So research says some women want less foreplay?? Comment

So research says some women want less foreplay?? Comment

Given the choice what do you really want? Wham bam let's get straight to the penetration with an over-eager man. Or some super hot and sensual foreplay that makes you actually want your partner’s attentions. Too many women tell me they can't be bothered with sex because they don't get any foreplay. Their partners think they can switch desire on and off as easily as a battery-operated sex toy - which they can't.


So it sounds like this research hits a halfway house that’s basically satisfactory. The penetration begins like a starting pistol but at least it lasts long enough to contain some foreplay-style caressing and touching.




Penetrative sex on average lasts only a couple minutes so there's some truth in this research finding that longer periods of penetration satisfies women. When a man has the control to last longer the couple quite naturally caress and touch each other in foreplay-style fashion anyway during penetration.


But there's a big difference between having an orgasm that's enjoyable and those who also get the foreplay that's sensuous and heightens desire leading to an even more powerful orgasm!


If you have time for it I always recommend foreplay first because of the positive effects - women feel desirable as well as more intimate with their partner.

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