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Don't miss my radio show guests this Thursday, October 28 at 2 PM...

This week's radio show Is going to be awesome - I have three very different guests with so much to say – kicking off with Jay James - such a popular guest and with so much to say on trending topics as well as discussing The Overtones and their tour
Followed by Nutrition Guru Dr Lori Shemek – she and I will be discussing the "gut garden" and everything you need to know for gut health and if there's time we'll be talking about living a long life – what you need to do it!
To cap it off I then have the well-known TV and radio psychologist Anjula Mutanda - we are discussing obsessive love and relationships – don't miss that!
You can comment live on the Men's Radio station social media platforms during the show at these links:
I look forward to your comments and personal stories from 2 PM on Thursday!
Take care, Pam x 

New painting: Peacock Dreams No. 5

Peacock Dreams No. 5 continues my series based on the beautiful peacock I saw last summer.
Acrylics on 300g Bockingford paper, overall size including frame 67 x 87 cm. This lightweight black wood frame is included however framing options can be discussed.
To purchase please email at £475 plus P&P or $650 plus P&P for international sales. 
Here are a few close ups to show detail...

Join my fantastic guests this Thursday, October 14 at 2 PM...

Here are the links from this show - my guests were fantastic - hope you can take a look!
They were all so honest including about some difficult subjects like infidelity.
This week's radio show Is going to be a smasher with three fantastic guests – kicking off with the Scummy Mummies - the inimitable comedy duo talking about everything from their parenting-comedy to divorce and infidelity.
Followed by the very popular psychologist Jo Hemmings – she and I will be discussing how to create a new and healthy relationship and the red flags to watch out for when you're first dating someone new.
To cap it off I then have the orthopaedic surgeon Mr George Ampat talking about his new book for pain patients.
You can comment live on the Men's Radio station social media platforms during the show - I look forward to your comments and personal stories from 2 PM on Thursday!
Take care, Pam x

New painting: Turmoil

Based on one person telling me about the turmoil and chaos in the life and how they were hoping to turn things around. Acrylics, overall size including the frame is 67 by 87 cm. Frame included but framing options are available.
To purchase email for £475 plus P&P including the present, lightweight black wood frame. For international sales $645 plus P&P including the present, lightweight black wood frame. 

Links to today's radio show with awesome guests....

If you missed today's show with my three fantastic guests – Lady Nadia Essex, AJ West, and Milton Jones then here are the links! 

Of course it's repeated as a standard radio show Friday, 4 PM, UK time on both The Men's Radio Station and its sister station The Women's  Radio Station.

Here it is on Twitter.

Here it is on Facebook.

And here it is on YouTube.

Take care, Pam x




Don't miss my show Thursday 2 PM, September 30...

Please join my fantastic guests for my radio show on Thursday, September 30th, 2 PM UK time...
I'm so excited for this show as I have three awesome guests. First I have the dating expert Lady nadia Essex! She and I will be talking about the 'new dating' emerging from the pandemic plus trending topics.
Next up is the lovely AJ West talking about his new historical novel! 
Then I have the comedy legend, Milton Jones, talking about his new tour! You don't want to miss this! 
You can join in live on The Men's Radio Stations social media platforms on these links:
Here's the Facebook link. Here's the YouTube link. Please do comment and share your stories during the show.
The show is repeated Friday at 4 PM on both the Men's station and The Women's Radio Station. Look forward to you joining us, Pam x

Six Steps to Bedroom Confidence!

My latest column for Wingman dating App...

Repeated surveys show far too many women lack bedroom confidence. They feel shy and inhibited instead of feeling excited about sex. Many think along the lines: I don’t know how to get the sex I want, so what’s the point?

Unfortunately lack of bedroom confidence can have the negative outcome of a lack of desire. With a recent survey found a staggering 80% of women lose desire at some point!

It’s time to shake things up and discover your sexual confidence.

Here are six steps to boost bedroom confidence.

Bedroom Confidence Booster No. 1: Know thyself -

No room for shyness to get the sex you want. Far too many women simply don’t know how their bodies tick.

It’s crucial you discover what feels fantastic and what turns you off. Self-pleasure is the way to go, so treat yourself to a lovely bubble bath where you can relax and have some ‘me-time’ of an exciting type!

Bedroom Confidence Booster No. 2: Share the pleasure –

Take this knowledge about how your body works – the pressure and speed of touch that makes you feel good - into your next relationship. Guide their hands to the places you’ve discovered feelgood.

You can cup their hand in yours and take control, moving their fingertips back and forth, or around and around, across your pleasure zones. They’ll get the message that’s the touch you like and then they can recreate those moves.

Bedroom Confidence Booster No. 3: Talk yourself up –

think about the negative messages you might give yourself. Things like: I’m not good in bed, I never know what to do with a partner, I’m never going to be sexy, are really bad for your bedroom confidence.

So be mindful about what you tell yourself. Challenge such negative thoughts and replace them with things like: I can relax and let go in the bedroom, I’ll enjoy myself the next time I have sex, etc.

Bedroom Confidence Booster No. 4: Toy-joy –

Sales of sex toys have greatly increased but many still feel embarrassed to buy them. There are plenty of reputable adult retailers online as well as many adult high-street shops that are user-friendly.

Don’t underestimate the joy of sex toys! Not only do they help reveal new red-hot sensations, but you can get frisky with them with your new partner – giving hours of teasing and pleasing each other.

Bedroom Confidence Booster No. 5: It’s never about keeping up with the Joneses –

It’s easy to believe everyone has better sex than you! That’s because rarely are people honest about their struggles with sex. Many confide in me that their best friend or work colleagues seem to have such exciting sex lives - when they could be exaggerating.

Not only do people fib that they’re swinging from the chandeliers but it’s never good to compare anyway. What turns you on will turn your best friend off and vice versa. Who cares what other people are doing - keep focused on what works for you.

Bedroom Confidence Booster No. 6: Do it your way –

With something like 60% of women finding it hard to climax regularly during penetrative sex it can be very demoralising, knocking confidence.

The biggest myth is that the best sex is having full penetration. That’s a damaging myth and increasingly couples are discovering that many women are more likely to climax through oral sex. Some women climax only when they’re on top. And other women climax only with sex toys.

This means the only ‘right way’ is doing it your way!

Good luck and happy dating, Pam x Check out Dr Pam’s art gallery and shop for gift ideas, fantastic for a loved one:

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Today's radio show was eventful!

Here the links to today's show that was full of tech problems but we got there! 

My top guests were international DJ Rick Live and mega talented actor Gary Hollywood -

Here are two of the links - we cover everything from confidence, to grieving, to the mishaps of life! I hope you enjoy, for some reasoon Facebook wasn't working so I don't have that link, Pam x 




New painting: “Swimming Against the Tide”

It's acrylics on 300gsm Bockingford paper in a lightweight black wood frame (framing options available). Based on one client describing a dream of swimming against the tide surrounded by fish! They were going through a personal issue and it felt a little tough at the time so no surprise about the theme of their dream! It’s 67 x 87 cm (overall including the frame).

Some close shots of details...

To purchase please email (£475 plus P&P or for international sales $650 plus P&P) including present frame. 

£475 plus P&P or for international sales $650 plus P&P including present frame

Are You Ready For An Age Gap Relationship?

My latest column for Wingman Dating App... 

Recent data reveals that age gap relationships are on the increase. People are definitely more open-minded about dating someone out of their general age range. Of course, groundbreaking people like Madonna and Kylie have led the way! Madonna has been known to have partners 30 years younger and Kylie up to about 15 years younger. And the late Barbara Windsor also broke ground marrying and happily living with Scott Mitchell. Plus Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones Douglas have been going strong for years.

What can we learn from celebrities who aren't "minding the gap"? Here are top tips to make an age-gap romance work:

Do be tactful to each other! You might think it's funny to tease your older partner about the grey hair or crow’s feet but it's not. Likewise you might think it's a laugh to joke that you younger partner hasn't got a clue - but they won't see the funny side.

Don't assume you’ll both fulfil certain roles! You might assume that the older partner will have more wisdom and a younger partner will listen to what they say. Scratch that thought because if this relationship’s going to work you’re going to have to treat each other as equals.

Do be strong when it comes to others’ opinions! You too might love each other and have a great relationship but friends and family might see it differently. Both of you need to unite about this sort of pressure. Support each other because you might well feel loads of pressure to give up the relationship. Convince those around you that it's a good relationship by keeping calm under pressure and not flying off the handle when they question the age gap.

Do think through big life issues! If you’re 25 and definitely want children but you've hooked up with a 50-year-old who already has them, you need to talk about it. Don't live in a fantasy world where you think you're going to get your way. When it comes to these big issues you two may be at very different life stages - and have to recognise this honestly.

Do be aware of difficult emotions towards each other! The older partner might get jealous of the younger one going out clubbing with friends. They feel they would look stupid clubbing and they don't want to go. Likewise the younger one might feel left out when the older one discusses things (with friends of the same age) from decades before they were born. They feel a bit foolish and like they can’t contribute to such conversations. Try to include each other where you can and acknowledge where you can’t.

Do be open-minded about what you can learn from each other! The younger partner can probably help the older one get clued up about things like , whereas the older one might be able to get their younger one get clued up about things like mortgages. Always be willing to learn from the other.

Do pay attention to physical differences between you! Particularly if there’s a big age-gap between you there might be a number of physical differences. And these include sexual differences! The older partner may have a lower sex drive and might well have less energy overall to do various things. Always be tactful and loving about such differences rather than judgmental.

Finally, do be prepared for all sorts of challenges! All relationships face challenges that face thing the fact that your age gap one will face even more will only strengthen your chances. Being aware should enhance the way you communicate with each other, as well as the honesty and respect you have for each other - in other words the things that will help melt away your age-gap.

Good luck and happy dating, Pam x Check out Dr Pam’s art gallery and shop for gift ideas, fantastic for a loved one:

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