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New painting: Question Mark

Question Mark - acrylics on 300gsm Bockingford paper in a lightweight black or white wood frame as shown below. 87 x 67 cm overall including frame (framing options available).

Based on how one client felt about question marks over their life.

To purchase please email to purchase at £425 plus P&P (includes this present frame) or $560 plus P&P for international sales.

There are three close up shots here too, love, Pam x

p.s. find the question mark...

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I've teamed up with the lovely people at ITV Studios to offer one lucky winner 11 box sets of drama and comedy series!

Go to my Twitter and find the competition tweet from Tuesday, November 30th and it's easy PC to enter.

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If you're single please read my new dating red flags column...


Here's my new Wingman dating app column...

Recently I wrote a Wingman column about dating ‘red flags’ to watch for when you meet someone new. Now it’s the turn for the wonderful you! What are your own dating red flags that put other people off?

If you can get to grips with these behaviours, when you first meet someone, it will lead to more successful dating.

Here are three key red flags to watch for:

1/ Believing you have to find the ‘perfect’ match – The foundation for a happy new relationship is all about matching on key things with your personalities. These include having a similar moral code and outlook on life.

However, no match is ‘perfect’. If you keep looking for that perfect person there will be subtle signs in your behaviour when you’re with someone new that appear negative or off-putting. For instance, you might raise your eyebrows when they talk about one of their hobbies that doesn’t interest you. Two people can have a perfectly happy relationship without sharing every single hobby.

Keep this in mind as you meet new people. That you focus on the essence of their personality – which is really important like that they are respectful. And you’re not focusing on the superficial - like that hobby you find dull if you like a lot about the rest of them.

2/ Wanting too much, too soon – I’ve discussed this in so many Wingmen columns because it’s a real problem. Most singles find it easy enough to see when someone they’ve met want too much too soon – always messaging, always wanting to meet up, etc.

But spotting it in yourself? That’s trickier. For every time you have thought someone wants too much, too soon, there may well be someone who felt that about you at some point.

To prevent this, take a moment before you send that extra message. Take a moment before you suggest meeting up again straightaway. Give yourself a chance to reflect on whether this might come across as wanting things to move along too quickly. Such reflection can prevent you coming across this way.


3/ Express yourself – You can miss out on a good thing by feeling you can’t express your opinions. That news person asks where you want to meet and you tell them to decide. They ask what time is good for you and again you ask what works for them. They ask your opinion on a film that’s just come out, and you hesitate because you don’t want to come across as “too opinionated”.

Scratch that, most people want to have dates with people who know their minds – obviously with flexibility, like being prepared to go to a different film-genre then you usually do. However, you can add confidently that you don’t normally go to that genre.

Otherwise, it comes across as a red flag to them, that you are someone who either doesn’t know your mind or feels too insecure to share it.

Knowing your mind but also being open-minded is an extremely desirable quality.

Happy dating, Pam x

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Want your dream or nightmare interpreted? Join me tonight...

Tonight, 6:20 PM, UK time, I join the fantastic Jay James and Amy Casey on British forces broadcasting services radio on Instagram for a live dream and nightmare analysis session! There Instagram is @BFBSRadio.

Don't miss out, it's always a fascinating subject! A photo with Jay after The Overtones concert in December 2019...

New painting: Parallel Universes

I finally finished this new painting: Parallel Universes, it's acrylics on 300 gsm Bockingford paper. 

Overall size - including the frame - is 67 x 87 cm. 

Here are photos of it in a simple lightweight black wood frame and also a simple lightweight white wood frame. Many framing options are available. Also two close up shots.

This is based on one client saying that their life was like parallel universes with some very positive things happening in one part of their life and some very negative things happening in another part. It struck me that so many of us feel this way like were juggling to universes.

Please email to purchase at £450 plus P&P or for international sales $600 plus P&P.

Beware of Golden Penis Syndrome!

My latest column for Wingman Dating App... 

‘Golden penis syndrome’ is a coin termed by Americans on the dating scene referring to places where there are more women than men, for example, on many college campuses. This has led to men having more choice of women and developing an oversized ego to match.


Surveys have found that they believe women should work harder for their attention and that they obviously believe they have something ‘golden’ to offer!


And it’s not just college students but it’s also some men in careers where there are more women in the workplace, who might feel this way. Thankfully many men who happen to study or work where there are a majority of women, don’t feel that they are a ‘golden penis’ - or GP for short.


Here are a few signs that he might believe he’s the ‘GP’ that you should want to be with:


1/ He talks about all the women who have shown interest in him, made passes, messaged him on dating apps, etc. But he doesn’t talk about it as if he’s surprised that he’s getting all that attention. Instead he talks about it as if he deserves all that attention.


2/ He appears disappointed when you don’t make a regular fuss about how great he is. He may say things like: why don’t you message me more? Haven’t you been thinking about me? You really should nurture what we have! And such like.


3/ He mentions how he didn’t have much luck with women in his teenage years but how that’s all changed in recent years.


4/ He’ll be incredibly disappointed if you don’t pull out all the stops for his birthday. His expectations are exceedingly high.


5/ He frequently mentions how he’s given up a lot of opportunities to be with you.


This behaviour can be bewildering. It can leave you feeling confused that he seems to think he’s the best thing since sliced bread but actually you wouldn’t rate him that way.


If you’ve had a date with someone like this you need to think very carefully if they are worth your time. This kind of inflated self-belief can be very hard to change unless you set very strict boundaries on his behaviour. Plus pull him up and let him know how great you are!


Good luck if you decide to give him extra chances, Pam x

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 Me You Us - Lady Lust Mini Vibrator, 4.5 Inch, Gold

Links for today's radio show with my unmissable guests....

Here are the links to the show today! There's the Facebook link and also the YouTube link

All three guests were fantastic! Kicking off with Jay James of The Overtones talking about their news and changes to their tour and then discussing with total honesty has aspect me.

Next up was Dr Lori Shemek giving fantastic advice on gut health - I'm taking her advice!

Then it was Anjula Mutanda discussing obsessional love – fascinating!

I hope you get something out of the show, love, Pam x



Must Know Dating Red Flags for Singles!

Here's my latest Wingman Dating App column... 

Working with so many singles I hear all sorts of stories about people missing ‘red flags’. These red flags are often ignored because a person hopes for the best and wants to give someone more chances.


They continue dating only to discover that person isn’t worth their time! And that they should have paid attention to those red flags.


Here are three key flags to watch for:


It’s all about them – The places you go, the timings of when you meet, how much contact you have, etc., suits them. If they have something about their personality that attracts you – maybe charisma, maybe humour – it can be hard to see what’s really going on. When you’re with them, their personality takes over, and it’s fun and/or attractive. But it can really test you with them having it all their way.

Top tip: You can get around this by setting boundaries early. It can work by simply saying things like: Can I choose where we go this weekend? Or: that time doesn’t work for me can we make it this time, etc.

If they are still resistant than you need to decide if this is the way you want to spend your time.

Show me the money – They never offer to pay, they expect you to pay for everything, they say things like they will treat you ‘next time’. But next time never comes! Trust me, it can seem bewildering that someone wouldn’t want to pay for some of the dates, at some point. Even with an old school dynamic where the man offers to pay for the woman, at some point it’s nice for her to offer to pay for something.

Top tip: Again, you simply need to set your boundaries. Before you next see them, maybe when you’re talking about where you’re going to meet, say: Can you please pick up the bill this time? I’d really appreciate that.

If they avoid this suggestion, it’s up to you if you stay with a skinflint.

It’s all about the ex – Of course, we all talk about our exes at some point. It’s quite a different matter if everything they do or say is then related back to something about their ex. Although it’s tempting to brush it under the carpet and think that they simply need more time to get over their ex, this is definitely a red flag. It suggests they would drop you in an instant if they could get their ex back.

Top tip: Sometimes a person needs reminding that they always bring up their ex. You can do this tactfully but confidently and gauge their reaction. It’s a good sign if they react by saying they’re so sorry they didn’t realise they were going on about their ex. If they react by saying their ex was such an important part of their life that of course they’re going to talk about him or her, that’s a bad sign.

There are many more dating red flags that I might tackle in another column soon. In the meantime happy dating, Pam x

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Wirecard raised more red flags than a communist rally - Citywire

Don't miss my radio show guests this Thursday, October 28 at 2 PM...

This week's radio show Is going to be awesome - I have three very different guests with so much to say – kicking off with Jay James - such a popular guest and with so much to say on trending topics as well as discussing The Overtones and their tour
Followed by Nutrition Guru Dr Lori Shemek – she and I will be discussing the "gut garden" and everything you need to know for gut health and if there's time we'll be talking about living a long life – what you need to do it!
To cap it off I then have the well-known TV and radio psychologist Anjula Mutanda - we are discussing obsessive love and relationships – don't miss that!
You can comment live on the Men's Radio station social media platforms during the show at these links:
I look forward to your comments and personal stories from 2 PM on Thursday!
Take care, Pam x 

New painting: Peacock Dreams No. 5

Peacock Dreams No. 5 continues my series based on the beautiful peacock I saw last summer.
Acrylics on 300g Bockingford paper, overall size including frame 67 x 87 cm. This lightweight black wood frame is included however framing options can be discussed.
To purchase please email at £475 plus P&P or $650 plus P&P for international sales. 
Here are a few close ups to show detail...

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