How To Give The Sex Positions You Use Some Extra Sizzle!

How To Give The Sex Positions You Use Some Extra Sizzle!


People often complain to me that they’re fed up with the same old sex positions. That's hardly surprising when couples tend to settle into relying on the same couple positions because they've been tried and tested over time. "Why risk trying something new when you know what works?" goes the reasoning. Because it's boring always doing the same thing in the same position!

With that in mind here's a few sizzling tips to try in some classic sex positions.


Coital Alignment Bliss

The CATor coital alignment technique is a fantastic position to use particularly if you find it difficult to reach orgasm. Although you can either be on the top or bottom in the CAT, most women report to me that they prefer being on top. What you do is "shimmy" up an inch or so once he's inside you so that you can “grind” your clitoris against his pubic bone. You can either have your legs in-between his or outside of his.


The beauty of this position is that you can control the pressure and friction and get exactly the clitoral stimulation you needs to reach climax.


To Give This Position Extra Sizzle: you can slip your fingers between your two pubic areas. Ask him what feels best as you do this - whether you use one or two or more fingers slipped between you. Or ask him to slip his fingers between your pubic areas. Now you or he can apply gentle circular pressure about three inches below your belly button to this area. As you’re moving your clitoris against his pubic bone, and you’re stimulating with your fingers between your two bodies slightly above the pubic mound, you'll get immense pleasure.


Sizzling Spoons

The Spoons position is a favourite classic for both men and women where you’re both lying on your sides and he's behind you with your back facing his chest. The two of rest together like two spoons in a drawer. Couples find this both comforting and sensual. It also feels affectionate and sexy. He can hold onto you and you can even reach your upper arm back and around you - gripping on to his hip or thigh - to ensure he doesn't slip out during penetration.


To Give This Position Extra Sizzle: a wonderful tip to enhance the Spoons position is where you guide his hand to reach around in front of you and begin by caressing your pubic mound during thrusting. Next he can open up his fingers so that his index and middle fingers form a sort of V-sign. Help him slip this down on either side of your clitoris as he continues to thrust gently. With some pressure, but not too much, he can "hold" your labia with the V-sign his fingers make and as your bodies move this position will stimulate your whole clitoral region.


Embrace All Of Me

This is a fab position if you’re feeling romantic and loved-up and want to look into each other's eyes. This position is called The Lover's Embrace and you can begin getting into it by lying on your sides facing each other. What you need to do is first lift your upper thigh to allow him to move into closer to you to start penetration. You can then wrap your upper leg around the back of his leg to help keep him in place as he thrusts gently. You can both wrap your arms around each other and if you move your upper leg slightly lower or slightly higher it varies the pressure/friction of penetration.


To Give This Position Extra Sizzle: help him to reach around and caress your lower back. As you relax as he thrusts sensually he can move his hand to gently stroke and stimulate the cleft above your buttocks. This is one of those little-stimulated areas that feels heavenly when touched. Continue penetration and asking him to stroke this cleft. If you have some lubricant handy then drop some on to his fingers so they can really slip around this area - you'll love it.


Sex Up The Straddle

The Straddle is an inventive little position for spontaneous sex. Picture that you've been kissing and touching while you’ve been sitting on the edge of the bed, or even on a sofa. The pair of you have ended up getting aroused. You can pull up your skirt and drop your knickers or pull off your trousers and straddle him. With your knees bent on either side of him you’ll get support from the edge of the bed or sofa. You can hold onto his shoulders for added support while he wraps his hand around your waist. Depending on your/his strength and flexibility, movement can either be slow and sensual or bit more vigorous.

To Give This Position Extra Sizzle: you’ll get added pleasure and extra stimulation by asking him to reach around and caress your bottom instead of holding on to your waistline. Get him to really grip each one of your buttocks between his two hands and squeeze them with every one of his thrusts. Mind you, make sure he only squeezes as hard as you like! The contrast between him squeezing your buttocks and the thrusting of his penis will feel fantastic. Or if you fancy it arch your back so that he can kiss/suck/lick your nipples during the Straddle.


Crank Up The Missionary

The standard Missionary position is an old favourite - just don't let it get old and stale! It's very satisfying to many couples particularly as it feels very comfortable and they can look into each other's eyes. The classic Missionary is, of course, with him lying on top of you and in between your legs.


To Give This Position Extra Sizzle: there are many ways to invigorate this old favourite but I think the most sizzling tip for cranking up the sensuality of the Missionary is done very simply. All you have to do is slightly lift your hips up so he can reach one of his hands under your bottom to caress and tease this area. This is where your labia meet your perineum and upper thigh - an area he might miss out on when caressing you. Another easy tip making this position sexier is to ask him to push up on his arms so he's above you. You can take your favourite vibrator and vibrate between the two of you.


The Sexy Sling

If you've never tried a standing position and then now's your chance! Standing positions are considered more exciting for many couples rather than lying or sitting positions. This one is fantastic if you have high heels on to give him easy access. Let's say you've been kissing or caressing and things are hotting up. Move so that you can lean against a wall and help him slip one of his arms underneath one of your knees. With your high heels on it makes it easier for him to enter you as he needs to be slightly shorter than you. Otherwise he can bend his knees as he angles himself into you. This is the Sling position because his arm supports your one leg like a sling.

To Give This Position Extra Sizzle: As he gently thrusts in this position raise your knee a little bit higher to really open up your vagina. Now make sure you’re leaning firmly back against the wall for support and with his free hand (it's probably been supporting him against the wall or he’s had it wrapped around your waist) he can start massaging your pubic mound. He can slow down his thrusting what he does this. Then guide his hand to slowly circle your clitoral region with his fingers as he continues with slow and sensual thrusting. This will give you amazing sensations!


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