Amazingly Simple Sex Tips To Put The Sizzle Into Your Sex Life!


Amazingly Simple Sex Tips To Put The Sizzle Into Your Sex Life!

Let's begin with a few tips to spice up some really sexy positions.


Recharge The Resting Dog

Most women love Doggy style sex as it means that you’re thrusting right up against her G-spot and cervix. You can give her fantastic, deep penetration that’ll give her amazing sensations. But what this simple technique you can take Doggy sex to another level!


From the Doggy position you can move to the Resting Dog. This is where you can help her to ease forward from leaning on her hands so that she slips down onto the bed enabling all of her forearms to rest on the bed. This naturally arches her hips and pelvis back up to you even further. If she's G-spot sensitive it means she gets really deep stimulation of this area that’ll feel fantastic!


Once in the Resting Dog try this tip to stimulate extra sensations. Gently and sensually slap her bottom as you have such good access to it. Obviously don't do this out of the blue but say to her something like, "I'd love to give your beautiful bottom a little slap!" Make it a nice, slow technique where you first slap one side of her bottom and then the other. You can give her a little slap with each thrust. If she likes a bit of slap and tickle she'll love this!


Hands On The Mount

Would you like to show her what a hot lover you are? Then try this position that might seem difficult but really isn't and will give you both sizzling sensations. Mind you, you do need a little bit of strength for The Mount position.


Begin by helping her into The Mount. Help her ease herself up on to on the back of a big (and sturdy) armchair. You can kiss and caress in this position before you slip in between her legs. Now hold her hips firmly as she balances and then begin penetration. It's easy to get aroused by the fact that you're doing quite a raunchy position rather than the same old tried-and-tested position.


Once you've got into the rhythm of thrusting in this position and feel steady on your feet continue holding her hips or waist with one hand. Let go with the other hand and swirl it around one of her breasts. Alternate swirling and caressing her breasts with your hand until you both reach climax.


Erotic Split The Whisker

For an unassailably amazing time try this technique with her. The Split The Whisker is a great position that requires only a little bit of flexibility. Do this when you've been indulging in lots of fabulous foreplay and maybe even a straightforward position like the Missionary.


You need to crouch on your knees as she lies on her back. Help her rest one of her legs on your shoulder. You can then hold her hips, thighs or knees in order to keep control during thrusting so you don't slip out of her. You can do this position in bed or even on the floor or as long as you can crouch comfortably.

This position is incredibly erotic as you can see her labia and vagina - most men find this incredibly arousing. For the sexually confident woman she feels very sexy in this position. A little tip to liven things up is to ask her to gently play with her clitoris as you watch! Because you're kneeling, and pulling her into you, at least one of her hands can be free to do this. Tell her to let go and enjoy fingering herself as you continue to thrust.


As more women can climax through oral sex rather than full penetration here are some really hot tips and tricks to make your oral technique sizzle!


Tongue Swirling

Here's a little tip for some sexy tongue action! The tongue is a muscle like any other and needs to be worked out regularly. Occasionally you should simply swirl it around in your mouth, flick it and lap with it to keep it in tip top shape for giving amazing oral sex.


Before you use this on her try swirling your tongue across one of your knuckles. Even on the your masculine hand you’ll feel how wonderful the swirling action is going around and around on your knuckle. Do this little action around her clitoral hood - and if she likes it on her clitoris directly - she'll be in absolute heaven! Many men simply lap at the clitoris but if you perfect the swirling technique she'll thank you for it. You could also build up to doing a little "figure 8" double swirl with your tongue but that takes some practice. So use your knuckle!


Worship At Her Alter

This is a wonderful tip to try if you are not shy around each other. However she needs to be fairly confident about her body, and about you, to enjoy this. If she's not, you definitely need subtle lighting to make her feel more body confident. Also it may be a good idea to suggest doing this when she still has her knickers or a sexy nightie on so she doesn't feel completely exposed.


At any point in your sex-play you can ask her to stand on the floor. Obviously you want to do this on a carpeted floor for your own comfort. Kneel between her parted legs and give her oral sex from this position. She'll feel incredibly dominant if she's wearing high heels and little else! You can hold onto her buttocks so that you can get the right pressure on her clitoris and vagina. Ask her to hold the back of your head as she stands above you to help guide you with the right pressure. Then enjoy worshipping at her alter!


Intimate Grooming

Want to know what will really seem thoughtful to her and build intimacy and trust with her? Try this technique: ask her if you can groom her intimately. The first time you offer to do this should be when you’re both feeling affectionate and maybe even a bit turned on. Keep things simple and suggest gently combing or brushing her pubic hair as she lies back. She's probably never had this offer before!


This is an amazing thing to do before giving oral sex as it gets rid of any stray pubic hairs that get caught in your teeth or in the back of your throat - not sexy in the slightest! As you groom her touch her in a sensual way and even compliment her - women are so paranoid about the way they look.

Loving The Pearl

This technique is only to be used when she's really turned on. It’d be too much to try in the first few minutes of giving her oral pleasure. As a woman gets more aroused she usually becomes less sensitive than at the start of arousal. But this is also fantastic for the woman who does like direct clitoral stimulation.

In Loving the Pearl you can either pull her clitoral hood upwards exposing her clitoris more, or not; whatever her preference is. Now take your thumb and index finger and rest them either side of her clitoris. They should be highly lubricated with your saliva or lubricant.


Imagine using small twisting, or back and forth motions, with these two fingers. Gently rub her clitoris between your thumb and index finger with these little motions. As you gradually build the pace ask her how it's feeling. She may want a quicker pace or she may want you to vary your touch from firmer to gentler. When you do it correctly, just as she wants it, this is like releasing the genie from the magic lamp that you've been rubbing!


Come On Over

Here's a simple trick to give her the best of both worlds while you're giving her oral pleasure. It combines using your finger and tongue for double the pleasure. If you're lying or kneeling between her legs begin by simply licking and kissing her. As she gets more turned on introduce your fingertips to your sex-play. Stroke her labia gently as you continue your oral techniques.


Once she's really turned on, slowly slide your index or middle finger into her vagina. You can now begin to stimulate the inside of her vagina with your finger while tickling her clitoris with your tongue. To do this simple trick simply stroke this general area as if you're using your index finger to signal someone to "come on over". Do so gently as you continue giving her oral pleasure.


Sex By Numbers

Here's a sizzling trick for giving her fun oral pleasure over her whole body. And it's great for taking the seriousness out of your sex life. It's also a fab way to extend your foreplay so you both build more desire. Ask her for one of her lipsticks to use. Make sure it's not her most expensive!


Take the lipstick and draw numbers with it around her body. For example, you might put the number 1 on her neckline, the number 2 on one breast, the number 3 on her other breast, the number 4 on her tummy, the number 5 on her inner thigh, the number six on her knee, etc. After you've made an interesting little trail with these numbers you then have to kiss and lick these numbers in the order that they fall. If you don't like the taste of her lipstick (many men don't) you can kiss around these areas that will be more of a tease for her! Before you go for full sex you can gently use make-up remover on a soft tissue to remove your trail of numbers.


Nose Nuzzling

There's hardly anything raunchier or simpler than this little tip when it comes to oral sex! This shows your down-and-dirty side that she's going to love. When you go to give her oral pleasure using whatever technique she enjoys, pause and start nuzzling her labia and clitoris with your nose. Move the tip of your nose in little circles around her clitoris. Then move it up and down between her moist labia. Then go back to licking and kissing her for a while.

You can then restart the nuzzling and tease her with this incredibly erotic sensation. You can quite literally take her breath away by using this intimate technique. She'll feel truly worshipped!


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