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Eva the Bear and the Magic Snowflake was reviewed in the Sun newspaper...

I was thrilled that the Sun book reviewer gave Eva a glowing review! 

I've also had some lovely reviews on Amazon that I'm very thnkful for!

Here are a couple below. 

To order my first children's storybook please use this link, thank you for your support.

Love, Pam x

SHOCKING NEWS that over 25% of children try to "swipe" books...

It's been all over radio stations today, the shocking news that over 1/4 of children try to swipe books because they are so used to tablets!

it's easy to get children interested in books. And if you have a three, four, or five year old, you could read my first children's storybook - Eva the Bear and the Magic Snowflake - to them. And if you have a six, seven or eight year old they can start to read it to themselves! 

It's available to order on Amazon!

I hope your children or grandchildren enjoy it, thank you, Pam x

As horrific child abuser Ruby Franke is sentenced, my comment in th Mirror newspaper...

Shocking details emerged in court about this mother of six and how she viscously abused her children.  Here's my comment on why some women abuse in the Daily Mirror newspaper.

I hope this doesn't trigger you if you are a survivor of childhood abuse. Please search online for the many helping organisations in your country.

Wishing you the best, Pam x


So excited to announce my 1st children's storybook can be pre-ordered!

Ever since my first daughter was born, just over seven years ago, I started dreaming up children's stories. 

Now one of these stories has finally been accepted by a publisher and is available to preorder now! 

Eva the Bear and the Magic Snowflake is a story about a rambunctious bear, Eva, who strays too far from home and gets trapped in a snowstorm.

With a little bit of magic and her courage and determination, Eva finds her way back to her family!

The message for children being, that you will face challenges - and if you dig deep - you can find a way to manage them. 

If you have children or grandchildren I hope they enjoy it. On Amazon it says it's for 6 to 8-year-olds and that's because it's quite a long story but it could easily be read to 3, 4 and 5-year-olds.

Lots of love, Pam x

In a new relationship? Don’t Let Valentine’s Spoil Your Dating!

My latest column for Wingman Dating App...

Valentine's Day is notoriously tricky waters to navigate when people have only recently met and had a few dates. One survey found that singles who had their eye on someone, didn’t know which way to play it – make a big fuss or ignore it.

I’m certain St. Valentine would be pleased to know that in this day and age there are so many ways to meet and fall in love with someone, like on the Wingman app.

He’d be rooting for you, from his 1700 year-old grave, to go with your gut instinct about that new person and how to celebrate his day of love.

A few tips for navigating February 14th when you’ve only recently met:

*Have you two come to the stage of talking about your personal feelings? Do you know much about things like their take on relationships, for instance, are they a serial monogamist who takes relationship seriously or have they never really been in a serious relationship? This could guide how you handle Valentine’s.

*Where do you stand on these things? Do you love a bit of romance? Do you like to feel loved up on Valentine’s? Your feelings also count so think about finding a common ground on whether you send a card, a gift, or suggest getting together on the day.

*Does it seem like you two are now only chatting to each other online or on an app? Or now that you’re seeing each other, are you exclusive? This should help you decide how to handle Valentine’s.

*Have they already made romantic gestures towards you? Or have you to them? How did these go down? This can also help guide you.

*Then there’s the old-fashioned way – sound them out! You can casually say something like: have you ever celebrated Valentine’s? Or: how do you feel about Valentine’s, should we do something or leave it?

*Ultimately, if one of you is a massive romantic and the other couldn’t care a jot, think about the friction this might cause as you get more serious about each other. Trust me, if one of you is hurt by a lack of romance or one of you feeling it’s being shoved down their throat, can create a lot of tension in the relationship.

Good luck and happy dating! x

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Had a row or feud with a sibling? My comment on William and Harry...

I've written extensively on how to heal a family rift, at times it seems almost impossible.

Today I've commented in the Daily Mirror on the fact that Prince William and Prince Harry will not meet while Harry is here to visit his father King Charles. 

Here are my thoughts. No advice in this article but I hope you are mending your rift.

Good luck, Pam x

Singles: Be Careful Dating Someone at Work!

BMy latest column for Wingman dating App

Prior to about five years ago, dating surveys repeatedly found that people met the person they started dating – in over a third of occasions - at work. This has altered due to the popularity of online dating but it is still fairly common, with a survey from a couple years ago saying about 25% of people still met a date at work.

This is an area mired in complications, especially if a workplace bans workplace romances. In my work, I’ve heard from plenty of people who have had to sneak around at work after meeting their “true love” by the coffee machine.

There are many other complications so here are a few dos and don’ts if you meet someone special at work:

  • For starters, do familiarise yourself with your workplace policy if you haven’t already. Some contracts state this quite clearly.
  • Let’s say you’ve been flirting by the coffee machine, that could be a good sign if you are attracted to them. But go forward with caution. Maybe they are simply a flirt. Maybe they like to flirt with you but don’t want to take it any further. Go slowly is always the best way forward.
  • If you established that they are definitely attracted to you, keep it casual and suggest meeting out of work for a coffee or drink. Baby steps forward!
  • If things start happening between you, keep it out of your workplace. You might love the fact that you two are loved up. However, colleagues might get a bit fed up of you to flirting in every corner of the office. Keeping a professional is absolutely crucial.
  • Agree ground rules about keeping it professional. Especially, if one of you is more senior, you need to make sure that your romantic interest does not affect how you interact with each other. Even if you are equal in standing where you work, you still need to agree ground rules about how you behave in a variety of potential situations.
  • If it’s ‘the boss’ you’ve fallen for, you really have to tread carefully. It might be that you agree to keep it a 100% discreet so that nobody knows you two are seeing each other outside of work. This dynamic has a potential for so many problems.

Good luck, stick to the rules, and happy dating x 

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