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I'm so thankful for the reviews Eva the Bear and the Magic Snowflake is getting....

I'm very thankful that so many readers have found my first children's storybook a rewarding read for their children.

Here is a link to "Eva" on Amazon

And thank you "Sally R" for your five-star review, so so appreciated! Apologies for the poor quality of this photo from the Amazon site. Love, Pam x

Fun to be had at The Colour of Dinosaurs, Polka Theatre, Wimbledon...

My two eldest granddaughters and I had a lovely time at this fun, inventive, singalong show at the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon!

Here's the link if you have the chance to take the child in your life who is over four years, in the next three weeks.

Enjoy! Pam x

Are you an emotional eater? Here's a podcast for you...

It was great to be a guest on Andrew Marshall's Meaningful Life podcast. Andrew is a marriage therapist but he covers lots of topics. As I do, as a psychologist.

As I wrote a book about emotional eating in 2015 and he was keen to discuss that, here is the link to this episode of his podcast.

I hope you find it helpful if you struggle with comfort food. Love, Pan x

My painting Dreams No 8 needs a new home...

Dreams No 8 was bought about 18 months ago and has had a very happy home.

Sadly the lovely woman who bought it was made redundant a couple months ago and she is now selling things of value as she hasn't found a new job yet. And has had many big expenses having to move to a smaller place.

She purchased it from me for £795 but would be happy with offers over £450. It's in the same condition as when she bought it.

Presently in a white wood frame but I can supply framing options. 

In the present frame it is 74 x 94 cm but the frame is quite large so it could go into a smaller frame.

If interested please email me at

Come on, let's help her find this painting and new home! Thanks x

Here's a photo of the full-size painting followed by three close-ups...



I joined the lovely Russ Kane and Mak Collin on Walk The Talk podcast....

It was great to speak to them on their podcast about my children's storybook Eva the Bear and the Magic Snowflake and all about gender ideology issues and who they impact - children, women and the LGB.

I hope you enjoy listening! Many thanks, Pam x

I was extremely fortunate to join the inimitable Julie Bindel on her podcast last month...

Julie is an incredible woman who has courageously fought for women's rights for decades.

We discussed many topics ranging from domestic violence through to gender ideology on her podcast.

Please do have a listen, many thanks, Pam x

Eva the Bear and the Magic Snowflake was reviewed in the Sun newspaper...

I was thrilled that the Sun book reviewer gave Eva a glowing review! 

I've also had some lovely reviews on Amazon that I'm very thnkful for!

Here are a couple below. 

To order my first children's storybook please use this link, thank you for your support.

Love, Pam x

SHOCKING NEWS that over 25% of children try to "swipe" books...

It's been all over radio stations today, the shocking news that over 1/4 of children try to swipe books because they are so used to tablets!

it's easy to get children interested in books. And if you have a three, four, or five year old, you could read my first children's storybook - Eva the Bear and the Magic Snowflake - to them. And if you have a six, seven or eight year old they can start to read it to themselves! 

It's available to order on Amazon!

I hope your children or grandchildren enjoy it, thank you, Pam x

As horrific child abuser Ruby Franke is sentenced, my comment in th Mirror newspaper...

Shocking details emerged in court about this mother of six and how she viscously abused her children.  Here's my comment on why some women abuse in the Daily Mirror newspaper.

I hope this doesn't trigger you if you are a survivor of childhood abuse. Please search online for the many helping organisations in your country.

Wishing you the best, Pam x


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