Some Thoughts on When Your Level of Sex Drive Are Different

Some Thoughts on When Your Level of Sex Drive Are Different

Why are some people sex drives different and how can they overcome this?

We all have a natural body and hormonal rhythm that's unique to us, and this includes when we feel horny. Many men are nocturnal and feel randy when their testosterone peaks at night. Sometimes lucky couples peak hormonally at the same time. When you have mismatched hormonal patterns you need to compromise! Sex should never be just in the morning or just at night as you’ll both get bored. Vary lovemaking by alternating who does the initiating. It’s important to realise that if, e.g., if you want him to be a ‘morning-man’ and he's got a work deadline, etc., then seduce him on a weekend morning. Tempt him with breakfast in bed. You can hand feed each other toast dripping with honey or jam which of course then can be dribbled down your bodies to be slowly lapped up! Or feed each other luscious fresh strawberries and melon slices…oops one slice dropped between your thighs and he has to find it!

How can you talk about differences to overcome?

Depending how serious the issue is follow these guidelines. Don’t talk about something you want to change in the bedroom itself. Choose a time you’re both relaxed and have some time. Cuddle up and say something really positive about your relationship. Next in a confident, warm and soft tone then say how much you’d like to do more of ‘x, y, or z’ – again being positive. Maybe you think he spends too much time with his friends or pursuing his favourite sport. Tell him how much you know he enjoys those things but you were hoping that some times he and you could find something you both equally enjoy doing. Or, let’s say you don’t like something he does in the bed room. For example, the way he spanks your bottom during sex, you can say something like, ‘It seems fun when you spank me but sometimes it distracts me from my climax.’ I think you get the picture – always be positive, always look for a positive angle and then finally deal with the issue! 

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