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Could you be a sex addict? Read on...

In today's Sun newspaper I've written about some key signs that you might be struggling with sex addiction - and if so, how to start sorting it out.
Check the tips out here:
Look after yourself, Pam x

Is it lust or love you feel for that new person?

In those first few weeks of dating sexual chemistry can make you feel a little bit insane! And people often mistake that sexual chemistry – the lust – for love. It's not!

Check out my latest Wingman dating app blog for some key points about how to distinguish between lust and love.

Enjoy, Pam x

Are you single and dating but carrying a lot of emotional baggage? Read on...

My latest blog for Wingman dating app points out a few key home truths about whether you're really ready to date. If you're carrying too much emotional baggage from previous experiences it can jeopardise something good in the future.
Happy hunting, Pam x

My thoughts on the latest sex dolls for women....

The Sun newspaper asked for my comment on the new sex dolls for women. Each to their own but I don't think many women are going to find satisfaction this way!
Whatever floats your boat, have a good weekend, Pam x

Signs you might be able to trust that love cheat again…

In today's Sun newspaper my column is about whether you can trust a love cheat again and the signs to look out for that they're changing.

There have been a lot of stories and allegations about cheating recently like Dan Osborne on Jacqueline Jossa and Stormzy on Maya Jama. And sadly I know how often this happens to others from my work.

But if you feel the relationship is worth saving can you trust them ever again? Here are a few signs that maybe you can...


Take care of yourself, Pam x

How to succeed with changing your life for 2020!

I've been writing about micro-resolutions for years and they work.

In today’s Sun newspaper there's a Feature on how to keep your New Year’s resolutions. I’ve given a few tips as well as other experts.

Here’s to breaking things into small chunks and making a success of the change you want!

 Happy 2020, Pam x



Your first Christmas since your divorce or breakup? Worried about your kids?

It's an incredibly tough landmark when parents split up and they must face their first Christmas with all sorts of complicated feelings and issues. What's crucial is putting your children's needs first, sometimes forgotten when you're angry or upset with your ex.
You can make it a happy CHristmas for your childre, good luck, Pam x

I have a gorgeous Christmas giveaway for one lucky winner...

You know I love a giveaway especially around Christmas and have teamed up with the fantastic Sh! Women's pleasure store to give one lucky winner the chance to win a sensuous bag of goodies worth over £50.  

Check out my Twitter homepage for details - you simply need to retweet the tweet I've and pasted below and follow our handles for a chance. One lucky winner will be drawn at random on Wednesday 18th December. Good luck! Pam x

I've teamed up with lovely @ShWomenstore for a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY COMPETITION in time for Christmas!🎉 For a chance to win this sensual goody bag worth over £50 & including a gorgeous Bliss vibe RT & follow BOTH our handles🤞 Winner TBA 18 Dec! #win #FridayFeeling #ChristmasGift

So many serious things going on so here's some sexy Christmas fun for you...

Want to put the election and breaks it out of your mind for a bit? Try my 12 Lays of Christmas for a little bit of seasonal sizzle. It's all here for you!
You're very welcome, Pam x

Some fab baby products for sensitive skin...

It was lovely to receive a set of Aveeno Baby products for a little one in my extended family. 

I know her mother has found using Aveeno products for her baby's skin very helpful!
And as her baby has sensitive skin it's a fantastic opportunity to try the Aveeno Dermexa range. It smoothes on so easily. Really top notch baby care. And I like the moisturiser too!
Good luck with your little one's skin, Pam x


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