Celebrities and their ‘mum profiles’- which are you?

Celebrities and their ‘mum profiles’- which are you?

We all love our mums but there are definitely different types of mums and that means they'll relate to their children in different ways.

I've devised eight different mum-profiles based on eight different celebrities.


So which Celebrity-Mum Profile compares best to your own mum? Check them out and then look at my top tip for getting along with yours. And if you're now a mum yourself better checkout your high and low points!


1/ The Forever Young Rock-Chick Mum - Kate Moss & Sadie Frost


This Type’s Profile: this mum is incapable of letting go of her late-adolescence and early-twenties “attitude”. It doesn't mean she's not a loving mum, but she’s certainly not a traditional one. She loves to let go and have a great time. Her priorities are about being in-the-know with what’s cool and although her children might appear to be fashion accessories they are far from it - in her mind that they keep her young!


High point for her child: you'll have met all sorts of creative people and get asked to the best parties. Your home was lively and vibrant.


Low point for her child: she was out "partying" an awful lot as you grew up - and she undoubtedly still is!


Top tip for getting along with her as an adult: what ever you do never bring up her age or criticise her appearance. The slightest hint that one day she may end up "mutton dressed as lamb" would crush her. You'll have your most most fun with her when you're on shopping trips together and talking like two girlfriends would.


2/ The Keeping Up Appearances Mum - Jerry Hall 


This Type’s Profile: no matter what your mother faced as you were growing up she could always be counted on to hold her head high and not let slip how serious a problem might be. She'd consider it in poor taste to let the "side slip". She has very high standards across all areas of her life.


High point for her child: your mum could always find a solution to family troubles. She'd never let you down.


Low point for her child: you may feel a bit out of touch with your emotions having learnt to keep them under a tight rein.


Top tip for getting along with her as an adult: with her continuing high standards you need to be mindful of things like your manners (she'll beam with pride at her grown-up child's impeccable behaviour) and will get along best with her when doing "grown-up things" together. She's not one to lark about and find her inner child.


3/ The High Achiever Mum - Madonna


This Type’s Profile: a real go-getter and workaholic she is an example of how to organise your time and not waste a valuable minute. She is a completely driven personality and won't let anything stand in her way. She finds any defeat and disappointment particularly hard to bear.


High point for her child: materially-speaking you'll never want for anything and you'll probably have a good work ethic.


Low point for her child: you may have got to know the hired-help (like your nanny) or your gran (who ever looked after you the most when growing up) better than your mum.


Top tip for getting along with her as an adult: she'll love it if you ask her for things like financial or investment advice, like when you're trying to get on the property ladder. You can bond over a "brainstorming session" when you’re thinking about your career plans. Again she’ll love to advise you - she needs to feel productive!


4/ The Down-To-Earth Mum - Fern Briton


This Type’s Profile: this is the lovely, cuddly mother that most children long for but rarely get. She's warm-hearted and kind and maybe a bit of a pushover when it comes to discipline. Being very family-oriented they always comes first. She puts her own needs below those of her family.


High point for her child: you'll never want for cuddles and fussing over. She was always there for you with a smile and a hug after school and always will be.


Low point for her child: as you grow older life probably felt a bit boring since mum was so predictable.


Top tip for getting along with her as an adult: she'll love it if you come to her with any personal dilemma - ever the shoulder to cry on. But even more so, she'll love to share in your happiness and joys. The most important thing is to keep in regular contact with this type of mum. She does define herself by her children after all.


5/ The Fun mum - this is proving a stickler - there must be some young pop- or soap-star who hasn't made a hash of motherhood like Britney.


This Type’s Profile: this is the mum who's the first person to play a practical joke, celebrates daft things like April Fool's day and made sure you had the best possible birthdays. Upbeat and cheerful she's a bit childish but means well. Work and career aren't that much of a priority for her - she'd rather be dreaming up a fun adventure.


High point for her child: your friends loved coming to your house because there was always something fun to do.


Low point for her child: your gym kit may not have been ready on time, out-of-school trip permission slips wouldn't have been signed, and she could never help with your schoolwork.


Top tip for getting along with her as an adult: plan fun surprises to share with her. If you're feeling down you can always give her a ring because she's guaranteed to boost your mood. Mind you, not that she'll have any particularly good solutions for your woes.


6/ The Seriously Sexy mum - Angelina Jolie


This Type’s Profile: this mother simply has to breathe and she's sexy. As an effortless beauty she's always had her way - and probably expects to continue to get her way. She's also very good at casting her spell over others who are enchanted by her. It's not that she's self-centred and spoilt - on the contrary she's probably devoted and loyal having seen how shallow people can be about things like beauty.


High point for her child: she will know how to teach you about grooming and beauty products. She also probably treated you as more of a grown-up than a child.


Low point for her child: all of your boyfriend's will want to spend time around your mum - and that might be a bit damaging to your self-esteem.


Top tip for getting along with her as an adult: as her child you're about the only person that she will listen to and share secrets with. This is because she realises the power she's always held over others isn't necessarily that rewarding. As her grown-up child you'll see her for who she really is and she could become your best friend as you've reached adulthood.


7/ The Roller-coasterRride mum - Sharon Osbourne


This Type’s Profile: sometimes up, sometimes down, this mother has an unpredictable nature. Of course she loves and adores her children but she can get side-tracked with the twists and turns of her own life. Nothing is ever easy or simple with this mother - she always finds the complicated way of doing things!


High point for her child: life was never boring! You probably learned a lot about the complexities of human nature growing up with her.


Low point for her child: sometimes she was caught up in her own dilemmas as she probably still is.


Top tip for getting along with her as an adult: you may have to play the role of "the adult" at times to look after her "inner child" which often comes to the surface. She'll be happy to share in your ups-and-downs and will always cast back to our own experiences to try and shed light on yours. She'll be completely understanding of any scrapes you get yourself into as she’s had plenty of her own.


8/ The Serious mum - Gwyneth Paltrow


This Type’s Profile: this mother always has a cause to support or a mission to accomplish. She knows about all the latest health trends and child-care techniques. Her personality tends to be on the serious side and she takes her role as mother absolutely to heart - sometimes to the point of a sense of humour bypass.


High point for her child: you’ll always know she has your best interests at heart.


Low point for her child: you probably got fed up with organic, macrobiotic food and other such strict regimes and longed for the things every other child seemed to enjoy - like junk-food! 


Top tip for getting along with her as an adult: take up a worthy cause or at least show an interest in hers - your mum will positively burst with pride. Spend time with her when you’re in the mood to discuss serious issues - not when you're in the mood for some childish fun. Don't leave any tell-tale junk food wrappers around your flat when she comes to visit. She really will get upset!


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