Station! 

My show kicks off with the incredible coach and highlly regarded speaker Melody Hossaini - She and I will be talking about how to improve your life! Next up is Prof Wendy Suzuki, a specialist in neuropsychology and she has a new book about anxiety.

I look forward to you joining us live at 2 PM on Thursday when you can comment on the Men's Radio Station'ds social media platforms – get in touch with any questions for my guests! Love, Pam x



A special thanks to Melody Hossaini for creating these fabulous graphics as the radio stations graphics-producer is off ill!

Why Sober Sex Can Sizzle! A few thoughts...

My latest column for Wingman Dating App...

This is a serious one this week! I’ve written many times about drinking and diving between the sheets. Many couples who have just started dating drink to excess because of nerves. But it’s quite sobering that one in 10 couples hasn't had sober sex in over six months. I wanted to share a few thoughts about this with you.

It’s absolutely true that sex can be fun after a night out clubbing or living it up with friends, having had plenty of drinks. And survey after survey shows that many women confide they shed inhibitions faster than they shed their clothing when they have a romp fuelled by a few bevvies. 

What’s actually going on here?

When I talk to clients about this, it’s often about feeling too shy to let go with sober sex. When I dig a bit deeper, this is usually about body-image worries that stop women enjoying it – but this is increasingly true for men also. People often feel more secure with the lights out and the sheets pulled up around their neck if they’re sober. But being bundled up like an Egyptian mummy isn’t the best way forward.

‘Reliance’ isn’t a good thing!

I’m sure you know that relying on drinks to make sex sizzle is ultimately harmful for your health plus your confidence and new relationship. If you plan to stay in this relationship for a while and turn it into more than “just dating”, one of the great things about a happy relationship is being able to be yourself. Warts and all.

Self-acceptance like that includes accepting you don't have a perfect body, and you don't know tons of different sex positions, and perhaps you haven't got a clue about how to give (and receive) great oral sex.

Once you’re part of a loved-up couple these things don't matter because together, with time and trust, you learn how to satisfy each other. If it’s an empowering relationship also boost each other’s confidence through the highs and lows. Let’s face it, even the best relationships have highs and lows.

Trial-and-error can be a laugh!

It’s also very reassuring that everything’s okay when you giggle together after trial-and-error sex-techniques have been more about the errors. You will also come to find – just as your partner will – that your insecurities are things that just don't matter to them.

When you learn to relate to each other when sober - or at least only a little tipsy - this naturally increases confidence in a way that alcohol never can. Ultimately, after the initial dating phase if you keep falling into bed for drunken rumbles it will begin to kill off your intimacy. This is because you're less likely to pay attention to each other's desires and less likely to communicate well with each other.

And when excess alcohol is involved, even if you do swing from the chandeliers, neither of you will remember much. For the men reading this, I hate to break it to you but if you keep up this level of drinking, you won't be able to keep ‘it’ up!

Time for some honesty!

If you’re both drinking too much before slipping between the sheets it doesn’t bode well for a long-term relationship. And it might be a sign that things are never going to end up as true emotional – and sexual – intimacy between you.

Definitely start being more honest about your needs both outside and inside of the bedroom. If you really want to make the most of this new relationship, cut down a little on the drinks, definitely focus on the positives you share, and learn to speak up when you need extra love and affection.

These basic ingredients will lead to more confidence to experiment a little with foreplay when you’re sober. Date coaching clients have told me before how surprised they are that they actually enjoy more sensual sensations when sober. This is when sex really starts to take off! Plus your new relationship does too.

Good luck and happy dating, Pam x Check out Dr Pam’s art gallery and shop for gift ideas, fantastic for a loved one:

Nonalcoholic drinks are on the rise thanks in part to “sober curiosity” -  Vox

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