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I've had my eyebrows microbladed at Sian Dellar's clinic!

I have the worst eyebrows especially due to a hiking accident where I had a knock on my face/head leaving me with scars including in my eyebrows.
So it meant always having to have an eyebrow pencil handy to pencil in the scars.
Then I was told about micro-blading and I was super psyched that the lovely Sian Dellar gifted me the experience. She's an artist when it comes to micro-blading and she also does other treatments with semi-permanent make-up.
She and her assistant Jaya made me feel so welcome at her clinic at No. 1 Harley St. After going through my medical history and talking me through the procedure in detail, Sian started to work her magic.
It takes about an hour. Here's a photo straight after they were done (there are little red patches around my forehead that were gone within a couple hours) and I'll post photos once they are healed fully in a couple weeks.
Check out Sian on Instagram - SianDellar_permanent_makeup and here's her website.
I'm thrilled that I can wake up with lovely eyebrows and skip all the hassle of filling in the scars.
Take care, Pam x

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Need some inspiration for fun and chilled dates? Read on...

In my latest Wingman App blog I have some inspiration for you! Singles are always asking me for ideas and if you want to try something a little bit different here goes.
I've written pieces on some pretty crazy dating ideas (including a trapeze 'experience'!) but wanted to give some ideas that most people might be willing to try.
Happy dating!
Here's to a great weekend, Pam x

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Thinking of investing in a sex doll? Read on...

The Sun newspaper asked for my comment about sex dolls - they definitely have pros and but more cons from my perspective. And here it is after the story of one woman's 'unique' experience of using a sex doll.
Take care, Pam x

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Which celebrity breakup type are you going through? Check my tips...

Over the weekend my piece in the Sun newspaper came out about the different types of celebrity breakups and how to move forward from them - if your breakup reflects one of theirs.

Here are a few tips for each type of breakup - from the dramatic to conscious recoupling and all points inbetween.

Take care of yourself, Pam x


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Call me today at ITV's This Morning for your relationship dilemma...

Join me on This Morning today August 6th for a phone in about relationships! Whatever your problem is, in your relationship, we can talk about it.

I'll have lots of tips and ideas for you to start sorting things out and no problem is too big or too small.

My last visit to This Morning with Eamonn and Ruth...

I look forward to hearing from you, Pam x

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It's National Orgasm Day....

Here are some top tips you need to know for that woman in your life from my Sun Newspaper column... Enjoy!

I'm going to crack this whip if you don't...

Lots of love, Pam x



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Call me about your relationship worries on This Morning 24th July...

Join me on This Morning Wednesday 24th July for a phone in about relationships! Whatever your problem is, in your relationship, we can talk about it.

I'll have lots of tips and ideas for you to start sorting things out and no problem is too big or too small!

A previous visit to This Morning...

Take care, speak then, Pam x


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Are games like Candy Crush coming between you and real life? Read on...

In today's Sun newspaper I comment on how people get so addicted to games like Candy Crush and the signs that tell you you have a problem.

Check it out and look after yourself!
Happy weekend, Pam x

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The 'dead ting' sex position...

If you watch Love Island they've been talking about the 'dead ting' (boring/old) and when it comes to the sex position it can be anything but boring!
Check out my advice in the Sun newspaper online – lazy sex can be lustful!
Enjoy, Pam x

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My comment in today's Mirror about Boris Johnson...

There's relationship research into what we call 'stressors' - those circumstances or situations in life that cause us stress.
The more stressors you have at any given time, the more stress it places on you and your significant relationships. So Boris has a few of these in his life right now...he happens to be running for the most important office in the land, he's doing this in a time when the nation is divided, he's separated from his second wife, and in a new relationship with his girlfriend, she happens to be 25 years younger, he has the welfare of his five known children to consider and rumours are rife about a love child. Simply taking this last point into consideration – how much subterfuge and juggling with the truth does it take to keep a suspected lovechild secret??

Here are a few more thoughts.

Take care, Pam x

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