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Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep…

What a lovely experience trying some of the award-winning English Mineral Makeup Company beauty products! I’d never have dared to try make-up products in loose-minerals form until I was sent these wonderful products from English Mineral Makeup Company.

I didn’t think I had the make-up confidence to use loose mineral products but actually found these easy to apply. And the loose minerals are like angel dust, light and airy, a gorgeous experience.

To start with I tried the FAIRY GODMOTHER. It’s such a versatile product to enliven your skin overnight plus to use in your make-up routine. It can be used as a primer or over your foundation – I loved it over my foundation because of the way it reflects light.

I also tried the vegan TONE CORRECTOR GREEN. It comes in seven shades and the green is perfect for my skin because I have lots of little red blotches all over my cheeks. This tone corrector perfectly balanced those red blotches before I applied their foundation.

To top off the corrector I used the vegan, organic WARM FAIR loose minerals foundation. I adored this translucent foundation because I hate a heavy feel on my skin - unless I’m on television where you do need something heavier!

The vegan organic BLUSHER (SOFT) was ideal for my fair skin. It glides on perfectly with the lush brush provided by the English Mineral Makeup Company. The tones of all the blushers are beautiful, something for everyone.

As an extra treat I tried the PERFECT PREP SKIN RADIANT BASE. You apply a few drops to your skin, gently massaging in. Wait 10 minutes before applying make-up and you do feel radiant.

It just shows that beauty can be more than skin deep, it’s natural, cruelty free and very vegan-friendly! I am now a fan!

And abother fab side of the products I tried is the uplifting feeling I got when using them. They felt so good on my skin. And as a well-being expert I know that beauty is far more than skin deep, it's how you feel, that lift you get once you've 'made-up' with some lovely products.

Check out their website here 

Happy weekend, Pam x

Single and dating someone new? Here's some must-know info...

In my latest Wingman app dating blog you can find out about what his birth order (his position between any brothers and sisters) says about him as a potential partner.
And for extra dating-info you have got to check out what he says about exes and what it reveals about HIM!
Happy weekend, Pam x

Hot Halloween sex positions for you horny devils!

Do I ever disappoint you on special holidays? No! So here are some fun and very hot Halloween sex positions for you in my Sun Newspaper column - enjoy!

Take care, Pam x



Here's what to sy and what NOT to say to would-be parents going through baby loss...

Something I'd like to raise awareness of for Baby Loss Awareness Week are the things you can say to parents who have lost a baby that are supportive versus the things you should NOT say to them.
It's so easy to say the wrong thing when you obvisouly don't mean to. But it's crucial we don't heap more pain onto the already brutal grieving process that people are going through.
So here's my column for the Sun newspaper. I hope you find it helpful!
I'm thinking of you with all my heart if you've lost a baby during or after pregnancy.
Lots of love, Pam xxx

My full review for microblading by Sian Dellar...

Six weeks down the line I'm absolutely thrilled with my new eyebrows from Sian Dellar! I have 'scraggy' eyebrows after a hiking accident 10 years ago that left me with scars in my brows. So the hairs grew erratically and I had to keep them penciled in whenever I left home which was so time consuming.

But I never would've gone near micro-blading because it sounded painful. I was so wrong! And it is only mildly uncomfortable during the procedure because Sian takes such care.

Beforehand the numbing cream is applied and once it's working Sian is so careful and gentle.

It really is an art form with Sian. She's a perfectionist about creating new brows. I really can't believe how I wake up and see brows that I love first thing instead of reaching for the eyebrow pencil!

I highly recommend Sian for both her professionalism and her lovely personality.

I'm so happy a colleague recommended I see Sian and she generously gifted me the experience since I was so sceptical about having it done.

Definitely a 5 star experience at her centrally located salon.

Attached is a 'makeup free' photo after my brows were done.

Thanks so much Sian! Love from Dr Pam Spurr xxx

Some fun orgasm facts for the weekend...

In my latest Sun newspaper column I've dropped some orgasm facts for your benefit!
Happy weekend, Pam x

Don't play the numbers game when it comes to sex....

The Sun newspaper asked me to comment on three men's stories of joining the 'Century Club' – sleeping with over a hundred women. I think you can guess what my view is!
It's never about quantity and always about quality when it comes to good sex.
Take care, Pam x

I've had my eyebrows microbladed at Sian Dellar's clinic!

I have the worst eyebrows especially due to a hiking accident where I had a knock on my face/head leaving me with scars including in my eyebrows.
So it meant always having to have an eyebrow pencil handy to pencil in the scars.
Then I was told about micro-blading and I was super psyched that the lovely Sian Dellar gifted me the experience. She's an artist when it comes to micro-blading and she also does other treatments with semi-permanent make-up.
She and her assistant Jaya made me feel so welcome at her clinic at No. 1 Harley St. After going through my medical history and talking me through the procedure in detail, Sian started to work her magic.
It takes about an hour. Here's a photo straight after they were done (there are little red patches around my forehead that were gone within a couple hours) and I'll post photos once they are healed fully in a couple weeks.
Check out Sian on Instagram - SianDellar_permanent_makeup and here's her website.
I'm thrilled that I can wake up with lovely eyebrows and skip all the hassle of filling in the scars.
Take care, Pam x

Need some inspiration for fun and chilled dates? Read on...

In my latest Wingman App blog I have some inspiration for you! Singles are always asking me for ideas and if you want to try something a little bit different here goes.
I've written pieces on some pretty crazy dating ideas (including a trapeze 'experience'!) but wanted to give some ideas that most people might be willing to try.
Happy dating!
Here's to a great weekend, Pam x

Thinking of investing in a sex doll? Read on...

The Sun newspaper asked for my comment about sex dolls - they definitely have pros and but more cons from my perspective. And here it is after the story of one woman's 'unique' experience of using a sex doll.
Take care, Pam x


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