How to spot a cheat and have a fab week!

With all the “love cheats” in the press (Tiger Woods, John Terry, Vernon Kay, and Ashley Cole) if you suspect your partner may be cheating, check out my article on today. I list the classic signs and signals to look for when someone might be lying to you.

Well, I'm off in a moment for a week away - hope you have a lovely week! I'm doing lots of good healthy things while I'm gone and going to enjoy some fantastic food. Sky Tv rang to see if I could do a piece piece today about relationships - what with the amount of celeb relationships under the microscope but I'm hopping on a plane so I recommended a good pal who is another relationship expert.

I'm updating "your e-mail of the week" today since I won't be able to do so on Monday. I'm being super strict about no work while I'm on holiday! And the Hubby will not be happy if I start going online!

TODAY’S THOUGHT: if you're part of a couple and you get some time off together I think it's a good idea to dad to each other that you really will focus on yourselves. We all need time to nurture our relationships! We don't want to end up like Cheryl and Ashley Cole - devoted to their careers with their relationships suffering.  I mentioned yesterday that my article about this had gone up on - some food for thought.

Because it's so easy to go away and then stay switched on to the Blackberry or laptop - and then you’re really just switched off from each other. Is your partner worth your time and effort? Isn't that the reason why you're with them? We all need reminding of that!

Can't be too healthy while I'm away, so I've stocked up on some my favourite chocs (Hotel Chocolat (love their mini-slabs sprinkled with fruits and nuts) and some really, bad-for-your-teeth, Thornton’s Toffee!) in my suitcase so I won't be short.

Take care, have a great week, Pam X


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Call me this Saturday night on Talk Radio 0344-499-1000 to chat about your dilemma... Back to Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side Thursday 19th January... Seven steps to attract him into your life... Give me a call me this Saturday night on Talk Radio 0344-499-1000! Can't wait to chat... Threesomes, trouble with a colleague and a hospital phobia... Can a sexless marriage be happy? My comment in today's Mirror... Here are the five fantasies he'll never tell you about... Call me this Saturday night on Talk Radio 0344-499-1000! Can't wait... Celebrity Big Brother is back and I can't wait to join Rylan tonight on Ch 5... Going to give your hard earned cash to a divorce lawyer in the New Year? Read on... New Year, new sex life! What are four of the main festive flashpoints for couples? Read on... Have a happy Christmas and call me 7th January when I'm back on TALK Radio... Due to the tragedy in Berlin... Let's chat! Call me, say hello on Saturday Dec 17th 9 PM to midnight on Talk Radio... Did your office party flirtation go ALL the way? Check my tips... Call me Monday, December 12 on BBC radio Surrey and Sussex… Call me Saturday Dec 10th 9PM til midnight with any dilemma on Talk Radio... Here are 12 steps to a sexy, fun blissmas for stressed out couples... Going to the office Christmas party? Some things you should... As Robbie Williams' wife says she sometimes fakes orgasm, top tips... Affairs, worried parents and a workplace flirtation... Call me Saturday 3rd December on Talk Radio... Looking after yourself in the hectic holiday season! Call me tomorrow night Nov 26th with any dilemma, small or large, on Talk Radio... Want to be all tied up? Six things you need to know about bondage... What does Katie Price's body language reveal about her relationship with husband Kieran? Check out these six things you must stop or risk destroying your sex life... Calling all singles – find love for Christmas! As Prince Harry's girlfriend flies over for a night, six moves you must try... With attacks on the increase, how to stay safe with online dating... As the curse of strictly hits another celebrity, my analysis of the lust that's rife... Nine things you should not do you have a great sex life... His fetish upsets me, my bum is too big and other dilemmas... Ring me Saturday 29th Oct from 9PM to midnight on Talk Radio... Check out these six signs revealing if he'll be good in bed... Call me Saturday night 29th Oct on talkRADIO! It's a one-off radio special! Seven must-know steps to have more powerful orgasms... Did your parents divorce? How did their relationship affect you? Take my quiz... 7 things you need to know about penis size... Do you have a higher sex drive than your partner? Read on... It's true! Single women who have close friendships have more success dating... The colours you wear and how they affect your dating success... Are you a LEG? A low expectation girlfriend? Take my checklist now! DILEMMAS! Fireman fantasies, work colleague woes and body image issues... Screamer or silent? Sex sounds a person makes and what they reveal about them... Three sex problems he might have that you need to know how to handle... As Zoe Ball and Norman Cook break up again, some thoughts... Can you trust that cheat that you're now in a relationship with? As Brangelina split, crucial tips for parents who are breaking up... Dilemmas, dilemmas, dilemmas... and advice in my September Magnet column... As some of the X Factor contestants romp, some 'sex-factor' tips for you... 6 signs she's attracted to your boyfriend... 5 fantastic positions for curvy women... Is Renee Zellweger finally lucky in love? 7 signs you're dating a mummy's boy... Want your ex back like Paolo Nutini did? Here are 6 tips to try... Having drunken sex? Try sober sex... Check this article if you watch excessive porn, it may have serious consequences... Could you be ripe for an affair? Crazy how many are having sex at work... You know what he's really thinking when you have sex... So looking forward to being back on Celebrity Big Brother BOTS 22nd August... You don't need drinks to quash first-time sex nerves - tips for you... With two "romances" going on in CBB, will they last... Why Celebrity Big Brother's Bear dominates the house... Hide-behind-fingertips age-gap flirting happened in Celebrity Big Brother - tips for you... Dilemmas from he takes too long during sex to cash for wedding gifts and more... Take advantage of National Orgasm Day... Cara Delevigne supposedly joins mile high club maybe you should try a new location... Friday night at Celebrity Big Brother.... Do you have anger issues like Megan McKenna did in the last Celebrity Big Brother? Single and looking for love or just looking for lust? Check this... Parents, if you don't have any time for intimacy, read on... Is great sex with your ex putting you off your new partner... So many dilemmas: sex, he tells bad jokes and lending money... As Taylor Swift is never without a man, could you have man-reliant 'syndrome'? One woman says an affair saved her relationship I think there are better ways to save... As TV presenter Jodie Marsh goes celibate, tips to restart your sex life when you're ready... Heading on holiday or just in the garden? Don't land in the hospital... How to spot a womaniser in six steps... I think there needs to be lots of kissing and making up in Britain today... Ten of the worst things you can do in bed... With the news there may be a new pill from men who are too quick in the bedroom... As Taylor Swift gets close to new man Tom Hiddleston... Last night's Big Brother was a blast... Do you fear your partner is cheating? Seven signs to watch for... It was such fun out at Big Brother Wednesday night... Prevent the seven-year itch destroying your relationship... Sexual fantasies, bullying at work and OCD: your dilemmas... Guys you can thank me for these thrilling thrusting tips... As Geordie Shore stars get personal on social media, five things to do... As Celeb Big Brother's Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell hit the press again... As vibrators hit the news, here are some things you must know... With research out about couples who don't communicate well, a few thoughts... Don't make it third time lucky like Eva Longoria, get lucky before the 3rd time around... Is it ever a good idea to let your partner stray? My comments for Good To Know... Looking for summer love? Check my top tips for Little Mistress... 5 things you must know about your sexual desire as Loose Woman Saira Khan gives... Hotheaded? Temper get you in trouble? Like Cara Delevigne? Calling all parents – are you searching high and low for your sex life? Dilemmas, dilemmas, dilemmas in my magazine column... 10 DON'T do things for your vagina's happiness... Beauty is skin deep...and more! As it's rumoured Beyonce and Jay Z have had what's called a silent separation... Beware: 5 signs you're ripe for an affair... If you're going to have sex with your ex then you should... The best and worst workouts before sex... Talking sexting and cheating on Sky News Breakfast and This Morning... 15 things you don't know about sex... A few top sex tips for you today... 1st dates are so easily messed up – tips to avoid disasters in my Little Mistress piece... As it's revealed that David Gest gambled too much, do you? Get clued up about sharing sexual fantasies... Dilemmas including he takes so long to ejaculate... She only sleeps with married men... The sexting chat I had with Rylan and Ruth Langsford on This Morning this week... Six things you need to know about oral sex... A little sexting can get you into big trouble... I'm taking your calls on ITV This Morning tomorrow, March 30th... As CBB Jeremy gets therapy for his lovelife, is yours getting you in trouble? Is your partner as romantic as a house brick? Tips for you! Dating success in the big city! As Tom Hiddleston bares lots for A Sex Scene in The Night Manager... Six things you must tell him about sex... Have fun online dating but be safe with these tips... 10 of the worst things to do in bed... Some top tips to flirt your way into the heart... More dilemmas for my March column... Five things Cheryl and Liam must face for their love to last... DILEMMA: his dark moods worry me... Moving in? Don't let your sex life move out on you... Six signs he's a womaniser... All kinds of dilemmas.... I'm taking your calls on controlling partners on ITV This Morning Thursday, February 18... Here's a compatibility checklist for you and your partner... They're getting frisky in Fleet, Hampshire 6 different sex positions to fulfil 6 different needs... Get that loved up feeling back - tips in today's Mirorr newspaper... You can have success dating in the big city! My Little Mistress article... Some thoughts on Sam Faiers's relationship... It was great to do the ITV This Morning phone in today... Hot, hot, hot fantasy tips... It was so much fun doing one last Celebrity Big Brother expert slot.... I hope you got the five-day sex and love pullouts... Why the new Celebrity Big Brother relationship is doomed... Celebrity selfies after a breakup reveal so much... 3 top signs to watch for if you think your partner is cheating... Interfering sister-in-law is driving her nuts! I have a competition/giveaway for three lucky winners! What really happened in Celebrity Big Brother knicker-gate? 0h for an easy sex life! 5 tips you need to try... What’s going on with Celebrity Big Brother’s Gemma Collins? Take my age gap quiz – Will your relationship survive? Forget the one night stand now people are having half-nighters... Doing the psych slot on Celebrity Big Brother tonight... He likes being humiliated in bed, problems at work and more... My comment in the Sun newspaper when Cheryl and JB got married... How to keep them wanting more... In all my travels I've never posted a complaint about a hotel... What does their Christmas gift reveal about their feelings to you? Call me tomorrow Christmas eve!! Your Christmas doesn’t have to be like a soap opera… Flirting with your friend? Want more than friendship? Got your eye on someone at work? Seeing them at the Christmas party? I had a blast on ITV's Good Morning Britain yesterday and here are some tips... Have a blast at your Christmas party but avoid disasters with my tips... Dilemmas about families at Christmas to sex and more... Help! I’m rubbish in bed! A few thoughts on women and sexuality being fluid... Help! What kind of Celebrity Am I?! What's going on with small penis humiliation? Don't dump a good man because he's bad in bed... Starting to date? Here's a few boundaries to set... Get savvy with the new ‘netiquette’! Join me today on ITV’s This Morning programme… Seven steps to make sex in the shower red hot… How to set boundaries on friendships... Is he worth dating again? Want to support a fantastic cause in Manchester November 21st? The 10 dos and don'ts to boost your sexual desire... Dilemmas, dilemmas, dilemmas – an affair at work, comfort eating and zero sex... When a University loan is abused to buy a boob job... Halloween fantasies special - what your fantasy costume reveals about you... If you think you have, or know you have seasonal affective disorder, check this... Guys you no longer have to be quick on the draw... Chat with me today! Want more than a one night stand? Tips to get more... Online regrets? I bet you've had a few... Dilemmas from fears of office gossip, to bad sex, to a controlling partner... Discussing all things dating after 3 PM... Is your porn viewing a problem? Want to kill off your sexual desire? Have twins... My last trip out to Big Brother Studios tonight... Too young to lose sexual desire? Think again... We need to transplant the brains of 40 old women into 18-year-olds – body confidence... It was fantastic to be back on the Celebrity Big Brother sofa... You can get the satisfaction you crave... From an online dating dilemma to shyness and infidelity… Your sexuality is not always set in stone... It’s World Sexual Health Day - tips for you… Check the AntiBullying Pro and Diana Trust Back2School campaign!! In a long-distance relationship? Don't become a breakup statistic... Roll on Celebrity Big Brother – excited to be on BOTS tomorrow night... Check the tips in my Cosmopolitan article about her c**k-blocking ways... Chatting dating and finding 'the one' with Anton Savage... Handle with care when introducing your children to your new partner… From his colleague’s miniskirt to her boyfriend’s body odour – dilemmas… Four couples give up something to gain a better sex life... Going on a first date? You must check out the 10 top vibe killers... Coping with a horrific murder... Some age gap relationships thrive and this couple is proof... How to get yet the sex you want when first dating... competition to giveaway two copies of my new dating guide! Some age gap relationships thrive... Divorced and want to get back on the dating scene? Ten top tips for you... Make sure National Orgasm Day isn't an anticlimax for you... A traumatic story of stillbirths... With the Ashley Madison scandal in the news tips to get over an affair… Sex tips for lazy lovers... See you at Latitude Festival tonight (Thursday 16th) - my love and sex talk is at 9:25 PM... Are you more likely to breakup in the summer? She has body image worries that stop her enjoying sex... Seven tips to cheat proof your relationship... Had a blast at Big Brother's Bit on the Side last night.... Make time for sex…before it becomes a problem in your relationship She’s phobic after being mugged and he’s shy in the bedroom, more dilemmas… A fun giveaway for two courtesy of The Overnight and Lady Prelox! He brought his mistress to his daughter's 18th birthday party... Come to my Latitude love and sex talk with the Tombola of Trouble and the Fun Box... Grey is the new black… in the bedroom Hope to see you at Latitude July 16th - come to my talk... Inside the mind of Christian Grey… Don’t buy into the myths about orgasms… Going back to the Big Brother studios to chat to Rylan Clark Thursday June 11… She lets her husband sleep with other women... He’s on the small size, a political rift and more dilemmas… Join me on ITV This Morning for a phone in on critical partners... Joining Rylan on Big Brother's Bit on the Side tonight... Make that office romance work for you… Could your bedroom confidence do with a kick in the right direction? He married her for a visa and then betrayed her… Give your love life a boost with my sexy spring GIVEAWAY! Check out these cute penguins... Enjoy a sizzling ‘bonk’ holiday... Her parents want grandchildren, a foot fetish and more dilemmas… Come and join me at Latitude Festival for my sex and love workshop... How to handle the man in your life if he's emotionally distant... Back on Big Brother's Bit on the Side and my surreal chat with Russell Brand… The Royal baby has many parents thinking about their sex lives after baby arrives… New mothers often worry about tightness after giving birth... Did you dream of something a bit steamy last night? Were you surprised by it? Seven things you shouldn’t say to him in bed… Sex sells - the £1bn industry of infidelity... The 10 top turnoffs to avoid when you want to turn someone on! Plus GIVEAWAY… Her daughter’s Godmother betrayed her… Does your partner's ex use their children to control your partner... The holiday jobs that can end in disaster… He does all the work in bed! Are you struggling with sexual desire? Let me tell you about Lady Prelox… Dilemmas, dilemmas – from sex parties to a colleague who turns the air blue... Calling all parents who want to reconnect in the bedroom… Advice for your new relationship plus gorgeous GIVEAWAY… Starting her attacker on Facebook gave her the courage to report the sexual assault... ITV's This Morning phone in on love cheats… The smart girl’s guide to putting the sizzle in your sex life… Her fiance and sister cheated on her... Sexy Spring GIVEAWAY courtesy of Lady Prelox and Ann Summers! Her dilemma: her boyfriends in a band, he’s fit and she’s worried he’ll cheat… Put some spring sizzle into your sex life! Plus GIVEAWAY… The audacious way a love rat used his partner… Love cheat caught on Facebook. And selfies and reclaiming sexual confidence… Sex, love and life dilemmas... Green eyed monster rearing its head in the bedroom? Tinder dating surprise! Plus GIVEAWAY! In a romance but your boyfriend is in a bromance? Check this TV opportunity... Interpreting dreams on Heart FM! Plus 'where’s my sex life gone' – dilemma… The Bedroom Brit Awards… PLUS gorgeous giveaway! The worst type of betrayal... My lovely publisher has arranged a book giveaway! Relationship quiz for you plus happy Valentine’s Day! Rebuilding trust after terrible abuse… Enjoy your very own Christian Grey but handle with care… Dating Dos and Don’ts for You in the Run-Up to Valentine’s Day… Fifty Shades statistics show that women want to… Plus GIVEAWAY! And inspiration... It’s dilemma day – answers to your sex, love and career questions… Happy times! Check out your happiness profile… Check out the fabulous GIVEAWAY I have for you… Are you now engaged and heading to your big day? Check these tips... Handling an overly persistent ex… If you’re single, looking for love and not online you’re missing out! Plus GIVEAWAY… An awful story about revenge porn… Doing a phone in on This Morning TV Wednesday 21st January…Plus colour therapy! A special GIVEAWAY to cheer up your January blues… Spice up your weekend with this sexy discount-offer… The know-it-all parent who criticises your parenting – advice! Caesareans, natural birth and your sex life… Your 10 top sex questions answered plus GIVEAWAY! Have a great giveaway on Twitter celebrating the release of Cameron Diaz DVD! Phone in on age gap relationships on ITV This Morning! Plus sex toy joy! If you like comedy and sex... Save your relationship from being a sad New Year divorce statistic… Happy New Year! And she discovered her husband was gay… When rinsing behaviour goes too far… It’s National Make Your Christmas Sexy Day PLUS giveaway… Rinsing… rinse your morals and well-being away… How to seduce an older woman plus lovely GIVEAWAY! Don't let that flirting with a colleague turn into a fling at the Christmas party... GIVEAWAY - My publisher is giving away two copies of my book on emotional eating! From how to have phone sex to handling an ex… Can you affair proof your relationship? Men who use sex workers.Plus GIVEAWAY! Happy Thanksgiving⋘ ❤ ⋙ ♥♡❤♡♥ ⋘❤ ⋙ whether you're American or not! Once you’ve been conned it’s tough to trust again… Check out the fabulous giveaway I have... She faced a double blow of betrayal… Discussing why men pay for sex on ITV This Morning Thursday 20th of November… Off to the UK X Factor to support the sensational Jay James.... As the celebrities enter the jungle, put jungle fever in your bedroom + GIVEAWAY… Her long lost sister betrayed her… Fantastic giveaway for a luxury vibrator worth £119... On ITV This Morning talking about sex dilemmas... Dilemmas from swinging neighbours to a man who can't say I love you… She was stalked by someone and it turned out she knew her stalker… Her father killed her mother but she doesn’t want to believe it… Make it a Halloween to remember! Plus GIVEAWAY plus avoid being conned by a toy boy… When someone kicks you when you’re down... Your most common bewteen-the-sheets worries answered... The state of British sex lives… Positions, positions, positions… Could they be leading a double life? Plus how to be friendly with your ex... Spot the signs of a love cheat… Body envy can be damaging to your self-esteem…. A love cheat with a whole lot of making up to do… Wear It For Autism fashion event tonight… Phone in about your in-laws on ITV This Morning! And sex with your ex? Plus GIVEAWAY Life, love and sex dilemmas… Coping with Seasonal Affective disorder. And I’m away until October 1st… The sizzling sex guide for singles plus GIVEAWAY... When parents reveal too much about their private life, an escort writes an autobiography… It's out to the Celebrity Big Brother studios tonight… She should stop leading him on… Hosting a special sex master class tonight... Tomorrow is World Sexual Health Day and future GIVEAWAY... Back-to-school tips! Off to the Celebrity Big Brother studios tonight… Television presenter opens up about his addiction... Want some tips on introducing sex toys to your love life? When body image issues affect the bedroom… Thanks for the web chat. When wedding expenses get out of control… LIVE twitter-web chat today from 2-3 PM UK time - please join me... LIVE web chat tomorrow 2-3 PM UK time. Plus unusual grief reactions... It's out to the Celebrity Big Brother studios tonight. Plus tips for worrying... LIVE webchat Wednesday 27th August at 2-3 pm UK time... Friends minding their own business. And off to the Edinburgh festival… Talking news, views plus emotional eating on BBC radio London tonight… Punching above your weight? Discussing on ITV. And Infidelity and betrayal PLUS giveaway… Emotional eating and your personality… Discussing ignorance about depression. And dilemmas, dilemmas, dilemmas… It's out to the Big Brother studios tonight… Dilemma: I always have to initiate sex…. A few thoughts on a Big Brother question... Back out to Big Brother studios tonight… Talk radio after 120PM. Plus a word of warning about turning a fantasy into reality... Tips for National Orgasm Day. Also horrifying revenge porn story... Should marriage be on short-term contracts? Dilemma: I'm falling for a game player. Back out to Big Brother studios tonight? The sun, sea and sex of holiday romances… Giving a chat on sex after the baby to parents. Plus a body image dilemma... Caught up in the passion of a whirlwind? Plus fantastic GIVEAWAY! Off to Borehamwood TV studios to chat about Big Brother… Chatting Royals. And in celebration of Prince George’s first birthday on Tuesday… It’s back to the Big Brother studios tonight… The ups and downs of whirlwind relationships… He's too close to his ex… I want to take up lapdancing to earn extra cash but… Some key aspects to emotional eating. Plus falling in love with a convicted murderer... Back at the Big Brother studios tonight... World Kissing Day tips! Get spontaneous and get a better sex life PLUS giveaway… She wants his babies but he’s unclear about wanting children... The surge in sex toy sales. And from an emotional crush on a GP to a rampant fantasy… Pucker up to boost your well-being… Looking forward to heading out Big Brother Studios tonight… Are you ever too old for certain fashions? An unwanted proposal? What type of emotional eater are you? Off to the Big Brother studios again tonight… Some sex tips to score with... Considering an office romance? Think carefully… Thinking of a threesome? And are you too anxious to have the breakup conversation? Here I go again - out to the Big Brother spinoff show tonight… A few cheeky tips from me on getting their attention during the World Cuip... Emotional eating – does this sound like you? Make or break sex PLUS Big Brother’s Bit on the Side here I come… Hot tips for your honeymoon or naughty weekend + GIVEAWAY + emotional eating info! Tips for parents who want to discuss the birds and bees with their children… There are so many issues we face in life.... BBC radio interview at 140 PM today on getting to grips with your emotional eating… Lunchtime radio chat. Plus a very dark and disturbing issue… Why the Brazilians love a beautiful bottom… Discussing The Emotional Eater's Diet last night... New parents find it’s a game of hide and seek with their sex lives plus giveaway! Pre wedding jitters lead Rory McIlroy to end things could it happen to you? Plus radio tonight! In honour of Big Brother about to start in the UK... It's all starting for The Emotional Eater's Diet...+ Your fantasies! My new book out next week! Should you get a prenup… Perfectionism and cosmetic surgery plus are fathers neglected? Make things a bit Fifty Shades of Grey in the bedroom! Plus unlucky in love? Please join me for a live web chat 1 PM today UK time… Webchat tomorrow! Plus a dilemma about a gift she found tasteless... She’s concerned about her one night stands… If you’re interested in body language… Work flirt alert.... Agony aunt day.... A dilemma about a flatmate being embarrassed by what she was caught doing… When you take self-help too far… It’s a fun James Bond theme in my column PLUS a giveaway… A dilemma about ex partners... Celebrity women dating younger men…. Talking dirty isn’t for everyone… Different levels of sex drive? Please read on... Beware of ‘conline’ love… One woman wants to know what is “normal” when it comes to sex… Staying together after an affair things might be hard to get back on track & GIVEAWAY!! Dilemma: he’s in love with his ex… Thinking about getting back together again? Dilemma: I feel embarrassed after a one night stand… Dilemma: Have I put him off with my aloof behaviour? A very brief guide to a happy start in a new phase of your life… Discussing celebrity breakups on Channel 5 tonight... Supposedly mismatched couples… Sex tips and fantastic giveaway... Dilemma: I feel overweight and ugly in bed… Upset by your partner flirting with work colleagues? And the perfect man... Dilemma: I want him to try edgy sex... Roll out the red carpet for your sex life this weekend PLUS lovely giveaway… When you want sex at different times to each other… Are you troubled by pictures or mentions of their ex? Dilemma: Her boyfriend’s treating her badly… Can you forgive a fling from your bride- or groom- to be? Dilemma - her boyfriend has a fetish that bothers her... Tips for when she has problems reaching climax and GIVEAWAY… Have you been 'teased' about your obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)? TV-phobia! Love at first sight? Social networking and your relationship… Discussing finding love especially after divorce on BBC radio … Happy Valentine's Day! New advice column... National Agony Aunt Day is back…PLUS GIVEAWAY Is it a good idea to have 1st date on Valentines? Plus GIVEAWAY! Toy-Joy - take the fear out of trying to toys in the bedroom & GIVEAWAY!! Is your romantic checklist too long? Live sex & love webchat TODAY at the Sun answering your questions + GIVEAWAY! I've teamed up with Ann Summers for some Valentine’s suggestions… Would you get a prenup? Plus the seven-year itch becomes shorter... Put your question to me - webchat this Friday 7th Feb at the Sun newspaper.... Webchat Friday 7th February at the Sun Newspaper... Dilemma - they want to share boyfriends! Received a wedding invitation you don’t want… but don’t want to offend? Anti-bullying film premiere… Sexual chemistry and attraction + giveaway info! Can we learn about relationships from reality shows? Discussing what’s happened on Big Brother over the weekend... New parents sometimes find that rekindling sex is tricky... When you want your partner to dump you as you don't have the nerve to do it... What to do WHEN your relationship goes wrong… Wedding rings and heading back to the Celeb Big Brother studio tonight… Back over to the Celebrity Big Brother studios tonight... Rushing things in the bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean great sex... A few steps to keeping to your resolution... Those datinig tips for singles... After he cheated I lost my sex drive... Dating tips for singles on Daybreak Wednesday [tomorrow]... Back on Celebrity Big Brother tonight... Talking about finding love for 2014... Are you a single feeling pressure for New Year’s Eve? New Year resolutions we should all make... Transform Christmas into the 12 days of Blissmas... Can she resist her brother-in-law over Christmas... A few tips to beat Christmas stress over the next week... His size is on her mind... Inappropriate flirting in the workplace... Are you trying to get a diagnosis of autism for a loved one - please read on They’ve broken up with you just before Christmas and you’re crushed... She's divorced, lonely and has a crush on her doctor... How to handle a hot fantasy... Wondering if your partner will be interested in experimenting with sex toys? Should you break up with them before Christmas? Bedroom boasts can be hurtful... Anxieties around having sex at her time of the month... Finding it hard to forgive something “stupid” your partner did? When your partner has a little fetish... Is his size an issue for you? Your days-of-the-week dating diary! Porn to be wild... 11 mistakes not to make in bed! Some thoughts on bullying for Anti-Bullying Week... Money can tear you apart! Things you shouldn’t say to men... Taking flirting a bit far in the office... Don’t lower the age of consent! Plus the pros and cons of one night stands... Location, location, location... for having sex! Some things should remain private between couples... Pretox for Christmas! Building trust after an emotionally abusive relationship... So he wants you to wax it all off? Sexual jealousy, when the green eyed monster rears up in the bedroom Mirror, mirror on the wall... do you obsess about it? He was caught watching porn... My boyfriend likes 50-shades style sex... When your partner has personal hygiene issues... You've brpken up so do you give back the ring, sell it or keep it? Do you always go for the “wrong” type? Are you a pet owner and have a new partner? Read on... When a man loses his mojo... When a partner plays computer games. And a friend’s objections to a sexual fling. Dilemmas: how to feel sexy after divorce and steering clear of married men... Are you worried about certain types of intimacy like oral sex? Build your confidence to... Here's a little something extra to cook up some fun with this weekend.... How to tell the difference between lust and love... Is a shy partner also shy in bed? Questions you must ask before you get serious with that new person. A stripper fantasy... Parenting quiz! And dilemma: Her boss flirts too much with her... Has your partner called you by their ex’s name? SEparation can work... Some of the main reasons people cheat and how to prevent it... Does your partner withhold affection in public? My plans to surprise him in the bedroom backfired spectacularly... Shocked by her suggestion to wife swap... Coping with empty nest syndrome. The little things that irritate us! Should I reassure the man I want to go out with about his baldness? Lack of sex... Don't let the joy of summer fade - top tips! And mismatched sex drives... Does your partner have a fetish? Friday the 13th! Making a big deal out of a birthmark. And fun sex to try.... Remembering 9/11. And finding love... Help - we need to find the sexual spark again! Wear it for autism charity show today! Back to Celebrity Big Brother tomorrow He surprised me during sex... An assault has left her traumatised... Her mother doesn't like her first boyfriend... Is a secret from your past worrying you? Back to Big Brother for the expert slot tonight! Has your partner suggested a threesome? If you're on the shy side in bed... When your partner spends too much time at the pub. And left high and dry and pregnant. Discussing celebrity breakups on the Daybreak television sofa... Celebrity Big Brother. How excessive weight gain can cause difficulties in a relationship... Does your partner's "dirty talk" worry you? And Celebrity Big Brother expert slot tomorrow... Time to bust some orgasm myths! And a dilemma about a sexuality... If you're single there is the love around practically any corner... Are things in the bedroom boring? Your toddler's personality. Big Brother... As another affair causes heartbreak... Calling all new parents - top tips for your sex and love life after baby arrives... Has his erectile dysfunction caused stress between you? Was your holiday ruined by arguments? What your sun lounger position says... Expert slot on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side tonight! And do you only have sex when drunk? Confidence Tips! Off to Big Brother's Bit on the Side... And then I'm away until Monday. The great climax guide! Plus Big Brother expert slot tomorrow.... Make today count... Do men now have a free pass to look at other women? And Internet bullying... Single and happy or unhappy about it? When you put on a façade it can be damaging... Embarrassed yourself in the bedroom? And off to Big Brother spinoff show tonight... Red hot role-play! And also some well-being tips for new parents... He has a thing for larger ladies. Baby tips for parents even if you didn't have a royal baby! Is planning your wedding causing more unhappiness than happiness? Stressful circumstances and the Big Brother spinoff show... Big Brother’s Bit on the Side tonight! And are you worried about loved-one's sexlife? It's so hot so here are some fun summer sex-capades to try... Do they always have an excuse for their behaviour? Does your partner embarrass you the way they dress? So much fun on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side last night... How are you? I'm back, and looking forward to going on Big Brother’s It on the Side tonight What position did you sleep in last night? And off to the airport... The damage that gossip can do! And I'm away until Monday, July 15th Do you have an annoying colleague? How do you handle it? From the sad to the lighter side of life... There’ll be lots to talk about on Big Brother's Bit on the Side tonight! Is your lack of body confidence affecting your sex life? And an oral sex question answered... Get confident! Is he faking it? And worried your partner doesn't climax every time? Have you been hit by a crisis and wonder how to cope? Discussing impulsivity on Big Brother last night... Off to Big Brother’s Bit on the Side tonight... When people say nasty things in anger. Plus Big Brother rolls into town... Has a physical attributes put you off someone? Divorced? Have you had a divorce party? Online dating can be fantastic with a little caution... Is your partner complaining of boredom in the bedroom? Do you or your partner want to go a bit kinky in the bedroom? Could my weight be putting him off? Is your partner messy or did your partner’s messy, sloppy ways break you up? Talking about sex. And oh brother... the Big Brother rollercoaster ride is heading our way... Do you want to relight your fire as a couple? Does your partner or new boyfriend or girlfriend flirt in front of you? What to do when you have troubling feelings towards someone? How do you let someone know you're attracted to them without scaring them off? Are you overthinking things? Is porn a problem or pleasure in your life? Are you surprised by a sexual obsession you've developed? Have you got a celebrity crush? Has it gone too far? And out of control phone usage Do you have a relationship or sex question for me today? Join me for a live web chat... Worried your partner might cheat? Join me for a live web chat tomorrow... Web chat announcement for Tuesday 130 PM UK time... Thinking about sleeping apart or already in separate bedrooms? What methods do you use to get what you want from your partner? Is your child's exam stress stressing you out? Breaking up is even harder to do nowadays. Also vibrant bridal dresses... Are you buying into common sex myths like everyone else has more sex than you? Worried their ex is better looking than you? What made you suspicious your partner was cheating? The new rules of dating... Girl-crushes versus style-crushes! From sulking to the silent treatment and worse... Talking about sulking on Woman's hour. Plus saggy breast worries... Wish you hadn't put something about your relationship or partner online? Ever feel it's impossible to get your side across with your partner? Comments on second marriages. And finally here are those fantasy dos and don'ts... Put the ‘fabulous’ in your fantasy-chat! Is a leering boss getting you down at work? Worry you'll come across as a dating desperado? Body image issues? Boost your Body confidence! Two new articles for new parents or parents to be! Young, adventurous and thinking of getting involved with a married man? Is someone showing interest in your partner? Keep your loved ones close. And is he having trouble with his erection? Sometimes friends morph into each other... Has your sexual desire been crushed? Internet dating - pros and cons. And when your mother scares off a boyfriend... Would you consider going to your ex’s wedding? Could it be that you're being controlled by a new partner? Has spring time made you reassess your love life? And teen social networking... Do you have a Plan B when it comes to relationships? How do you tell a friend about their hygiene problem? Have a first date coming up? Have you lost that sizzle between the sheets? For the man on the smaller side....he can do big things in the bedroom! Do you want more than the sexual fling you're having? Have you or someone you know been asked to sign a prenup? Fallen for someone who may be forbidden? Put a spring in your step and spring clean your mind... The C word is so important... compromise... Is a grudge getting you down in the office? Will ‘drunk’ sex win their heart? Date-onomics - the economics of dating... I've put my ‘Dream Doctor’ hat on today... What's your celebrity mother profile? Some celeb fun.... Meaningful but inexpensive/cost-free Mother's day gifts. Plus pain during sex. Does your mum interfere too much? But treasure her! OCD and new mothers. Do you feel pressure to pigeonhole your sexuality? Prepare now for Mothering Sunday... Get the glamour of Hollywood in your sex life... Are you a virgin and worried about still being one? What annoys you most about your partner? The noise nightmare... when neighbours have sex like porn stars One of the simplest ways to enjoy a little bit of happiness.... Full, frank honesty is the best solution for sex and love problems.... Talking your sex lives tonight. Crossing paths with an ex... What's on your romantic checklist? Bedroom stress. One night stands and colleagues don't always mix... Sometimes you need to set boundaries... Was Valentine's Day a wash for you and your partner? Valentine ideas you can do today! And if you can't reach climax... You don't have to dread Valentines if you're single... Valentine ideas! Is a body image issue inhibiting you in bed? A bit of a BAFTA report... Is Valentine's Day making you a bit despondent? Are you attracted to someone you shouldn't be? Wish you were better at flirting? Are they ready for full commitment but you aren't? Are you a man with fears or phobias? Or his partner or friend? How to affair-proof your relationship... A bit of hanky-spanky.... Have you discovered an affair? Are you fantasising about someone like your yoga teacher? Flip your thinking on its head... Beat the loneliness trap... He wants to last longer during sex... Are you worried about body imperfections? Do you and your partner lead separate lives? It's supposedly Blue Monday. And it's my last expert slot on Celebrity Big Brother tonight... Lacking satisfaction in the bedroom? The shock of discovering your partner once used escorts or prostitutes... Sleep problems with your partner? Some unexpected side effects of pregnancy. The Celebrity Big Brother spinoff show... It's off to the Celebrity Big Brother spinoff show again tonight... Small acts of kindness go a long way... Should you tell a person their partner is cheating? Lost that loving feeling? Want to do something special for a new partner? Expert slot on Celebrity Big Brother tonight. And will you be unfaithful today? Recharge your relationship... Heal your heart after a breakup! And that all too elusive sexual desire... Forget resolutions try sexolutions! And has Christmas spelt D-day for your relationship? Turn Christmas into sexy Blissmas! Celebrity dilemmas solved. Christmas greetings! Being a separated parent facing Christmas without your children is devastating... Loneliness at Christmas... Attracted to a colleague but not sure whether to take it further? Are you worried about a family member and their well-being? Who doesn't have classic Christmas crises with family or friends? Is it the right time of year to let someone know you’re attracted to them? There's plenty of room for embarrassment after the office party. What is love... Tempted to go back to a fling? Feel sexier for Christmas. And any dilemmas? Ring me tonight! Is your man on the large size? And what your party dress reveals about your personality Are you asexual and find it challenging? Is your partner's sex drive stronger than yours? William's and Kate's body language. Are you thinking of breaking up before Xmas? Congratulations! And has your relationship been damaged by your partner’s drinking... Feeling lonely? And think about another today... Time for an emotional check up.... Have you been cheated on and it's left you wary... Long term partner won't move in? Is your seasonal stress already getting out of control? Are you being pressured to put your sex life on film? Are you looking out for someone who needs extra attention? Are inhibitions or shyness preventing them having pleasure in the bedroom... Happy Thanksgiving, talking on Daybreak TV, and agony aunt day... Time to confess - did you fib to impress? Are your insecurities keeping you in your relationship? Family time doesn't have to be stressful... A brief thought about confidence... When the reality of a threesome isn't as good as the fantasy... How much time do you two spend arguing? Is it possible to have too much foreplay? I'm glad I've struck a chord with many parents on soundbite parenting.... Some suggestions to prevent affairs, prevention is better than cure... His mother has moved in and the sex has gone... Go-bama! Looking for love before Christmas? Is neglect killing your relationship? More on soundbite parenting -are you one? Some surprising types of bullying in offices... Parents beware of the 'soundbite', why some women cheat, and ring me tonight... Watch out bully boys and girls here we come... Oh dear, one partner's turn on is another's turn off... Has your partner teased you about a phobia? Are you a single parent that's dating? Was your weekend full of woe? For voluptuous women who want more loving... It's agony aunt day and I've tackled erectile dysfunction... Taking it out on your nearest and dearest. Inside the minds of Internet trolls... Healing from your heartbreak! Do you need to turn down the volume on your stressy-ness? Are you feeling panicked? Panic attacks are rife... Sibling rivalry has many different sides... Is your relationship sealed with a kiss? Has an ex of yours ended up going out with a friend of yours? When friends and exes mix! Are things moving super fast in a new relationship? The chemistry of sexual attraction applies to your life... Has your partner's father ‘hit’ on you? Putting a stop to lecherous behaviour... Going back with your ex and the cheating game... Partner lost their job and now completely relying on you? The saddest loss of all... The signs your relationship turning into an abusive one... Thinking of going back with an ex-partner? Men who can't commit, and feeling neglected in the bedroom? Could you be slipping into an abusive relationship? And breaking up by text... Does your partner have surprising bedroom habits? And honesty with your children... Falling for a man who might be a womaniser? Hoping for more than lust? Tips to give love a better chance! Also get playful with role-play... Someone gossiping about you? Do you sabotage or are you with someone who's sabotaging your relationship? Are you heading for your first sexual relationship? Can't commit and having risky relationships? And facing empty nest syndrome... Time to face reality! And ring me tonight with your dilemma... Dilemmas and doing Big Brother's Bit on the Side tonight ... Seeing someone new and worried about going to bed with them? Are you trying to be the perfect parent? Going on Big Brother's Bit On Side tonight! Some incredible, touching stories... Loved & lost & now entering a new relationship? Strange things might make your partner happy or unhappy... Ready for some change? Are you relaxing? Like to get more experimental with positions? Do you worry your partner has gone off sex? Money issues surface in so many ways for couples... Breaking up is hard to do but even harder when children are involved... The letdown after the excitement... As tweeted about - CHRONIC PAIN Don't go for perfectionism, imperfection is "perfect"! After divorce dating gets confusing.... Walking away from love, Some create an argument just for the sake of it... An article on how to get a good night sleep as tweeted about... A weighty issue for relationships... Body image issues can affect your relationship and agony hour tonight As tweeted about - sexercises to give men more control and both of you stronger climaxes! Worried things have gone stale between you? Are you worried about a friend who has an abusive partner? Is infidelity on your mind? What sort of antics are going on in your house? Want to end a relationship but haven't got the courage? The age-old question of men and women and friendship, devastation of affairs... Rebound relationships, and when a partner doesn't want to commit... Oops...a drunken kiss leads to massive guilt & what to do??? Dating is hard enough - when you're a single parent it's more so... Big Brothers Bit on the Side here I come... AS TWEETED ABOUT - long distance relationships A little hanky s-panky... The lack of sunshine and summer time seasonal affect disorder, teenage daughters... Have you misjudged someone? Is someone trying to elbow in on your partner? Some helpful appetite control tips... Dreading facing the boss? Make today your lucky day... Do you or your partner have erectile dysfunction? Are you heading down the aisle thinking "I'm feeling nervous!"? Should you have a romance with someone on the rebound? Snooping on your partner... Think someone you know is being cheated on? As TWEETED about - advice for newlyweds (and those who've been together longer) Pucker up for a perfect pout... Need more body confidence? A couple might seem to have all... but they also have the usual stresses... Wedding around the corner and the jitters have set in? How much do you pretend to be someone you're not? Is a friend interfering in your relationship? Has the lack of sunshine got to you? And are you facing a big conversation? Wish you could take the lead in bed? Fallen for them but things are falling apart in the bedroom... Back to minding the age gap... When it feels like a race in the bedroom... When sex lasts TOO long… So one of you wants to head down the aisle and the other doesn't... When you've received a serious diagnosis... Breaking up when kids involved even harder, best friend playing 'gooseberry' (spare wheel)? Have an amazing weekend... Discovering the twist on an affair... Have you become parents and forgotten you ARE partners too? Look after yourself this weekend SOME ANXIETY TIPS - as tweeted about Turning up the temperature in the bedroom this weekend... Getting over a breakup and they are still asking for sex... Do you spend too much? Do you over-think relationships? Happy bank hols but if you've fallen out... It's a long weekend so have fun... Fifty shades of GREEN, an extreme age gap relationship... When your fantasies worry you... Are you making assumptions about someone? Mind the gap and body image... Good Samaritans, recent arguments... As tweeted about - Some BREAKUP tips Have a lovely weekend... Sexual confidence master class... if your relationship is breaking up how is it affecting your children... When young people suffer in silence Embarking on an affair? As tweeted about REKINDLE RELATIONSHIP Facing today with a positive attitude, the first steps to getting the intimacy back... Have an amazing weekend! When collecting things turn into something darker, dating someone with children... Date nights, wishing your partner was different in some way... If truth be told...little white lies can be a good thing... You don't have to let anger eat you up, are you dating a 'player' Love a bit of romance, getting better sex and love... As tweeted about - a little article on anxiety... Have a lovely weekend and get some comedy in your life... Good vibrations, getting back with an ex... Upset with "lazy" partner, marriage for all... Who's responsible for mean behaviour in girls, making excuses for avoiding sex... Dreading going back to work? Agony touches everyone's lives at some point... Indoor barbecues and get in touch on my agony aunt slot Music legend is gone and chilling on the bank holiday... Getting over a breakup and thinking about dating again... Public displays of affection, your partner's past relationships... A few thoughts on sex drive as tweeted about.... Is wanting children breaking you two up? Men and their conquests... Isn't today a day for lovers? It's a very exciting day for me today...I've given birth! Some easy tips to spice up your life, control and power in relationships G-spot discoveries pleasure or pain? & he's using Internet porn... Have a penpal who was in prison? Cross-dressing affecting your relationship? Who would you trust more, a man or woman? Affairs in unexpected places... You can be laughed between the sheets but beware, keeping a bit of mystery... To tell or not to tell when suspicious about an affair.... Where's your money going and have a love MOT... When sex is not enough, diets don't work healthy living does When you end up sleeping with a friend, engagement rings say so much about his feelings... Do you take the moral high ground? Are you under pressure to get married... Thinking of having an open relationship... Do you go into a new relationship looking for something bad to happen? It's your lucky day and new parents has your sex life disappeared? Cohabiting versus marriage, are you too career focused to have a relationship, sex talk... Young and feeling lonely? You're not alone! Office affairs... About time something was done about certain music videos, Manorexia, hidden talents... Back from the Big Apple, having outdoor sex, widen your circle of opportunity... It's the little things that count and boost your confidence today + agony slot tonight... I'm away until bank holiday Monday but in the meantime... First dating? Beware mentioning the exes... A little guide to aphrodisiacs as tweeted about What a campaign, ooh la la - fun and flirty phone calls, don't turn the lights completely out! Some words are so powerful and are you doing something with someone you shouldn't? As tweeted about - new kissing technique Bizarre sexy dreams about people you're not attracted to... What your fashion sense says about your personality - your secrets revealed... Spring clean your life, stalking and making those naughty sex tapes The science of attraction and getting romantic...Plus away next 8 days Worried parents and comfort eating... Beware you don't slide into a rebound relationship and can a little redecorating boost your sex life... As tweeted about:Truth or dare – Is marriage better for children and when friends with fringe benefits fall apart... From playing Cupid to tension and fear... Learn from the devastation, celebrities without dresses, grief, tunes... The quirks that might put you off love... As tweeted about… mind your manners when sharing sexy fantasies... Women should celebrate, friendships, when your partner's friend comes onto you... From long distance relationships to infidelity and all points in between... Your dilemmas and cheating is not the solution to relationship problems... As tweeted about Blind Man In The BUFF... Who needs toxic friends? Be a fairy god mother or father! Are you thinking too much about another person? Don't do the "ostrich thing" when it comes to certain issues, do you feel like Rihanna... Are you suffering from stage fright... in the bedroom Women who have to initiate sex... and women who are proposing today... As tweeted about...a few tips for sex-o-clock... As tweeted about... why you may not be having sex... What's this about only seeing one person at a time?? It's your relationship take care with friends trying to influence you, leap year worries... Sex tip as tweeted about... Myths and misunderstandings between the sexes... Women can be heartbreakers too... As tweeted about a little bit of good old-fashioned wet fun... Feeling confused about a newish relationship? The drive to do extraordinary things... As tweeted about...I can hear that ice tinkling... Sadness for no real reason, the winners... As just tweeted about - a couple sensational snog ideas... Don't keep giving them chances when they treat you badly, reconnecting with the past... As tweeted about - get a little rude with food.... Leap year day is around the corner, sharing sadness... As tweeted about - to enhance climaxes As tweeted about ... 'Birds of a feather' easy yet so much pleasure... Honey traps aren't the solution, mood-lift, scary stuff... Location, location, location, are they your Plan B? The grass is not always greener.... As tweeted about this evening a great position for her to climax in... So much fallout, have you been arguing... As tweeted about this evening - looking after your sexual health... Rekindling romance, celebrate singledom... Extracting some romance, interesting dates, get some help... Pleasure tip as tweeted about... Stop the St. Valentines stressing... The oriental hair technique I tweeted about... The link between fear and desire... The sexy V technique that I tweeted about... Worried you're in a relationship but attracted to others... The little perils of Valentine's Day... Thai Body Massage as I mentioned on twitter... So many dilemmas, your children first, how to flirt... Mentioned the 'erotic 8' sex tip on twitter.... Get in touch with me tonight, get romantic for Valentine’s... Weyhey... offer of a lifetime you can not miss... Twittering, helping out this weekend may have fringe benefits... Threesomes, foursomes and moresomes... Not losing any sleep, and sweet dreams... Regrets, I've had a few, and when bickering might spell danger to your relationship Your feelings and no strings sex, oh oh heaven... Cry me a river, bs bonuses, love analogy... Don't count your chickens, contempt for your other half... Sexsomnia, celeb couples that dress alike... Early babies, minding your own business... All sorts can affect your sexual interest, debt problems... Too good OR not good enough for them, families under fire... Ghoulishness, celebrity breakups... Sweet treats to shame... When you have different levels of sex drive ... The sad turns in life, when you're worried a partner has a hidden secret... A quickie.... From ‘bit on the side’ to blow jobs... Big Brother’s Bit on the Side... Sharing your fantasies, avoiding credit card bills... What you shouldn't do for money, don't let superstition hold you back... This Morning telly, the first to go, gossip is good for you, creative juices... Mind the gap, what's all the 'buzz' about? Human drama - both fictional and real... Worried about sex addiction, films and 'reads'... Resuscitate your love, getting over a breakup in the new year, calling all singles... Late happy new year, recharge your sex life, Celeb Big Bro... We share celeb dilemmas, age-gap relationships, take your life in a new direction, I'm off... Feeling sexy again after a divorce, even 'the greats' can get it wrong... Getting prepared... Happy Christmas full of hugs!!! If you're stressed out.... Good vibrations, violence that keeps you awake, tips for couples, last-minute shopping... Man-eaters, wasting your time when someone's not interested... Moved and happy, family friction, sexy tip... From families you can't face to fun to festive fights... It's a tough job, poisoning guests, only do the A list... Help for couples’ Christmas crises, the drag queen look... Diet tips, our so-called non-drop Christmas tree, easy cooking... The dreams that you don't want to come true... Reclaim his attention from his boy toy, worried about your weight in the run-up to Christmas... From the darker side of life to the fun side... Shine like the sun, don't let the bullies get you down... The plague has struck, getting out of the grumps... Your 12 days of Blissmasn, nothing like a girls' gos-session... Mind the gap, getting randy as you get on... A quiz about men's generosity, you don't have to be perfect at Christmas... Pregnant and lost that lustful feeling, watch that drink-pressure... Bad habits, nice people usually win, don't be defeated... Whizzing off, office party etiquette, don't do the walk of shame... Tis the season to be single, interfering in your friend's relationship... Swinging, overly flirtatious behaviour... Serious matters and little moments... Shyness can destroy chances of love, Strictly Xmas.... From the tragic to daily life: Strictly Come Dancing dilemma, X F eviction, friends of all ages... Curry Queen, those difficult chats parents need to have... Fetishes, how to get love in your life... Say your ‘thank yous,’ BBC Breakfast telly... sexy shoes...famous dog... Being sexy enough in bed... Oh no - so many family dilemmas, your car and your relationship... ‘Fashionable’ behaviour, giving thanks, some parents can’t be forgiven... Do opposites attract.... A right laugh, boost your endorphins.... Sex outside the bedroom, give her a break, honey attracts, vinegar repels... Weight loss, conspiracy theories... Aphrodisiacs, cheating partners, weird allergies... When friendships go wrong, dodgy creatures in the jungle... No grumpiness today... Morphing into your parent, sensual shower sex.... Time to reflect, dream analysis, Sex Academy, bro-mances, Leonardo... Decisions, decisions, decisions... When she fancies her female friend, it's an evil drug, attracting love into your life... Healing rifts, losing weight... Is it worth bothering, my first Christmas tip... Hissy fits.... Amazing age gap relationships, put your child first... Sexual bombardment of young teens, male-type problems... Finding it hard to read her flirt signals, plan now if Christmas is going to be lonely... The baby arrives and the sex and romance leaves, whirlwind divorces... Role models, horrified, it's a complete soap opera, you can beat the bullies... Are you or your partner compartmentalising your life and relationship.... Less well endowed men, More on love cheats, the epidemic of unhappy women... Worried your partner's fitter than you, lap dancing and your other dilemma... Relationship deal breakers or deal makers, love lives of the rich and famous, bad boys or good guys... Going back for seconds, feelings of friend-envy, snooping where you shouldn't.... Feeling jealous that a friend found love, it's become a soap opera, long-distance love... Explicit questions, go on - apologise! So many tips to get through SAD, IQs are sexy, get in touch tonight... Blind dates, your sleep positions and your relationship, breakup weight loss, let's talk sex... The darker side of porn, celebrity love lives... From heartache to so much happiness and love... The differences between men and women on relationship issues Hot sex position tips, looking for love after a breakup, celebrity news... Getting over infidelity, PDAs,! Commitment isn't just about relationships, celebs watching, SAD strikes... Mum-in-law's behaving badly, when she wants to propose to him, celebs in the news... Brutal axings, picking yourself up again, those celebrities stories... Are stressed out man? Sex and relationships of the rich and famous... More sex chat, mother-in-law's, singles need to flirt more... What your engagement ring signals about you, commitment issues, agony tonight Celeb news - Let's Talk Sex, unexpected changes of slimming... From friendship to more, honesty is usually the best etc... Celeb news, goings on, harsh reality.... Fun telly job, lots of worried parents... Kinky, chill look of contempt... Passionate love, cheating hearts.... High achievers are tricky partners, coming out to your parents, curiosity... Bundles of joy and sleeplessness, stress hormones in traffic jams... Do you have a BWBF, attention seeking behaviour, pet a pet... Toxic friends, so blatant it brings out the cynic in me... SAD, Empty nest syndrome, new book recommendations, panic stations... When you enter a relationship do you sign up for changes in your partner... Get in touch tonight on Dublin Newstalk, when attracted to someone else... What's your 'real age' compared to your biological age, men in uniform.... Blowing hot and cold, phone sex, in love with two men.... Get in touch with your dilemma tonight, great telly, bad breath... Got a guilty conscience, love comes in many forms, sexy gear... Sex and Love Academy today, long-distance dating, avoiding intimacy ... Being treated like a sex toy, bravery... Beaches, Barry White-style sexy voices, bullies.... Fab to be back, is your man blowing hot and cold, some mind blowing hikes to take... Getting fit, not sure I'm cut out to be a step mum, he's letting himself go... till later today... Sex and Love Academy later today, happy news for some, body image issues ... Doing Daybreak, EastEnders cringe worthy fan, when he goes out without you.... Dump your romantic checklist, he's cheated and fathered a child... PDAs, crossed wires, what to do about an affair... TV fixes, mega-bithches, tell your friend.... X Factor, mum in laws... No one's perfect, didn't poison anyone... Safety campaigner, problems in friendships... How do you survive a tragedy, holding your head high... Are you leaving your partner behind, the relics from the wreckage of broken relationships... A start contrast, the good, the bad and the ugly about gossip, Pam Anderson spices things up.... Mega-Hollywood goes to Halfords, gossip girls, faking climax... Comedy, music, thrillers, and hard to heal heartbreak.... Bad communication, Sex and Love, comedy recommendations.... The dos and don'ts when you find out they're cheating, sad and sickening When he can't handle her success, loads of comedy.... From comedy to truly shocking footage, love cheats and heart break... The 'role' you play in the 'script' of your life, you can change how you relate to your partner... Unbelievable images, your natural urge, why he doesn't ring when he said he would... Charring, poisoning... just another bbq around ours, failed makeovers... Not good at doing relationships, a real treat... Hey guys how are your confidence levels? Lap dancing and the ladeez, generosity... Dads want to be involved, when someone blows hot and cold... Funny and entertaining men, picking yourself up after a fall, it's got to be the parents' fault... Weird and wonderful, put a little effort into your love life... BBQ tunes, your fantasies, giving up secrets stashes.... Your sexual fantasies, too tired for sex, body image.... How happy are you, cheating lovers, drunken fans turn my stomach, it's never too late for love... Competitive couples are sadly common, happiness, Sex Academy, heartbreak, celebrate your loved one... Help - their partner fancies you, second rate service, self-destruction, competitive couples... I'm going to miss it, it's not rock 'n roll, don't struggle alone... Tonight's the night we can chat on the phone, with so much heartbreaking news... Ring me Sunday night, Heartbreak heaped upon tragedy RING ME ON THE Wright Stuff Extra TODAY! Take a break from love, the blame game, sex tips... Anxious body language, just not funny, love and anger... Their ex is playing gooseberry, Wright Stuff Extra, things can change in the blink of an eye... Breakup stories, foot fetishes, mild-mannered... We can chat on the radio tonight about your dilemma, are you rushing into a breakup? Get in touch tonight and tomorrow night, a healthy dose of fear, Sex Academy on the Sun... Before you take someone back you've got to set some ground rules, ring me Sunday night... Your inner rebel, signs of a love cheat, post natal depression, let's talk Sunday night... Trouble sleeping? It brings as many problems as it solves, poisonous relationships... Oh baby, your birth order matters, lose weight the right way, hard to resist going out... Oh purlease, cuddles and sex, whirlwind romances.... So sad, your wedding stories, it's an open agony-line so ring me tonight, embrace change... Hope to chat to you tomorrow night, wedding plans crashing and burning, slow men... OMG, Ring and chat on Sunday evening after 10, cherish your loved ones... Adult survivors of childhood abuse, I would've fired four of them, another love rat..... How 'alpha male' are you, don't let your wedding plans run riot... Is there a third person in your relationship, loneliness is never a reason to go back to an Ex.. Cheryl don't do it, lovely to chat, maybe I can tackle your dilemma tonight... Tonight's the night - give me a ring between 10 PM and 1 AM Calling all mummy's boys, ring me tomorrow night, did it seem so right but wasn't? Hair raising, obsessions and compulsions, ring me Sunday night on the radio... OCD, houseguests from hell, ring me on Sunday night about... Ring me Sunday night, mums behaving badly, getting more sex, tearful moments... If your father cheated, will you? Is he too stingy to marry? Calling all can spot the signs of a commitment-shy man... Put your foot down, wish I could focus like the pros do.... Help she's like my mum, he should rot in jail, and the golden moments in your day... Man-up, friends with fringe benefits, he'll never commit... Squeezing some romance out of him, appalled by the cruelty, your emails.... Don't dump too soon, game, sex and match, don't go back to an ex because of loneliness... You're most likely to row this morning, beware the girl next door type, the pain of school days... From the worst hangover ever, to fabulous fathers, to feckless fathers.... Scary and creepy, denial and disappointment... Special summer project, decode your dad, Father's Day, eating disorders... Cooling a relationship off, and that golden window.... Don't do a Simon Cowell, find some modesty, don't fuel your friends' feud... Red alert, when your partner is emotionally greedy, selfish in love... Dark side of relationships, more on male sexual harrasment, if I was as.... Put the house guests to work, music to cook to... A word of advice: don't get too comfortable... Weight loss, the porn star look, scandalous, your e-mails - sexual harassment... Tumble down like a house of cards, the green eyed monster, good music... The difference between you and your partner's sex drives... Agony 'aunting', amazing cancer drug, unbelievable adultery, worst ever video theme... Beginning to think I was the only one, keep on trying and you might get there.... Recharging your relationship, if you're a survivor of child abuse... They were king... Lively chat, getting over a crisis, domestic violence... You can overcome the crisis, don't lose your dignity... If you run screaming from... Get a real life, life is too short.... A bit of a disaster, beauty and brains go together, boost your mood... How to spot a love cheat, how select a mate, his style put her off... It's not rivalry, a bit of escapism, a bit of a rant... Worst kept secret in town, a little bit of magic, emotional blackmail... Obama-love, rich and famous and unfaithful, beware of your bickering.... Spare me the cheating celebrities, birthday brunch fit for a queen... The good, the bad, and counting your blessings... When did you lose your virginity, infidelity is rife, funny men are irresistible... Popping in to This Morning, your 'Pad Profile', and we women can be sneaky... Watch those 'players', find your inner quirk... A perfect package, the 'fall' almost always comes, if they squirm when you ask questions... They deserved the boot, yay for the Kings of Leon, a big 'you're welcome' Find your flirt factor, tackling pre-wedding nerves, make Friday the 13th a lucky day! From privacy and death, to high heels at dawn, and sex addiction... Getting naked in front of her, beauty pageant hair, can-do attitude... Sun, sea and sangria apart from each other, from tragedy to happier things... The power of your hair colour, don't believe all the tweets you read... Your handbag reveals all, camp sides, funky tunes... Beware of believing you can change your partner's mind about anything, was it Duncan... Misuse of sex drugs, go vote, partner's finances... Secret fears, the Apprentice and extreme colleagues, insecurity.... The measure of a man, human touch, the knives will be out... Oh happy, joyous day! Good times, more body language, camp-tastic... Happy royal wedding day, heal the pain, show the love.... The Vanessa show, key advice for your relationship... Caught kissing someone else, recurring nightmares, annoying BT... Body language for you, gagging orders, good old-fashioned love triangles... Laughter is the best medicine... A quick one... Lasting love, to obey or not to obey, good tunes and a read... Pre-wedding jitters, sun, sea and silence please, hold on tight to those you love... How well do you know her? A bit of a rant... When you can't agree on babies, save me from throwing something at the TV, body image... I'm flawed, love a good sense of humour, shyness... Five days isn't a cure, the rebound, say No, cat cuddles... Some moments are private, those with bipolar, the baby season... Brave Catherine's bipolar disorder, when you past catches up with you... When you might fancy each other, waiting for a proposal, a tragic waste... Flirting, so thin she'll disappear, time to grieve and heal, happy tunes... The mysteries of astrology, TV-withdrawals, bitchy female bosses... Betrayal affects so many, body shifters... Banning sex, sweet talked into bed, learn to enjoy alone time... Threesomes, gratitude, 'wine o'clock'... Wilting erection, Matt Damon's a luxury treat, more wedding jitters.... Caught with his pants down, pre-wedding jitters, the green-eyed monster, cruel comedy... Tackling your dilemmas tonight, unhappy mothers and unhappy children, great tunes... Happy M day, taking a holiday without your partner... Plan P, What's lurking beneath that super shy exterior, Mother's Day on the budget, Wise mums, elder DJs dusting down disco gear, love your body, men who aren't after sex... His mother's engagement ring is a problem, who'd want to live Liz Taylor's life, heartbreak... Excuses I've heard them all! The physical pain of heartbreak, Britney and expectations... Sexy rock chick, the perfect lunch date, pretty stupid research... Crazy Euro-pop, craziness in the world, new hook-ups... From crises to Chris Moyles... Fairytales, emotional sunshine... Risky sexual behaviour, a ticklish business, don't force your views... Are you on the verge of an affair, getting hooked on disaster television, birth order... Holding our breath, need something on the light side, being brave, signs of trouble... The devastation puts things in perspective... The tragedy in Japan, sexual confidence, she didn't know what was hitting her... It looks stupid, Donna will be missed, if you're worried sit them down... Love on the mind in so many ways, stumbling onto porn sites... Getting a new relationship off the ground, keeping it sexy, Women's Day... Love and life, where is James Bond when you need him, tears and more... Check this out, a right pair of plonkers... Shy guys, sex toys, having babies, beauty is only skin deep... Can no one do anything for Charlie, men's phobias, vegans, when the sex has gone... From lady-love, to PTSD, and the many good young people out there... An incredible high, love cheats, you never stop being a parent... Oscars glamour and the less glamorous side of relationships... A sad path to self-destruction, get yourself some real friends... Couple's troubles, spare a thought for the children caught up in it... Yo-yo dieting, some things shouldn't be photographed, blast from the past... Don't rush introducing new boyfriends, if you sense it's 'bad' it probably is... Happy news, keep loved ones close, cold tip.... Celebrity influences, friendships can come from different places, good music... Lots of tragedy and struggles, some recommendations, a helpful strategy... A little bit of music helps with the chores, good news, bad news, ageism and more... Tragic, don't rush into divorce, the grass probably isn't greener... What was James doing, losing virginity, marrying for the third time, horrible bullying... From winners to losers and all points in between... The tragedy of losing a baby, finding love, hiding depression... Don't make it sloppy seconds, anger management, music to dance to... Uplifting, a bit of bondage, loneliness is the new plague... Who pays on a date, people power, harmless fetishes... Give me three-way any day, Valentine pressure, analysing your dreams... We take for granted, a body language signal of attraction, cooking mistakes... Thank gawwd, more tasty food and music to tidy to... Absolutely gutted, wanted to throw something at the radio, cooking tips There's not one rule when it comes to sexism, gorgeous gowns... Agree the ground rules of your "break", Oscars, lame excuses and more... Lift your mood, wish me luck... Should be more guarded, listen to your inner dialogue... Amazing food, perfect tunes, heartfelt things... Surprises, surprisingly good books, after the affair... From tragic emotional nightmares, to lying about orgasms and happier things... Don't lie about orgasms, the beauty of breastfeeding... Coming out is a good thing... Warring parents and body image struggles... Today it's officially... Why someone wants to give intimate details of their sex life, mind blowingly hot... The best of Brits, she must want to put a gimp mask on him... Couples who are in a bad competition, those three little words... Breaking up is hard to do, office rivalries... SAD will be disappearing, babies, watchful eye, tunes not to be missed... Tragic and sad, a host of films, certain personality types shouldn't get ill... Mind blowing curry, meeting up with your ex and get lazy today... It was a blast, hooking up, make a difference... I'm going to have fun, top tips to beat the winter blues and kickoff 2011... Loose Ladies, Top tips to reach your goals, "D Day" and Eastenders... Love on the Internet, getting the happy habit... Body image, recycled gifts, bad parenting choices and bad cooking... So many random things...from chilling storylines to being thoughtful... HAPPY 2011!!! Amazing wishes for you! From the tragic to making life a little bit better... Don't get your knickers in a twist over Elton, spoil children, what's disturbing... Yay, no family rows... Lashings of love, feet-up for films... I hope you had a lovely Christmas! You're not alone and think before you hop into bed... Delegating, treasuring family, nagging... Your first Blissmas, parents are taking over... Loss seems tougher at this time, let some tunes lift your mood, steamy sex positions... Nosey neighbours, your party frock and your personality, yay Stella, sexy knickers... A snowy disaster yet it's beautiful out...nothing will stop me! Dare I go?? Relationship roadblocks Don't let the Sun go down on your anger, everyone needs a 'comfort buddy', phone sex... Everyone needs help, memories versus memoirs, sex on the radio... Keep a watchful eye, Liz Hurley's redhot alpha male, rebound flings... X Factor highs and lows, are you like his mum, don't be pressured over Christmas bevvies... Relationship tips, romantic photos, infidelity and more... Nearly caught in student riots, celebrity dilemmas, sick to my stomach by bullying... Celeb analysis, body language, Apprentice travesty... I wouldn't advise a male prostitute, real crime stories, the big freeze freezes plans... More sex chat, keep thinking of the planet, stress levels... Reality shows plus the real reality... Parents beware, comfort food, the flu bites, sexy chat... The joy of 'six', single at Christmas, 'good tune' recommendations... Sex questions, sulky versus smiley, stubborn men... When things don't go to plan, disappointment, new music... Women and their sex sounds, manic music.... A lesson from Wagner, men's health... Sex in the Sunday Mirror, that time of year... Greedy for... She is a dork, don't be daunted... Spicing things up, getting the boot and Happy... Erectile difficulties and reassurance... What a load of moaners... Reality check... The rules of engagement, get heard... Find love for Christmas, sex texting trouble... More bad behaviour, hot older guys, our bad sides... Spread a little love and music to do it by... Don't sit on your pain, toddlers, tragedy, and romance... Unfair X Factor, neglectful friends... Dig deep, courage, getting steamy and broody... Simple kindness, finding love, don't scare the kids... Getting the chop, pausing for a moment, family feuds... Cold and dark, men and birth, one night stand, yummy soup... Date nights, environment, spiders... The drama of X Factor resembling life, orgasms are scanned... From the incredible to the scary... What she is thinking, body issues, protecting children... X Factor personalities, silly celebrity men, harsh discipline... Teacher's pet? You might end up in the doghouse, and the thrill of the scarey... You are a total of your memories and complicated relationships... The ugly side of anger and such a tragic loss... X Factor and knowing when to let go... Easy options and we all need reminders.... Second best can be good enough and losing the lustful feeling... Time to get steamy, dating after a breakup... The first flush of love and errant sons... Mothers and sons and their fiances plus music to my ears.... The sky won't fall in and X Factor madness... If I could advise Russell and Katy on three important words... Careful what you say, mum-in-laws, cheap dates.... Pre-baby pals, promises that don't deliver, Apprentice failures... If you're going to take a cheating lover back then... His best friend's girlfriend... Manipulation and hype... So many things, so little time... Stop and take a moment... Pets have moods and sad news... Don't panic, mums feel this way plus X Factor rivalries... X Factor disappointment and doing things a different way... Twits, and X Factor more exciting then dinner out... Unbelievable, seeing pals and mistakes in the press, Face to face is best and jumping the gun... Feeling neglected plus cruel comments... When you'd rather be anything but obese and Net-love... It's a travesty and asking for help... It's a girls-only weekend... A surprise day away... Marriage, living apart, relationships make the world go round... Life crises and second rate love affair... Fat is a subject men ought to handle with care.... Cheating hearts, good films and birth order... Being lazy and experimenting with cookery... Hazardous breakfast food and shy guys 'n girls... From the ridiculous to the tragic... Game-playing, one night stands... Once a cheat, and the hilarious Inbetweeners... Go on, make some new friends, plus could it be a catfight... Don't believe all the gossip... Apologies... Argghhh, early starts... Lots to share with you.... Not good in the bedroom, and a lack of curves can be a good thing... Looking for love, angry men, and laughed so hard I cried... Prepare to delegate and the little things in life... What a week it was... Learn to flirt and my fave Chinese saying...PLUS YOUR EMAILS What a beautiful day...Plus does she fancy you? BBLB and trust issues... Chat up lines, flirting and step family dilemmas... Families and back to BBLB... No accounting for my tastes... Trapped underground, being in denial over cheating... When should you cut and run? And skiving-off work... Getting over a betrayal and other agony dilemmas... Fun and laughter... Well, I'm posting this 12 hours early.... Stuck in a relationship rut and brighter side of life... Sloppy snogs, relationship issues, and chocolate... Love cheats, teddies and differences between the sexes... Friday 13th and women cheats... Working parents - we're saints, BBLB, and romantic or fool? So you think you weren't good enough? Breaking up, wandering eyes, grandpas having babies... Where do I start? Paunchy men and scents & smells... It's enough to turn you grey... Tackle your jealousy and he can't climax.... Obsessional behaviour and a few regrets... BB, a social conscience and get me that 'stress jab'... Dare to try something out of your comfort zone... Don't have a car crash over pretty women... Completely hyped & hang on to those friendships... Rebound relationships and don't fret about your sexuality... BBLB and the things we do for love... Families, who'd have 'em? And "Ex-sex" The war of the stand ups and pals... Can't put a foot right... Lovable people to lost and lovable parents... 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Ping-pong, cats and the horror of the BP still... Flight or fight, that is the question... Oh Gordon, break-ups and premature ejaculation... Heartbreak, controversy and cats... Beware the new sex pill for men and laughter is the best medicine... Money can't buy you happiness and love myths and rivals... From politics to personalities... Politicians, kinky sex and spendaholics... Save Your Relationship...And oh Mr Clegg! Men who skip foreplay and your anthem... Are you agonising over a loved one's problem? Are you guilty of the "future-dependent happiness trap"?? Vanessa and not good at 'chaos'... Meaty meat and don't moan if you don't vote... When friendships break up... More radio joy and with a sister like that... Lucky me and loyalty... I'm very lucky... I did NOT poison anyone and no selfishness today... Radio presenters, getting lost in stories, and my bad cooking... Sleepless nights and not the marrying type... A walk in the park...not! Hola... Spring into action... ‘Smaller picture’ happiness... Put a ring on it... Very annoyed and find your inner quirk... A disgrace and the divorce diet... Go Obama! And a mix of feeling excited and gloomy... Friends and family and loss... Say something soppy today... Two utterly different men & gaga over gaga... Killer drugs and yet another tinsel town affair... Crikey, you may not want people to see your 'sex face'... Sometimes acceptance is the only way, and super sized egos... I'm a very Happy Human today... Happy Mother's Day... To hell and back a number of times... Those lovely Loose Women and works in progress... Loose Women & a couple of gossipy things in the press... Obsessed with his ex, breaking up and kissing... From to Mum-in-laws to jealousy...and Oscar frocks... Skiing, Oscars and falling out with your mum... How to spot a cheat and have a fab week! Weak Wayne, Survivor and sexualisation... Sex addiction and partying.... Kick him into touch and your low self-esteem Hey sleepyhead - and what to do with the engagement ring? How do people view you at work? Furious with the news... What to do with a love cheat? Subtle signs of lust and no redeeming features... The big 'baby' question rears its head... Big-money and sex texts... Our motivations are complex.... From lovely people to love cheats.... From romance to tragedy... You think your time on the Internet is innocent?? Schizophrenic about Valentine's Day and lazy lovers... This Morning dating tips and crocodile tears... Too much, too soon and misery guts... Smells like chocolate chips and trouble with the Internet... Workaholicss and a secret ingredient... Whirlwind mayhem, a gaggle of agony aunts, and getting something good out of your day... Set your boundaries, Ex-lovers, and don't forget your Mum... Grass is greener and faking orgasms... Anger management and prize pr*ts... Work that's fun, CBB, and slick Tony... Revealing some secrets of our behaviour... Ridiculous celebrity break-ups and your relationship... When your sex drives are different... Infidelity and big lips... Younger men and older dating... Make sure revenge is sweet... Torn between conflicting feelings... A quickie... How to upset your girlfriend... Dilemmas, Brits, motherhood... A friend in need... Stop judging too quickly... Horrifying pictures... From phenomenal bravery to bitching... His roving eyes and being snowbound... The Mrs Robinson syndrome and your comfort zone... I kept my temper in check + sexy black leather boots Being a homebody... The divorce diet and plagued with guilt... The 'snowbound effect', cougars and chocolate chip cookies.... Lovelie ladies on the larger size... Watch that body language... Sloppy seconds, smacking, and those celebrities in the house... Those celebs are at it again... Divine chocolate and patience.... The most happy New Year ever! Stupid, stupid, stupid... Sit on your revenge... Harry Brown, babies and built in ovens... A DVD-fest and time to find love again... Good music, kitchen-style stress and personal pressies... happy Christmas and loads of love... You CAN find love and the bet's on... Fireflies and fireplaces... We're only a tiny speck in this vast universe, so... Will Young is more handsome than I thought… Competitive spirit and looking out for ex-Spice Girls... Feeling repulsed and ecstatic by different things... Too crowded parties and blotchy red veins... All my friends are so much better... From annoyed to angry... Schmaltzy X Factor song and crashing Christmas trees... Did she really make those nibbles?? Romantic views with the 'wrong' man... Allergic bumps, but face the world... Sex and more sex... Agony, floozies and more... From control freak to flirting... Country music and pink champagne... Don't fear change... Another celebrity caught with their pants down... What are shoe designers up to? Enough is enough... You don't get off lightly at my Thanksgiving dinner... Is there a turkey shortage I didn't hear about? Danni Minogue is like a porcelain doll... Early Christmas drinks and say it if you mean it Lots to be thankful for... Too much nastiness and Monday nights were made for going out can never assume... Thank god I didn't poison anyone... Sex myths, sex talk and looking after yourself... Let little girls BE little girls! It's grey out so grab a friend and go... A new man, comedy and how much flesh to expose... Jealous minds and call girls... A little time... NOT dumping friends at the last minute... Soothing voices and break ups... High heels and defeatist parents... Hang on to that good man if you've got one... Men and their way of communicating... Feel lucky... Can't beat a girls' gossip I've got "music envy" I have a new girl crush… Connecting to that old friend... My amazing 'adopted' gran... Think about that shy person... Today I... 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